Key findings

  • Downey has a Livability Score of 69/100, which is considered average
  • Downey crime rates are 14% lower than the California average
  • Cost of living in Downey is 3% higher than the California average
  • Downey real estate prices are 10% higher than the California average
  • Rental prices in Downey are 2% lower than the California average

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      Downey, CA

      Downey is a city located in Los Angeles County, California. The Apollo Space program was actually birthed in Downey, making it a very important location. Other important feats of this city include the oldest McDonald's in America that is still in operation. Downey has a population of over 100,000 people. It has a large history involving the Spanish Empire, which has since transformed into a center for aerospace missions.

      Downey has great community organizations to fight violence and gang-related activity in the city such as GOOD. There are many community events available to your family in this city as well including sports teams, scholarships, counseling and more. This is a great city for small business owners and business growth as well as it has won the "Most Business-Friendly City" award.

      The cost of housing in Downey, California is significantly higher than the cost in the rest of the nation. It is almost two times higher than the housing costs of the rest of the country. It is a bit higher than the cost of housing in the rest of California. To give an example, the average rental price in Downey is around $1700 at the lower end of one-bedroom apartments.

      The high cost of living continues throughout the prices of other goods and services in Downey, California. Groceries are slightly higher than the price of groceries around the nation, and around the same as the price of groceries in the rest of California. The price of utilities is lower than it is in the rest of California, but it is slightly higher than the nation's average price of utilities.

      Transportation in Downey is also slightly more expensive than the rest of the nation. There are public transportation options available as well, however. There are public buses provided through the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. These go throughout Downey and throughout the greater Los Angeles area. There is also a local service specific to Downey called the DowneyLINK.

      As previously mentioned, the Apollo mission was developed in Downey. With this in mind, there is a Columbia Memorial Space Center to visit to reminisce on this history. There are also many outdoor spaces to enjoy the beauty of Downey including Rio San Gabriel Park Wilderness Park and Furman Park. There are many orange groves to visit throughout the city as well as Downey is known as the "orange-grove town."

      Downey is a very unique city in California. It has many unique things to experience such as a museum dedicated to the aerospace industry, orange groves and the oldest McDonald's in the country. Downey can be expensive to live in, but it is important to consider the beauty that comes along with living in Downey.

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      Downey, CA - Perfect Little City For Family Fun
      Travelers passing through the city of Downey, California should visit The Columbia Memorial Space Center. At five dollars per ticket, admission to this fun-filled attraction is affordable and well worth every cent. Kids and adults will both enjoy the many science and space exhibits offered here. Numerous restaurant options are found in Downey, especially chain restaurants. Travelers foreign to Southern California may want to visit Bob's Big Boy and In N' Out Burger. Both chains serve some of the best burgers and fries found in this region. A more unique venue, El Azteca Taqueria on Paramount makes authentic and fresh Mexican cuisine every day. Each scrumptious selection on the menu tastes identical to authentic Mexican recipes.

      Downey is a lovely little city amidst the hustle and bustle of the Los Angeles metro area, but real estate prices are still fair. Neighborhoods are pretty and crime rates in Downey are low. A downfall to living in this quaint little city is the traffic. Downey is nestled between four major freeways, making streets busy most of the day. After the rush of traffic has slowed for the evening, streets clear out and Downey regains its small-town feeling with families seen walking and enjoying the mild climate.
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      Source: The Downey, CA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).