Key findings

  • Glendale has a Livability Score of 70/100, which is considered average
  • Glendale crime rates are 34% lower than the California average
  • Cost of living in Glendale is 19% higher than the California average
  • Glendale real estate prices are 56% higher than the California average
  • Rental prices in Glendale are 4% higher than the California average

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      Glendale, CA

      Glendale is commonly known as the jewel city - and for good reason. This community is beautiful and friendly, and its beauty will only grow as the population continues to diversify. Glendale also has a large Armenian community, and they bring an interesting culture to this part of the United States. The city is one of the safest in the country as well, making it a wonderful place to raise a family.

      Glendale is a suburb of Los Angeles, but it has its own very unique economy and culture. The local economy is driven by the service and entertainment industries. Some of the biggest employers include DreamWorks Animation and the Glendale Adventist Medical Center, among many others. The economy is diverse and there is plenty of room for workers of any specialty.

      For those wishing to relocate or start a family, Glendale has an excellent public school system and many students go on to attend prestigious universities around the country. As for higher education in the area, Glendale is close to great universities in the LA area including UCLA and USC. The community also has over 50 parks for outdoor recreation and they are great for families and individuals. Shoppers can find a number of options, including some very luxurious stores, at Glendale Galleria and the Glendale Fashion Center. There is something for every hobby and interest here.

      Public transportation is good in Glendale, with a bus system connecting it to Los Angeles and all of the other main suburbs. Many people choose to drive but the traffic in this part of the state is notoriously bad throughout the day. At the end of the day, it really depends on how comfortable you are with staying in a car for long periods of time. Gas is also more expensive here than other parts of the United States, making public transportation an attractive option.

      The overall cost of living in Glendale is extremely high, with the average rent being well over $2,000 per month. The minimum wage is also far above the national average, though it is still not nearly enough for most people to live comfortably here. If you are considering moving to Glendale, it is best to have a high paying job or savings to handle the heavy costs of the area.

      Glendale is a beautiful, vibrant community with a constantly growing entertainment and service industry. It is one of the safest places to raise a family in the country and that makes this a very attractive place for many people. If you can manage to afford the high cost of living, Glendale will certainly be a wonderful paradise for you and your family.

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      Don’t make the same mistake we did!
      This is based upon the experience of an L.A. native and my British National wife).

      We moved to Glendale in 2018 settling in an area between Downtown and Rossmoyne where we managed to secure a lovely, large flat below the hills for a significantly lesser rental rate than most of central Los Angeles. We were thrilled at the prospect of getting to know this city... By the end of our first year, we were ready to leave like a bat out of hell!
      I’ll try keeping our experience with GLUMdale brief, and please note I’ve given much measured and objective thought...
      • L.A. in general can be a difficult place to make acquaintances, but other than the employees at our local Trader Joe’s, it’s damn near impossible to elicit a smile from the locals here much less a passing “Hello” whilst taking a stroll.
      • Overall, the community is varied ethnically, but it is very obviously predominantly Armenian whose community as noted by another reviewer ([email protected]) is very, VERY insular and exclusive. Example: My retired wife could not even find a part-time job as an experienced front desk staff - or even retail! - here in Glendale because she’s not Armenian and/or doesn’t know the language.
      • The local drivers. A nightmare! It is disheartening to read of the amount of injuries and deaths of pedestrians at the hands of the careless speed demons - and mostly machismo-seeking young Armenian males on Glendale’s roads. And as a driver, it is honestly beyond the level of tense and nightmarish that I typically experience when driving around Southeast L.A., Inglewood, and Crenshaw district. Not only on major streets but even residential ones with the “Please Slow” signs implemented after the COVID pandemic.
      • The electrical utility service is quite poor AND expensive. I have honestly never experienced so many significant power outages in my life than I have here. Additionally, on at least on two occasions, Glendale W&P implemented rolling blackouts during summer and autumn heatwaves, and the most recent blackout caused some hillside homes to have no power for multiple days. To date, GWP has not addressed any plans towards improving or upgrading their systems.

      On the other hand, we have experienced a couple of nice things about Glendale - one can find a variety of ethnic cuisine here, particularly Persian, Eastern European and Mediterranean; my wife and I recently had fantastic dining at Raffi’s. And I found a reputable and genuinely honest auto service and repair operation at Advance Auto Repair on Central run by an Armenian gentleman, Kevin, and who I’d recommend and intend to continue using and support even after we move to the South Bay Area in a few weeks.

