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Great Location 3.5 rating By Kevin Mane ( Jul 09, 2014) I've never lived in Tracy, but I do travel a lot through it and have gotten a sense of the goods and bads of the area.

What I personally find very convenient about Tracy is that its location is quite well centered between Sacramento and the Bay Area. You could get to either are
...Read More a in less than an hour or so. So if you conduct a lot of business between those two locations or you have family in a both areas, Tracy would be the perfect center-spot to be.

It's super close to the 5 freeway which is convenient if you're headed down to So-Cal.

The city itself is very safe and a somewhat close-knit family friendly neighborhood.

There is unfortunately not much to do in Tracy - so if you want excitement, be prepared to have to drive an hour in one direction or another. But for those that live a semi-simple lifestyle that prefer a safe non-hustling busling city with great weather, it's perfect for that. Read Less
Tracy, California - A Place to Unwind 3 rating By Anonymous ( Jul 21, 2011) I found Tracy, California to be a friendly, down home, relaxed community with traditional values. There wasn't a whole lot of spectacular attractions there however, if you enjoy the outdoors there are a few worthwhile places to check out. One of them is the Carnegie State Vehicul ...Read More ar Recreational Park where you can camp and ride off road vehicles till your heart's content.

I found restaurants to be plentiful and enjoyed everything from sushi to Mongolian barbecue. It was nice to see more original eateries than chains. Shopping in Tracy is a bit ho-hum as there are only two major shopping destinations and very little in the way of uniqueness. I found everything I needed there, but with about the same excitement as walking into any typical department store. There are hundreds of watering holes so, there is no shortage of places to drink, but besides those small town taverns and a few card club casinos, Tracy's nightlife needs a bit of a makeover. All in all, Tracy, California is a great place to visit if you're looking for a place to get away from things. Read Less
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Slayter Park
Kelly Park
Kenner Park
Tracy Sports Complex
Clyde Bland Park


Emma M Baumgardner Theatre
Cinemark Movies 14
Tracy Holiday Light Show
Southern Pacific #1293 Train

Food & Drink

Pho Minh Long
Cafe Dazzling
Ahii Sushi
Taqueria Carolina
Tandoori Pizza
Drive to Work

2% lower than the US average

Take Public Transit

2% lower than the US average

Walk to Work

1% lower than the US average


Tracy Medical Offices
Sutter Tracy Community Hospital


Walgreens Store Tracy
CVS Pharmacy
Grant Line Pharmacy
Rite Aid


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