Key findings

  • Paradise has a Livability Score of 65/100, which is considered below average
  • Paradise crime rates are 70% lower than the California average
  • Cost of living in Paradise is 20% lower than the California average
  • Paradise real estate prices are 51% lower than the California average
  • Rental prices in Paradise are 25% lower than the California average

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      Delusional people run this town (Hell) not Paradise

      The town manager narrowed the Skyway before the fire and this was against the advice of the Butte County Grand Jury. The Chamber, Town, and Rotary are controlled by self serving morons who ran the town into the ground before the fire. Now their nasty ugly ideology matches the burned out hellhole that was once the ridge. I feel sorry for the residences that are forced to rebuild and are forced to live up in that toxic dump. The idiot that wrote "Paradise is Rebuilding" review is a typical delusional lackey who works for the loser Chamber of Commerce or city. Trust me the ship went down and they are shining the deck rails as it sinks. Sad.
      • 9 0
      Blackened Crater of Ashes

      I lived in Paradise for decades, and it USED to be a beautiful, peaceful, serene mountain town in the Sierra Nevada Foothills.
      NOT ANY MORE. It is GONE.
      PG&E, the power company REFUSED to upgrade and maintain their towers, power lines, and equipment for DECADES, which lead to one of their transmission towers (built in 1914, and left to rot in service) to repeatedly fail and cause huge fires. The previous Governor- Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown VETOED a bipartisan bill- passed by BOTH parties which would have protected the area and residents from fires JUST LIKE THE CAMP FIRE that devastated Paradise and the surrounding areas. The Camp Fire KILLED 85 people, mostly elderly and handicapped residents.

      The NEW Governor, Gavin Newsom has done ZERO to prevent future wildfires, and it was recently found out that Newsom accepted MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from PG&E, and he is in "their pocket" politically. This is the same Gavin Newsom that has enacted the most ridiculous and unconstitutional gun laws in the USA. Meanwhile, "gun crimes" have gone WAY UP.

      Right this second, there are now 151,000 homeless people in California- the most homeless of all 50 states. The homeless victims from the Paradise fire are treated with less respect and assistance than the "terminally homeless" dope addicts that burden the system and taxpayers.

      Efforts to rebuild Paradise are pretty much "all talk, no walk," and the Town Council and County are doing everything they can to "rebuild" Paradise in a manner that will only attract rich, Bay Area Liberals, as affordable ("entry-level") small homes are outlawed, giving way to larger, more expensive, pretentious-style homes- due to the VERY restrictive and expensive building codes & permits that they have now forced on the residents.

      One thing that concerns a large number of people is the fact that the toxic hazmat chemicals caused & released by the fire have now seeped into the aquifers (groundwater) and have permanently poisoned them. Keep in mind that the Lower Tuscan Aquifer (largest in Central/Northern CA.) gets billions of gallons of water from these Sierra Nevada Foothills.

      I sadly mourn the loss of Paradise, and the good people who died from the Camp Fire.
      I blame PG&E and liberalism for the deaths and destruction.
      • 13 -1
      Paradise is Rebuilding

      It will take a while before the population of Paradise nears the pre-fire population, however there has been a lot of progress in the last 11 months. We have 200 businesses open on the ridge, including a grocery store, drug stores, a hardware store, restaurants, and clothing stores. The Chamber of Commerce is open and holding events, like Johnny Appleseed Days just last weekend. The library is open. Theater on the Ridge is staging plays and the Paradise Symphony is performing here in Paradise. There are between 3,000, and 4,000 people living here, with thousands more in daytime population here to help us clean up and rebuild. There are nearly 500 building permits applications that have been received. It will take time, but we are encouraged by the progress.
      • 0 -16

      Someone PLEASE do the research, and you will find out that THE ENTIRE TOWN OF PARADISE is now GONE- BURNED DOWN as of November 8, 2018.
      There are NO HOMES, NO SHOPPING, NO UTILITIES, NO PEOPLE, NOTHING LEFT except ashes, debris, and toxic remnants of structures and vehicles.
      It will take at LEAST 5-10 years to rebuild the Town of Paradise, and the water in the resevouirs, the soils, and the landscape will all still be TOXIC and BURNED. It LITERALLY looks worse than Hiroshima did after it was nuked.

      • 19 -3
      Bye Bye Paradise.

      No more Paradise. The guy worried about all the meth and mairijuana labs need not worry about it any longer. They are all gone. Adios.
      • 16 0
      Life on Reefer Ridge

      I have had a home here for many years and once loved this town. I have now come to hate it. While it is now illegal to grow pot in the town of Paradise (I call it reefer ridge) there has not been a time in the last 3 years I have been able to step out either my back door or my front door without being blown over by the stink of pot. I cannot use my yard, I let my garden die years ago as it is too sickening to work in it. I am harassed by the pot growing neighbors. I have not been able to tolerate sitting on my back porch for years. I feel as if I live under house arrest as I have to stay indoors because of the constant stink. The town will not enforce the code. The police do not deal with marijuana grows. I was actually told by a high up town leader that I was not entitled to useful enjoyment of my property and was told "so what" when I explained how my property is worth nothing because of the trash filled pot grow next door. Ironically, I have to disclose the problem when I try and sell, yet it is illegal to grow pot. This town needs to make up its mind, make pot growing legal so we hard working tax payers can sell our homes as prime pot growing properties and leave this drug town. Otherwise enforce the pot growing ban.
      • 17 0
      Quickly becoming an impoverished drug town

      The crime stats are a total joke. In the last 10 years, Paradise has become an impoverished town full of meth houses, marijuana grow houses, and honey oil labs. There are not 45 police officers unless you are counting staff and the 80 yr and up volunteers. We have 3 full time police officers. The town council turns a blind eye to the fact that Paradise is becoming a major area for marijuana cultivation. It is hard to find a neighborhood without meth houses and/or several grow houses. This is not a problem to the police and town leadership, they do nothing about it and they do not report it as a crime, thus the nice crime stats. It is a major problem if you are a resident here however. Illegal marijuana growers have infiltrated neighborhoods, they typically have an arsenal of firearms and vicious dogs. They are attracting crime and making are neighborhoods dangerous places to live. When I think drug cartel, I no longer think of just Mexico.

      Regarding outdoor recreation, be careful where you hike here. It used to be safe, I used to hike all over and 4 wheel on dirt roads throughout the hills. I have run into marijuana grows several times in many different places. I no longer hike or 4-wheel here unless it is in a very public place. Paradise is no longer what it's name implies, in fact it is quite the opposite.
      • 16 0
      Reason for reporting
      Source: The Paradise, CA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).