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As one of the largest, most prosperous states in the country, California stands out above the crowd in a lot of ways. For those people who want to know about travel, they should understand that the opportunities are plentiful. You can enjoy southern California, an area of the country that is renowned for its beaches and its awesome hotels and restaurants. Northern California is also very nice, with San Francisco and the wine country being two top destinations. There are attractions year around, depending upon your interests and where you want to see specifically.

With California being so large, you get a little bit of everything. Places like Pasadena are quite wealthy and San Francisco has some of the highest living costs in the nation. There are plenty of safe places, but crime is a bit of a problem in areas like Los Angeles and some of the places near Sacramento. As far as housing is concerned, it all depends upon location and what you are looking for. If you want the nice weather in San Diego, then you will pay more. Likewise, you can find houses and condos in San Francisco, but expect to pay a bounty. Still, there are many reasons to relocate to California or to visit there if you haven't seen it before.

If you want to know what California is all about, then we can help. We have photos for you to look at, as well as some useful features like local business reviews and a Q&A section.