      But overall, unless you are of Armenian or similar descent or if socializing/social graces isn’t of great concern to you (or agoraphobic), REALLY research and devote spending time at your Glendale vicinity before committing to a move there to avoid the feeling of general isolation, annoyance and exclusion that my wife and I experienced here.
      2 -1
      Boring and lame
      There is no attraction here in Glendale. The only possible thing to do is shopping or going to the library which can become boring. There is a golf courses. Furthermore, hiking trails are also available but not many variety of trails if you look it up on the map. Unfortunately, Glendale is not like Los Angeles where there are museums, zoo, HUGE PARK, and yes, variable hiking trails with levels and challenges. There is also an observatory (Griffith Observatory). Los Feliz, Los Angeles is where I would consider a neighborhood to live in. Glendale has so many inconsiderate people and rude. Furthermore, the shopping mall here in Glendale is so lame! There isn't much a variety of things to do in the mall. The only thing to do in the mall is shop and eat. Really lame. Unlike South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, there are great attractions that customers can do as well as children. During the Christmas holiday, there is a train ride that children can ride. As for Glendale Galleria, there is nothing like that. LAME! Nowadays, a WHOLE LOT of stores are closing down because Glendale Galleria isn't attracting a lot of customers. REALLY BORING! Lastly, there are a lot of inconsiderate drivers who risk the lives of pedestrians. Glendale can use more traffic signals on crosswalks.
      1 -5
      Glendale California City
      I have just finished my tour and got married in Sep, found a job and we bought our first house in Glendale, California, I have to say this city quality have been abysmal! Initially I loved living majority Armenian population here but things went south quickly - unfortunately demographic of this city did not well adopted to the way of American standard and been brought to a level in Yerevan! streets are dirty (for example just walk on Vine toward Fernando and you will see couches left outside- dogs eating from garbage cans, dogs droppings there were not curbed , factories making noise and ton of pollution. Since we've moved to Glendale, One thing that bothered me (even after writing to the Mayor) is majour public parkes were either given to schools - or pretend being under maintenance and just closed! we ended up travelling to nearby city Pasadena (were I planning to eventually move to). There are a few things you should know before moving to Glendale. The Armenian community is insular and it is impossible to make friends. My family now hates this city, we don't have much of a nightlife. who want to party have to head to other cities - traffic here is a nightmare - people here never use signal and if you try to merge they intentionally chase you !! shopping and restaurants are okay but nothing spectacular. I can't imagine living here for more than 6 more months - so stay a way .
      3 -1
      Glendale is great city.
      I have lived and worked in the Glendale area for many years now and have found it to be a great place to live and work. It is clean, safe, and has a good selection of restaurants and shopping. I've seen just about every inch of this city as our towing service tends to take us to many parts of the city. Always finding new treasures and glendale has so many great homes and neighborhoods, there truly is something for everyone. We don't ever want anyone to have problems but if you're in Glendale, CA and find yourself in need of a tow truck or assistance we'd love to help at . Thanks Glendale for many years.
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      Glendale, California - An Armenian City
      I've lived in Glendale, California, for several years, and I love the diverse atmosphere. We're one of the most Armenian cities in the United States, and I love that my kids can learn about a different culture. Since we've moved to Glendale, we've gone to Armenian restaurants, churches, and cultural celebrations that we wouldn't have experienced in our old city. Plus, we're close to Los Angeles, so whenever we want a change of pace we can drive over there. I love the small city feel that I get in Glendale combined with the nearby big city amenities.

      There are a few things you should know before moving to Glendale. The weather is excellent year-round and we can go to the beach on the weekends. The Armenian community is insular and it may take time for you to meet friends. My family loves this city, but younger people may be bored because we don't have much of a nightlife. Kids who want to party just head to LA. Our shopping and restaurants are okay but nothing spectacular. I can find everything that I need for the kids here, but my husband and I only have a few options for a nice dinner date. We don't have any big name attractions, either. If you're looking for a friendly place to raise a family with a big city nearby and an excellent community, Glendale is the city for you. If you're looking for a place to party or you need luxury, Los Angeles might be a better fit.
      1 -2
      Glendale, CA - A Fun City for Families
      I really enjoyed the time I spent living in Glendale. Glendale, California is a very nice municipality that is located in the greater Los Angeles area, specifically the San Fernando Valley. Glendale is known for having a large Armenian population and an extremely vigilant police force that patrols the city for traffic violations. Glendale is a great safe place to raise a family.

      The biggest attraction in the city of Glendale is the Galleria. The Glendale Galleria is a huge shopping center. It is also a great place to dine at the various declious restaurants. Chinese food, In N Out Burger, and various Armenian and Mexican restaurants offer some of the best food in Southern California.

      The Glendale Galleria is the place where everyone gathers on the weekend to buy the latest fashions or the latest cutting edge video games, enjoy a movie, and eat a good meal. There are also some nice bars in Glendale that offer great places to relax and have a drink after a busy day. Glendale is a safe community that offers many choices for shopping and dining.
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      Source: The Glendale, CA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).