Thousand Oaks, CA

Population: 128,623

Key findings

  • Thousand Oaks has a Livability Score of 78/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Thousand Oaks crime rates are 58% lower than the California average
  • Cost of living in Thousand Oaks is 22% higher than the California average
  • Thousand Oaks real estate prices are 56% higher than the California average
  • Rental prices in Thousand Oaks are 46% higher than the California average

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      Thousand Oaks, CA

      Thousand Oaks is a city that is near the Los Angeles Metro area. Located about 45 miles from LA, it is one of the largest cities in Ventura County. With a population of over 125,000, it is a medium-sized city that offers a lot of the shopping, dining, and entertainment options that you would expect to find in a larger city. Thousand Oaks is home to Ronald Reagan Presidential Library where you can come and learn about the life and presidency of this California born and raised president who was a football star and movie star before taking his place in the Oval Office.

      One of the reasons why people choose to live in Thousand Oaks instead of Los Angeles or Malibu is the fact that the home prices in Thousand Oaks are much more affordable than the aforementioned areas. Those who are looking to buy or rent a home can choose from Lake Sherwood, Dos Vientos Ranch, or Newbury Park. Each of these neighborhoods offers something special to homebuyers. Thousand Oaks is a family friendly community that has some of the better schools in the area.

      Amgen Inc is the city's largest employer offering jobs to over 5,000 who live in the area. The Oaks is a large shopping mall that also employs several thousand people. Thousand Oak Transit operates a city bus service that has many stops throughout the city. It is a popular option for those who are looking to have a positive impact on the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.

      Paradise Falls is a local waterfall that offers stunning views when it is running at full force. After a strong downpour, it is worth heading over to the area with your camera to snag a picture or two. Wildwood Regional Park has an integrated network of trails that is a popular choice with hikers, cyclists, and horseback riders that are looking to get out and explore. Underwood Family Farms is an area staple that lets you see where your fruits and vegetables are grown. In addition to offering tours, they also have a small shop where you can by some of the freshest produce you will ever try.

      Thousand Oaks offers its residents a good quality life thanks to strong municipal services and the good natured people who call the city home. Wildwood Elementary School and Weathersfield Elementary School are good examples of the city's commitment to youth. Each are well-regarded for the quality of instruction that they provide to their students.

      Bangkok Avenue is a favorite Thai restaurant in Thousand Oaks. Mocqueca Brazilian Restaurant is another favorite that offers unique tastes. Thousand Oaks has lots to offer those looking to rent or buy.

      Top Rated Schools in Thousand Oaks

      Name Grades Students Proficiency
      Bethany Christian SchoolPK - 6150n/a
      Glenwood Elementary SchoolKG - 5317n/a
      La Reina High School6 - 12421n/a
      Conejo Valley High (Continuation)9 - 12112n/a
      Acacia Elementary SchoolKG - 5356n/a
      Redwood Middle6 - 8870n/a
      Ladera Elementary SchoolKG - 5297n/a
      Aspen Elementary SchoolKG - 5389n/a
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      Great Family Friendly Spot if you Love the Outdoors

      The quality of life in Thousand Oaks is beyond - the weather is amazing, its safe, family friendly, with tons of hiking trails and parks to run around in. The wildlife is beautiful / incredible, with deer on the hillsides, red tailed hawks flying around, and a beautiful variety of birds and butterflies everywhere including quail, bluebirds, and monarchs. Waking up here to the sound of song birds every morning and going to sleep to the sound of croaking frogs living in the little streams everywhere gives feeling of country living, yet you can access all the LA amenities very quickly and easily. The local stores have everything under the sun and are very high end, many restaurants are excellent, and the people are a nice mix of native, well educated CA with some East Coast transplants. The well kept homes show a great pride of ownership that help maintain healthy home values that always withstand the economic ups and downs other communities seem to crash from. Beautiful beaches are also just a short drive away. The bad reviews on here are seem to be from people who found they couldn't afford to stay and got upset about having to move - which I can understand, but personal finances shouldn't be blamed on a nice community, though they are absolutely right that it is a pretty spendy spot to be in.
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      The polish is off of the former "Safest City"

