Key findings

  • Lancaster has a Livability Score of 63/100, which is considered below average
  • Lancaster crime rates are 4% lower than the California average
  • Cost of living in Lancaster is 20% lower than the California average
  • Lancaster real estate prices are 55% lower than the California average
  • Rental prices in Lancaster are 16% lower than the California average

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      Lancaster, CA

      While some people may not think that it is possible to live in the Mojave Desert, the residents of Lancaster prove that it is possible to thrive in this environment. Lancaster is home to over 150,000 people who love to run, walk, and ride in the beautiful sand of the Mojave. Lancaster has all of the stores that modern-day Americans need to meet their daily needs. It also has a selection of restaurants that offer classic favorites and exotic flair. Lancaster is served by the Palmdale Regional Airport.

      The Antelope Valley School District is one of the region's largest employers. Antelope Valley Hospital is another large provider of jobs in the area. The California Highway Patrol rounds out the list of employers in the area. City Center is one of the areas of town that is growing in popularity for first time home buyers. Living in the city center offers perks since most of the shopping, dining, and entertainment are within walking distance. Biking is also a popular activity in Lancaster since you can take advantage of wide shoulders on the roads that help you avoid traffic.

      The Antelope Valley is a beautiful region of California that many long-time residents of the state have not seen due to its relative remoteness. The Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve State Park is awash in colors when the flowers are in bloom. The beautiful orange color that overtakes the area offers a striking contrast to the mountains that stand majestically in the vast distance beyond the city. There is also a historical museum in the area that offers a lot of information on the history of the area and its inhabitants.

      California Route 14 is the main thoroughfare that runs through the city. Traffic is not an issue in Lancaster since it is so isolated and remote. The Antelope Valley Transit Authority provides good public transit options for those who choose not to operate a vehicle.

      Monte Vista Elementary School is one of the best choices for public education. It is located within a few blocks of the high school. Rio Brazilian Grill and the Lemon Leaf Cafe both offer diners a selection of interesting dishes that are very tasteful and beautifully presented.

      Lancaster is a great place to raise a family since you can always get out into nature to enjoy the pleasant weather that blesses the area once the sun goes down to mask the heat of day. The area does not get much water though so expect to see a lot of desert sand if you make the decision to move to Lancaster. Starting a family in the area is easy to do thanks to the city's good hospitals.

      Top Rated Schools in Lancaster

      Name Grades Students Proficiency
      Smith Camp7 - 12n/an/a
      DiscoveryKG - 5786n/a
      Academy For Advancement Of Children With AutismKG - 1246n/a
      Columbia Elementary SchoolKG - 6765n/a
      Mariposa Elementary SchoolKG - 6546n/a
      Antelope Valley High9 - 121,761n/a
      Scobee Camp7 - 1243n/a
      Tierra Bonita Elementary SchoolKG - 6608n/a
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      Lancaster Reviews

