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An excellent small city, so long as you can afford housing 4.5 rating By Anonymous ( Jun 27, 2020) I'm not sure anyone can really rank all aspects of a city, so as a disclaimer I am a retiree who does not go to nightclubs, have children in school, or walk a dog. Having acknowledged some blind spots, my overall experience as well as my sense of what other locals say is almost e ...Read More ntirely positive. Housing costs are very high compared to national averages, but if you can afford a house here you're unlikely to ever lose money on it, given the many film industry employers in town, the truly excellent airport, and the proximity to the city of Los Angeles. Burbank city services are good, crime is low, and there are many interesting one-off boutique shops and restaurants, especially on Magnolia, and several stage-play theaters. The library system is excellent. Traffic is not a problem. The schools are highly regarded. Nearly all of the negative remarks I hear or read on Nextdoor.com are worries about the future, not the present (what if homeless tents show up here?), or the usual small town complaints about neighbors, such as those who don't walk their dogs properly or park improperly. Burbank has very little litter or graffiti, a good sign. Burbank residents have quick access to myriad amenities outside city limits, and it is a nice place to come home to. Many neighborhoods here still have a small town feel, well maintained one-story houses on quiet, leafy streets. We have absolutely no buyers' remorse about buying a house in Burbank rather than in Glendale, Pasadena, or elsewhere, and we looked thoroughly everywhere in this region. Read Less
Burbank - A Great City and Why We Love It! 4.5 rating By TheAchieversGrp ( Nov 12, 2012) Burbank is a city growing in culture, nightlife and entertainment. When you think back to the day when Burbank, especially Downtown Burbank was a cobbled stoned stretch of street on San Fernando Blvd, it's amazing to see it in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

When you thi
...Read More nk of family, friends and places to see and things to do, Burbank has plenty to offer. Burbank is still relatively a small town feel with the Downtown area the entertainment hub of the city. You have shopping, happy hours, dining, movies, live theater and awesome walking/hiking trails at the nearby mountains with spectacular views of city lights and nature.

In Burbank you not only have livability but walkability. Park the car and head out to any of these fines areas:

Magnolia Park - shady streets and Eisenhower-era storefronts. Central to the community is busy Magnolia Boulevard, known for its antique shops, mom-and-pop boutiques, thrift shops, corner markets, famous Porto's Bakery and occasional chain stores. Jog, bike or take out the pooch to the Chandler Bike Path, all while enjoying views of the surrounding mountains.

The Media District - Lights, Camera, Action! Media District is where everything is lights, camera action! Burbank is the Media Capital of The World. The City of Burbank is perhaps best known for its Media Center District, home to the famous Burbank studios. Media is a sophisticated Twentieth century word denoting varied forms of tangible communicative transposed form. The Media District in Burbank is most famous for its film, and later television, with some music as well. Catch a Tonight Show with Jay Leno or get your tickets to an Ellen show. Dine at Morton Steakhouse and catch a tour of NBC or Warner Bros Studios.

Downtown Burbank - attracts young professionals - hip, working in the entertainment business (six major studios are nearby - Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, Disney, NBC-TV sound stages, ABC Television, Nickelodeon) and the City itself boasts more than 700 post-production houses employing cutting-edge individuals, and adding a cosmopolitan flair. It's the major hub to everything Burbank - Downtown theaters, happy hours, bistros, shopping and vibrant nightlife.

Burbank Hills - Where the outdoors takes over. Where deer roam free and sightings of coyotes are prevalent. You can take in the views, hike or bike to the trails at Stough Canyon Park and Wildwood Park. You can take in a round of golf at the De Bell Golf Course and enjoy the summer concerts at the Starlight Bowl.

The cool think about Burbank is it's proximity to other hot spot areas like the Noho Arts District, Los Feliz, Hollywood, Universal, Glendale's Americana and Downtown Area and Ventura Blvd.

So let's spread the word that Burbank is the place to be. Burbank ~ Live, Love, Enjoy, Connect. Read Less
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Burbank, CA - It's Just Right! 5 rating By Anonymous ( Jun 24, 2010) I lived in Burbank, CA from 11/2004 until 5/2007. Burbank is one of the most unique cities in America. It is the largest provider of services to the entertainment industry outside of Hollywood, CA. The amount and variety of post production businesses is plentiful and movie/televi ...Read More sion production is prolific.

I still work in Burbank, at a major movie studio. There are many beautiful homes and quiet neighborhoods to live in. The schools and community services are really great. The Burbank Police are one of the finest around. There are a few shopping areas and they provide such a range of goods and services, you are overwhelmed with choices and they are all very good. I took advantage of just about everything, from the movie theaters to the hardware supply stores.

I would highly recommend Burbank as a place to live,whether they have a family or are single. Literally, there is something for everyone here. I take my lunch breaks there and still utilize many of the services the businesses' and community has to offer even though I no longer live in Burbank. If I could, I'd purchase a home here because it really is a great place to live.
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Burbank, CA

Burbank, California is located in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, about 12 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Home to over 100,000 people, the city is known as “The Media Capital of the World,” thanks to Warner Bros. Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company, The Burbank Studios and other production facilities being located there. Made up of both foothills and flatlands, the cost of living, home and rental prices are higher than average, but it is worthwhile for a unique location. Whether you want to be a star, or just want to see them, there is no place like Burbank.

Good news if you like to utilize public transportation — there are multiple options in Burbank. The Burbank Bus services popular parts of the city, and the Metro and Metro Link provide access to one of the largest cities in the country. LADOT and Santa Clarita Transit are other options as well. While some may think of the Los Angeles area as just being for cars, there are plenty of easy and inexpensive alternatives to take.

As you may have guessed, one plus for Burbank is the weather. It has a hot summer Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and fairly mild winters. Temperatures rarely get into the 100s, too, making it an ideal place for swimming, exercising outside and enjoying the sun.

Burbank offers plenty of ways to occupy your time across four neighborhoods. The Media District offers changes to spot celebrities and go behind the scenes of some of your favorite shows and movies. See how the magic happens! Magnolia Park is home to hip cafés, charming boutiques and exciting shops. It is the perfect destination for a first date, brunch or meeting up with friends. Leave the car at home when you hit up the clubs and restaurants in Downtown Burbank. It is completely walkable and a must-visit place for a night out. Finally, the Airport District keeps you connected to the rest of the country, and the Empire Center offers numerous shopping opportunities.

Beyond Burbank, there is Disneyland and Los Angeles. Spend the day at the Happiest Place on Earth, or, go to the City of Angels. Strike a pose by the Hollywood Sign, view art installations at the Getty, grab some vegan burgers in Koreatown or shop on Rodeo Drive. Or, maybe the water is calling you in Malibu or you want to watch the world go by at a restaurant in Venice Beach. Whatever the case, the world is your oyster, and Burbank’s location makes it easy to make frequent return visits year-round.

See stars and get the Hollywood treatment when you move to Burbank. Fabulous weather, numerous attractions and plenty of employment opportunities await you in California.


Verdugo Park
Wildwood Canyon Park
Palm Park
Pickwick Recreation Center
Buena Vista Park


A World Of Color
L.A. Connection Comedy Theatre
Starlight Bowl
Burbank Center Stage
Falcon Theatre

Food & Drink

Hometown Buffet
Pizza Hut
Coza Mama
Los Chavos Tacos
Chili Johns
Drive to Work

2% higher than the US average

Take Public Transit

3% lower than the US average

Walk to Work

equal to the US average


Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center


Full o Life
CVS Pharmacy
Rite Aid
CVS Pharmacy


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