      Rampant homeless population, drug use and dealing, and a real estate market that is 2.5x the national average make up a burgeoning list of negatives that have come to the former "Safest City in America". Yes, we have mild weather and are close to the beach, but is that worth paying so much more? Commute times are a minimum of an hour going anywhere into Los Angeles, and if the 405 freeway is part of your route... double that commute time. The homeless population camps in front or near the Social Security offices and any nearby drug store. Since marijuana was legalized 3 years ago, we have an explosion of grow houses even in multi-million dollar neighborhoods. And to top it all off, our school system has been in steady decline since the late 80s.
      • 3 -2
      Going Downhill Lately

      I have lived in the Oak Park/Westlake/Thousand Oaks area for 30 years. I agree that the cost of living is an F, it’s ridiculous. Like anywhere else in California, you pay steep fines for using too much water, the combined income and sales taxes are some of the highest in the nation, and local businesses and restaraunts price gouge the heck out of you. I got a burger, fries and a drink at Fat Burger last week and it was $22. Weather getting an “A” seems awfully subjective. If you don’t like seasons (like, any seasons at all) and you just like heat and wind year round, I guess it’s an A. We are in the wild fire epicenter of the United States. Last year at Christmas it was 85 degrees and ashes were falling from the sky. The forecast on my iPhone literally said “smoke.” Crime is probably the most misleading score of all. Thousand Oaks includes Westlake Village in their crime statistics which pulls down the curve substantially. Additionally, crime is lower here simply because some things aren’t considered crimes in California that are in other states. Marijuana is legal, as a result I now live next to a “grow house” that deals weed, in a neighborhood where the average home value is $800k. Homelessness and panhandling has exploded in terms of numbers and how aggressive the panhandlers get in soliciting. Even though we have laws against aggressive panhandling, the police don’t enforce them. I have had my car broken into twice in the last ten years, once by a Mexican gang from a neighboring city, the second time was in my own driveway in the middle of the night (again, $800k neighborhood). So as far as crime goes, draw your own conclusions. I know homelessness by itself isn’t a crime, but do you want a booming homeless population in YOUR neighborhood? Lastly for the negatives, it is just not a very interesting place. It lacks any real culture or history and there’s not much to be attached to here. The shopping and dining is very good. There are a lot of options. And you are 1-2 hours away from a lot of attractions like Disneyland, beaches, Six Flags, the LA zoo etc. So there are quite a few day-trip options. Overall like most places it is a mixed bag, but bottom line it is expensive, plain, hot and windy. And with the homelessness boom, it doesn’t feel worth the cost.
      • 5 -5
      Thousand Oaks - One of California's Safest Cities

      Want a great Californian city to live in that's safe? Then look no further than Thousand Oaks, one of the best cities in southern California. I visited the city of Thousand Oaks during one summer, and was so impressed with this upbeat sophisticated city. Compared to cities like Santa Ana and Chula Vista, I felt much safer visiting Thousand Oaks.

      Thousand Oaks consistently ranks as one of the top safest cities in the country, which is another reason I absolutely love Thousand Oaks. It is also one of the best job creators in the country, since technology firms flock to this area and Silicon Valley. Biotechnology and telecommunications are very popular businesses in the area. If you are a young business professional, then seriously consider pursuing higher education in this area of California or seeking job offers from this area. There is no better place to raise a family in California than Thousand Oaks!

      In addition to being safe and non-creepy (unlike Santa Ana), this city offers breathtaking views of the ocean and Los Angeles forest. I highly recommend biking or running in the L.A. forest! Truly a must.

      Overall, I'd love to visit Thousand Oaks again. I had a fabulous time and I'm sure you would too!
      • 4 -7
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      Source: The Thousand Oaks, CA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).