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      A desirable place to live if you do not like the fast pace of a populous city
      I have been familiar with Lancaster since 1992. I have to say it has grown into a community with promise since then. As with any city, there are the good and the bad. This, however, is all up to one's opinion.For starters the goods of this city. Lancaster has been thriving on the positive trend, as I have mentioned earlier. Plenty of things to do, but still not up to par with larger populated cities in California. Situated in the Antelope Valley (AV for short), it sits north of its neighbor, Palmdale. Lancaster has goods to offer for the residents of the AV. It has small strip malls for shopping, dining, and amusement. To include: movies/entertainment, fast food, decent all you can eat buffets, electronics/home furnishing stores, a fairly decent indoor mall in Palmdale, plenty of convenience stores just to name a few. You do not have to drive too far and out of the way to enjoy these things in the AV. Transportation isn't a problem either. The bus service is good, the Metro Link rail system (if you want to head down towards Los Angeles or connect to head down to San Diego), and with the advent of Uber and Lyft, there are easy ways to get around the AV if you do not have your own means of transportation. Traffic on the 14 isn't too bad. Although it can get busy in the mornings going southbound and in the afternoons going northbound as commuters travel to and from their place of employment.I would say Lancaster is centrally located to access practically great entertainment and fun. Think of it as a hub of a bicycle wheel and the spokes are the many ways to and from Lancaster. for starters, Magic Mountain is less than an hour drive away, Disneyland is within 2 hours, Las Vegas is within 4 hours, Los Angeles and the beaches are close for great summer fun, and San Diego is less than 3 hours away. All in all, Lancaster is not a bad place to live.Now on to the negatives of Lancaster. As I mentioned earlier, even though it is centrally located, the driving can get monotonous. Especially if you have to deal with the traffic. Yes, I will admit that California drivers can sometimes get too aggressive and cause accidents/a bad driving experience all around. The heat can get unbearable at times and the cost of cooling your home can become astronomical if you aren't careful. It can also get bitterly cold here. It doesn't help when the winds kick up and the wind chill can practically freeze your innards. Speaking of the wind, it can wreak havoc during the dry summer months and kick up a nasty dust storm that can cause accidents on the freeways when it is really bad. The cost of living can sometimes be a burden for lower income individuals or families. Things can get expensive here since we are a part of Los Angeles County and in California in general. City roads can benefit from widening as well. The city roads, especially in stretches where it is less populated, can get quite narrow. It is also difficult to differentiate where the side of the road meets the dirt shoulder in these areas, especially at night. Some of these isolated roads are quite poorly lit. Please be careful when driving on these roads.I am sure the one big question everyone asks is the employment opportunities here. The biggest industry that drives the employment here in the AV is the aerospace industry. Being close to Edwards AFB, you have companies such as Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, JT3, and many other contractors that deal with aerospace. Unfortunately it isn't easy to find employment within this industry, unless you have a vast experience in the career field of aerospace or military experience. And the biggest one of all is, knowing someone already inside these companies. Nepotism can sometimes run amok within these companies.When it comes to crime rate, I am happy to say that it has been on a good downward trend since I first visited the city in 1992. Being a now resident of Lancaster, that is a definite plus for me and my family! As with any other city, your safety is mostly dependent on you. We are the keeper of our own safety and being safety conscious can go a long way. For the most part, citizens of this city are quite friendly.The letter grading shown above is pretty much spot on for everything elseIn conclusion I would say that unless your expertise deals with military or the aerospace industry, you will find it difficult to find a good paying job within Lancaster without commuting further south. Housing is fairly good here and houses are still decently priced, but it is on the upward trend on the dollar scale.
      4 -1
      Wonderful Sense of Community!
      This is a wonderful smaller community in LA county. It is far away enough from LA to be distinct in many ways, yet close enough to easily access all that LA has to offer as well.

      It has the beauty of the Southwest, yet the convenience of Southern CA. From the snow-capped mountains to the poppy fields below, the natural beauty here is unbelievable. The pace of life is much slower up here than most of LA.

      It has grown much over the years from a small farming community, to now being home to some of the biggest aerospace companies in the world. It has a neat mix up people from lots of places. I grew up here, and am raising my kids here as well. I would recommend it to couples, families and retirees, but probably not singles because you really have to go to LA to experience the nightlife scene.

      Enjoy the fairs, festivals, farmers markets, and local museums, as well as the myriad of places to hike in the surrounding mountains. If you are an outdoor enthusiast like I am this is a great place to be!
      1 -1
      Lancaster, CA - Conveniently Located
      I grew up in the city of Lancaster and visit once or twice a year. It's amazing how much the community has grown over the years. There is definitely a lot of shopping venues between Lancaster and Palmdale, its next-door neighbor. Unfortunately, most of the shopping areas are strip malls, identical to every other strip mall in the country. Lancaster does have an outlet mall. To get away from the big-name stores and enjoy a day of boutique shopping you actually have to leave Lancaster and head down the 14 freeway into Valencia.

      One thing Lancaster has which is nice, is plenty of parks and inexpensive living, when compared to other suburbs of Los Angeles. Sure, it's an hour away but a majority of Lancaster residents commute to Los Angeles because that's where the jobs are. Some drive, others take the Metro Rail or carpool. Lancaster has festivals and events on the weekends, when everyone is home. In the summer, they offer concerts in the park, a county fair and a lot of children's activities. Overall, there are enough attractions and things to do, so I recommend this city for at least a visit.
      2 -1
      Source: The Lancaster, CA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).