Barstow, CA

Population: 23,438 livability score shield

Key findings

  • Barstow has a Livability Score of 51/100, which is considered poor
  • Barstow crime rates are 94% higher than the California average
  • Cost of living in Barstow is 32% lower than the California average
  • Barstow real estate prices are 77% lower than the California average
  • Rental prices in Barstow are 45% lower than the California average

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      Barstow small and doesnt grow! California SUCKS in GENERAL! Very sad
      Where to start! Ive lived in Barstow for about 34 years. Been wanting to move for about 3 years now. If your middle class you can't escape unless your making around 140,000 or more year! I will just go over pros and cons of California Barstow is more conservatives and there are wonderful people! On the other hand there are 75% of residents on government assistants. ONLY JOBS are the Base (Ft. Irwin) or BNSF. Very high poverty rate (28%). Drugs and Homeless out of control! California is the worst state to live in and this is why.....

      1.Beautiful state
      2. Weather! Not ever Cold and if you like HOT it get about 110 degrees in the summer!
      3. Some really good Areas but you will have to pay high rent to be in those areas!
      4. Ocean and things to do!

      1. High taxes and will continue to go up (take about 40% of your hard earned Money per pay check)
      2. Fuel PRICES are extremely HIGH over 3.25 a gallon
      3. Regulations and laws are ridiculous
      4. No death penalty
      5. Horrible democrat Governor(Newsom)
      6. NOT business friendly at all- Do not plan to start a business here! Go to TX, TN or AZ
      7. Love to have people on Government assistance so they can rip off the hard working citizens
      8. Crime and Homeless out of control (especially in LA metro areas)
      9. Liberals are welcome and if your libertarian or conservative you will not want to move here..
      10. Monthly bills (gas, water, and electricity) are very expensive. My electricity bill averages about $450 for about 4 months of the year (My house is 1500sqft) and maybe about $150 the rest of the year ( between hours of 12-8pm you pay 38 cents per Kill watt). If Edison isn't ripping you off the gas company will. Water will go up 14% more starting 2021or maybe 2022 and 4 cents every year after) So if rent doesn't break the bank then add rent and monthly expenses and you barely make it!
      11. GUNS LAWS SUCK!!! They want to make it were they will take your guns away!
      12. You get charged for everything! Nothing is FREE! State parks charge, beaches charge to park. It's nothing like the South states!
      13. Schools SUCK. Especially in Barstow. The only Christian school we had CLOSED because of COVID. Very sad.
      14. Newsom just let 18,000 criminals out of Jail. That should tell you exactly how unsafe we are here in Caifornia.
      15. From Barstow everything is about 2 and half hours away! Not bad but after gas, food and paying extra for activities and parking its just crazy.
      16. Bartow has NOTHING for Kids to DO.....NOTHING.....WE barely are able to allow the kids to play sports. Even then there no extra circular activities.
      17. CHILDCARE if SO expensive

      You can research All this it's NO SECRET! Even if you love California its still the most expensive state to live in and is democrat ran! This state has got so bad over the past 2 years.

      Just last year 69,000 residents move out of Cali and continue to move out! Its really bad. A lot of business had to move and went to TX! Including Ben Shaprio and Joe Rogan. Newsom thinks keeping Cali closed is the best thing. 13,000 business in San Fran have closed or relocated and only 12,000 have survived.

      It's extremely sad to see this happen. But its always been this way since 1987 when I moved here! 2020 just has opened peoples eyes to how horribly ran this state is!

      Don't let your children out of your sight because there is a new law that helps pedophiles in this state and it's horrible..and there trying to pass a "LEAVE TAX" so if you leave Cali you will be taxed. Just CRAZY! Everyone that can get out should NOW!

      DO NOT MOVE TO CALI! If we had a republican running in office they could change this state but it would take along time!

      I love Barstow, but the truth is the state of California doesn't change and business don't and will not come and open here! Which means nothing changes. All we have is the famous OUTLETS in Barstow and that was supported by travelers and who knows how long that will stay around! You have to drive 30-60 mins away and then have to deal with stupid traffic.

      Barstow has become over ran with Homeless and druggies! It has always been that way but it has got worse int he past 2 years.

      Good Luck if your moving here! Stay to your self and stay humble and there are a few good Churches to go to.
      I worked for the base for 8 years and wife's that are married to soldiers leave within weeks of BOREDOM and because it's pricey and HOT! You have to drive hours just to get any good views!
      13 -6
      Think twice, it ain't that nice
      Barstow has really gone straight down the tubes. This town once had so much potential. Now it is a section 8, welfare, crime infested pool of poverty. It is very hard to do business in this town(shopping, banking, recreation etc. ) because of the herds of homeless, mentally ill and criminals who roam the streets and parking lots in this town. Just try to go into any business(or what is left of the businesses) in this town and you will be harassed by beggars, nuts, pervos and creeps wanting something from you. Then you have the ooglies and illegals trying to sell you crap like cable subscriptions, and tamales or menudo in the parking lots. The crime is through the roof. Shootings, thefts, break ins, assaults, trespassing, name it...we got it.....and we got it...ALOT. Loads of dope too. These horrible scavengers will walk into a business and just load up with merchandise and run out without paying. Not many good jobs either. There are the bases and railroad and some jobs with the school district and city.....but other than that....not much. So, think twice before moving here......and if you do....I would not live in the city.....most of it is pretty bad. Until these issues are dealt with I see no improvement or positive,long term growth. Who would even want to invest in a business other than the ones aimed at tourists in this horrible, dirty, dangerous, out of control town? Good luck. You are going to need it.
      22 -5
      Source: The Barstow, CA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).