Huntington Beach, CA

Population: 198,724 livability score shield

Key findings

  • Huntington Beach has a Livability Score of 74/100, which is considered excellent
  • Huntington Beach crime rates are 14% lower than the California average
  • Cost of living in Huntington Beach is 20% higher than the California average
  • Huntington Beach real estate prices are 61% higher than the California average
  • Rental prices in Huntington Beach are 30% higher than the California average

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      Huntington Beach, CA

      Huntington Beach is one of the most desirable beach cities in America, but purchasing a home in the city can be a stretch for those who are not independently wealthy. While the city offers its residents a high quality of life and beautiful California weather, it may take a couple of jobs in order to be able to support yourself financially. If you are blessed to work for Air Tech International or A-Med Healthcare, you may be blessed to purchase a home or rent a home without any hassle.

      In spite of the high cost of living, there are over 200,000 people who are fortunate enough to call this city located in Orange County home. Huntington Beach's State Beach has miles and miles of perfectly manicured sand that looks like it is straight out of the shots from the hit television show Baywatch. Taking a stroll or having a meal on the famous Huntington Beach pier is another great way to spend a picture perfect day under the California sun. If you like to catch your own fish and then grill it up, Huntington Beach Pier is a great place to cast a rod and see if you can reel in the big one. Bolsa Chica State Beach is a nice alternative to Huntington Beach, and there are times when you can have this beach all to yourself if you are willing to show up a little bit earlier than the crowd. Huntington Beach is known for its surfing so if you are new to the area, make sure that you take some lessons so you can hang ten with the locals.

      Bolsa Chica-Heil, Garfield, and Gilbert Island are just a few of the highly rated neighborhoods in Huntington Beach. These areas also offer good public schools that are highly regarded in the state. William T. Newland Elementary, Public Middle School, and Huntington Sea Cliff Elementary are a handful of schools that have been awarded due to the quality of the education that they offer to students. Traffic in Huntington Beach is not as bad as it is in Los Angeles or San Diego, but once you head north on I-5, you will eventually run into some slow spots. Huntington Beach offers residents a public transit option as well if you decide that sitting in traffic is not your cup of tea.

      Huntington Beach has some amazing and eclectic places to shop in the downtown area and right on the boardwalk. Watertable, Sandy's Beach Shack, and Simmzy's Restaurant are all good choices when you are looking to feed that craving after a tough morning surf session. Huntington Beach is a great place to live for those with a high income.

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      Huntington Beach Reviews

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      Too Expensive and Racist
      I've lived in Huntington Beach, CA (Orange County) for almost 5 years. I like the suburbs because it's a better alternative to living in LA County (Santa Monica). Orange County is extremely beautiful and stretches for miles and miles with each town or city unique to the next. Aside from the beaches in Huntington Beach I have to say there isn't much else going on in HB. It's an old town that was falling apart and about 3 years ago developers took an interest in HB and built a bunch of brand new sparkling over-priced high rises. There is absolutely no sense of community in HB or neighboring towns. Fountain Valley has a lot more friendly and polite residents. But people in HB do not socialize and many are long time residents or native to Orange County. I do not like the racist atmosphere that is widely shared and accepted in HB. The town is completely against the poor, homeless and minorities. I don't even think the residents realize their views are supremacist Nazi ideology. The residents are very afraid of African Americans with many staring at them as though they have never seen them or like they are aliens. Google Huntington Beach and you'll see how many times they have made the news for being against certain things, push back against the homeless and being sued. The prices of homes are outrageously over priced and many are very old and the rent keeps going up (greedy owners). HB residents are DRAMA and love to call the Police who by the way are equally corrupt. I guess if you can ignore the social issues of HB, are content with racist views then welcome to HB and Orange County; by the way there is very little to do as there is little nightlife and not a lot of restaurants. A visit to HB is acceptable but beware there's a lot of theft as tourists are targeted. But living in CA is probably the dumbest decision you will every make; you will be miserable with the high taxes, high gas prices, outrageous real estate and rental prices that are gouging the renters. #Goodbye.
      7 -12
      I'm not going to brown nose just because I grew up here.
      Surfing, sun, yoga, health, shopping, old cars, music, farmers markets, beach days, bicycles, and bare feet.

      if any of these apply to you, then you're in the right city. I lived in hb for 12 years and move back here and there because that's where my family still is. the prices of living are god awful, but sometimes you can find a steal right in the heart of where you want to be. Ive noticed over the years the crime has gotten worse, to the points of riots downtown. a lot of out-of -towners just ruin things for everyone else. every year was the HB US open, concerts, surfing, food, fun. and riots broke out and just ruined it to the point i think they banned a lot of events from the open because of it. its a tourist trap during the summer. the beaches are always packed. but locals know the best way to get there is on 2 wheels, not 4. you see everyone on their bikes, all the time, even buying groceries. its sunny all the stinking time, it barely rains in hb, if it does, its not rain, its "drizzle". and it lasts for about 20 minutes. If we do get a good hard rain, its evaporated the next day. the food biz is always changing, tons of new places open and close and open and close, so never a dull moment there. usually the good places stick around, i think i started noticing fro yo places going up like Starbucks. but when you live in HB, you start to get stuck, i feel. you know all the places, people, restaurants. which is fine for some people. but i feel like there's no culture. unless you count surfing as a culture. but its close to LA close to SD, in both directions. its a good middle ground. good place to be a kid. you make friends easily, the schools are great. my moms side of the family went through my high school along with my dads, and us kids. if you head back down beach blvd towards the 405, beware of street racers and speeding people. accidents have been on the rise due to people's stupidity. they keep expanding downtown. i no longer go down there because of the crowds and sucky parking. but the farmers market nights are a lot of fun. i think there's a mall going up now? goodness, it doesn't look how i remember it. but to each it's own. its a good vacay spot for a bit. and an all around ok place to live and raise kids. but you have to have a pretty good income to afford a house out here. even 1 bedroom apartments start at $1200. but you can always find a diamond in the rough if you look hard enough.
      7 -1
      Huntington Beach, CA - Surf City Nights
      Huntington Beach, California is one of the most beautiful places on earth due to the fact that it is located on the Pacific coast of the United States. So many people choose Huntington Beach as the place to go to surf the waves of the Pacific Ocean that it has been dubbed "Surf City, USA." Besides having great beaches, Huntington Beach also boasts many great shops and restaurants.

      A particularly lively part of town in Hungtington Beach is Main Street. Besides surf shops, Main Street also plays host to many nightclubs and bars. Live music, street acts, farmers' markets, free restaurant samples, sidewalk sales by the trendy shops, and other fun activities make Huntington Beach the place to be in Orange County on Tuesday nights. This promotion is called "Surf City Nights."

      Whether it's dining, shopping, surfing, or just good weather that one wants to enjoy, Huntington Beach offers it all. There are not many place in the world that are better places to live. Huntington Beach offers world class restaurants and intense natural beauty, side by side.
      6 -1
      Source: The Huntington Beach, CA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).