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  • Crescent City has a Livability Score of 53/100, which is considered poor
  • Crescent City crime rates are 106% higher than the California average
  • Cost of living in Crescent City is 29% lower than the California average

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Beautiful place 4 rating By Anonymous ( Jan 14, 2019) First the good things: gorgeous here. Beautiful beaches, redwoods, campgrounds here. Well worth a visit at least! Mild coastal climate. Summers 65/55 winters 50/40. Quite rainy, got 96 in 3 years ago. Average utilities costs. Some very nice hotels here. A 6 screen theater with no ...Read More crowds EVER.The bad: house prices high, $175 to $1 mill plus. Rents are 800+. Mobile homes popular here, 3 good ones for seniors at $450/mo. TV towers in Eureka historical monuments. Poor reception/cable and satellite. Get ROKU. There is only ONE doctor in town in private practice, several nurse practicioners. 'Low cost' health/dental clinic provides low quality care, based on income. Teeth cleaning xrays $150 for me. Never again. Two urgent care centers. GOD-AWFUL hospital. The ER made me wait 7 hours to get an emergency shot of insulin. Hospitalzed patients complain of terrible nurses, dirty conditions, poor hospitalists, minimum care. We go to Brookings' Curry Health/Hospital (20 min).Gas prices $3.93 gall here, $3.10 in Oregon. Lots of homeless camps, people, over 100 here year round. Zero facilities for them. Lots of thefts/ assaults. Pelican Bay Prison #4 toughest in Cal is here, but no real problems with them. Crack very popular here. City/county government typically do-nothing. The restaurants here are hit and miss, some good, none excellent.The WORST for me personally is NO DAMN SHOPPING! There is no cutesy downton shopping area. The beautiful beach area has virtually no waterfront/port area. We have a Safeway and a Walmart. Period. Brookings' Fred Meyer is a big step up, plus they do have a downtown area of shops and restaurants. A decent mall is 2.5 hours away in Medford OR. Going N on 101 is a pretty but slow drive because it goes through all the beach towns. Going E on 199 gets you to Grnts Pass (2 hours) and all beyond. Only decent airport is Portland, 6 hours away. The roads are VERY winding, carsick heaven. S on 101, beautiful road, speciality carsickness, to Eureka 2 hours. Read Less
Nice place to visit but don't move here 1.5 rating By Anonymous ( Dec 26, 2018) Beautiful area, the pacific ocean, redwood trees, good fishing in the rivers and ocean. The politics is horrible, few services. The Pelican Bay State Prison is located to the north. Many people say it attracts all the crime here but because Oregon is so close, most of the employe ...Read More es live there instead. The Oregon border is only 20 miles so people go shopping there where there is no income tax and the price of fuel is near a dollar lower, which hurts the economy here. In the year or so I've lived here, more businesses have closed then have opened. It is really a shame that they let this prison in, if that is the cause of so many problems here. The economy seems to be more geared to crime and poverty than business enterprise. The medical services is very poor, unless you or on welfare, then there is a facility you can go and have all costs covered. So, excellent welfare town. The city council voted to allow pot dispensaries. Wrong direction! Read Less
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Not for the up and coming unless you like prison and all things associated with 1 rating By Megancherrisa ( Mar 30, 2018) Gears towards retirees and the poor. More investment in the poor than in the children. Average pay here doesn’t even allow you to buy a home that fits your family. Unless your already made or going no where, don’t move here. Great to visit beautiful hiking trails, beaches, ri ...Read More ver, but you can’t afford to live here unless you’re already established financially or able to get in somewhere with the good old boys. Most of town is slowly shutting down. Not a place to develop as it will likely be shut down. You can shop at Walmart they take all the cash aid and food stamps so money doesn’t even stays town. Read Less


Brother Jonathan Park
Del Norte County Fairgrounds
Beach Front Park


Crescent City Cinemas
Ocean World
Del Norte County Historical Society Museum
Crescent City Lighthouse

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Kin Khao Thai Eatery
Pizza King
Oceans 675 by Northwoods
Apple Peddler
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15% lower than the US average

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1% lower than the US average

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5% higher than the US average

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