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Rhymes With Nosebleed 1.5 rating By Mizkwebb ( Mar 28, 2018) I suppose if you are Asian, this place might be tolerable. It is ugly as hell. Most everyone who isn't Asian moved out long ago. It's hard to find non-Asian groceries, or someone who speaks unaccented English, without a freeway drive . . . and speaking of driving, this town ha ...Read More s the worst drivers on earth, and I've driven in Jamaica. Also, there are some OG Hispanic gang members in patches throughout town. I have lived here 3 years, and am saving up to get the hell OUT. You will like it if you are an Asian food fanatic who doesn't much care what your food contains. Read Less
Rosemead, CA - Fabulous Family Attractions 4 rating By Anonymous ( Mar 23, 2012) I lived in Rosemead California for about a year, a couple years ago. One of the things I enjoyed was the numerous numbers of family attractions. There are many great attractions catered to children of all ages. There are also many community parks and recreations I rather enjoyed. ...Read More My children very much enjoyed all of the outdoor parks and ball fields. The choices of restaurants are pretty convenient. There are quite a few different types of ethnic cuisines to choose from. It also does not take very long to get from place to place. There are groups of restaurants in areas, which makes it very convenient. When i was looking for nightlife it wasn't as easy as the restaurants to find. There are a new night clubs and maybe one adult club but not very much is Rosemead. The plus side is there are quite a few in the surrounding cities, which are not too far of a drive at all. There is an average amount of shopping too be done is Rosemead. They have a mall with quite a few stores in it. There is only one mall though. There is also your basic Wal-Mart, Walgreen's, etc. It's defiantly not a New York City but it has all your basic shopping needs.

So overall it's a place that you should give a whirl if you are around the area. So next time you are in the area with your family make sure to check out the local parks and attractions! Read Less
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Rod Marinelli Stadium
Jess Gonzales Sports Park
Sally Tanner Park
Klingerman Park
Garvey Park


Food & Drink

Hakata Ramen
Mien Nghia noodle express
Pizza Hut
Tai Siu Restaurant
Pupusas Y Mas
Drive to Work

equal to the US average

Take Public Transit

2% lower than the US average

Walk to Work

1% lower than the US average

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