Key findings

  • Alameda has a Livability Score of 74/100, which is considered excellent
  • Alameda crime rates are 33% higher than the California average
  • Cost of living in Alameda is 28% higher than the California average
  • Alameda real estate prices are 65% higher than the California average
  • Rental prices in Alameda are 14% higher than the California average

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      Very Very Expensive
      Alameda is nestled between Coast Guard Island, and the city of Oakland and the bay water. We have 3 bridges and 2 tunnels that link to the city of Oakland, and 1 bridge that links to Bay Farm/Harbor Bay island, a parcel addition of Alameda that houses a community of HOA homes and hi-tech/pharmaceutical companies to name a few...

      It is safe to walk in Alameda day or night, except for the low income voucher residents at the former Naval Air Station, now renamed Alameda Point. There has been an increase in drug related incidents, and other crimes.

      Alameda is going through radical changes as of 2019-20. The city council's liberal democrats want to change the small town community into something that resembles Berkeley. As of next year, we will provide a medical facility and beds for the rehabilitation of senior and low income people for the entire Alameda County. Homelessness, tents, sleeping bags, people sleeping in cars is prevalent throughout the bay area, and now within our city limits. The razing of homes to make room for apartments are the new norm. Historical Society - Where Are You???

      The cost of living in Alameda, as well as the rest of the bay area has grown excessively due to the impact of a massive migration
      of people, whether it be from out-of-state, work visa's, or immigration. If you are curious about moving to the bay area, or Alameda, you need to be aware that working at a restaurant, retail or a warehouse job will be arduous, noting that you will be living pay check to pay check without any extra income for personal commodities .
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      Families and Retirees First
      From a beautiful golf course to a indoor mini golf course miniature of the Bay Area, to bowling alley, and two antique arcades. The best little shopping area in SF Bay. Great restaurants and street fairs, mom and pop stores. Target, I hate to admit, I hate it, but I go. The only beach from San Jose to San Francisco on the East Bay to Silicon Valley. More parks than any town in the SF Bay.
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      VIP red carpet speed for Alameda carpetbaggers!
      When I first visited Alameda with my future husband, a native, I thought it so charming I could not understand his reticence. We later bought a historic home and the hell began with the City. The politics are so tight...there is essentially a closed circle of names that revolves through the council and mayor's seat. Their agenda is generating more tax revenues, period, at any cost, no matter how it impacts you and especially your property if you are an owner. They have a "punisher" approach that will position you in the wrong no matter what, and they are skilled at it. When they want to ram a new piece of commerciality into town, they will employ scheduled dirty tricks. For example, if a matter is going to City Council, you may be referred to an individual at Public Works as a step in process, only to find the person is on vacation past the City Council meeting...which they obviously knew. At the City Council meeting, their shill will declare that property values may not be invoked as a basis of protest. You may even find, as I did in ultimately successfully protesting an invasive measure, that remarks at the meeting are not entered into public record. I am a note-taker and the official record was full of omissions. PLEASE NOTE: Carpetbaggers have a red carpet into Alameda. Make that a high speed red carpet.If you are considering establishing a business here, you should seek out and talk to other local businesses about their experiences. Many have experienced treachery and vengeance that has engendered deep ill-will comparable to what I experienced as a home-owner, only more costly to them as to their business profits. Again, dirty tricks abound in this burgh.But remember, they are small time. You know who I am talking about.
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      Alameda, CA - A Treasure Of A Vacation Spot
      Several months ago, we visited Alameda for a weekend getaway. Anyone who seeks an ocean theme for a vacation would surely enjoy this delightful city. There are plenty of oceanfront or riverfront views since the city of Alameda is located on an island-like stretch of land.

      During our stay in Alameda stayed at the Coral Reef Inn & Suites, located on the west side facing the ocean. The views were spectacular; we were first put in a room facing opposite the ocean, but the friendly hotel staff moved us upon request to an ocean-view room. The USS Hornet is an interesting sight to see; located at the Naval Complex, it is accompanied with a historic military museum.

      During our stay, we enjoyed eating at East Ocean Seafood Restaurant so much the first night, we returned to eat there the second night also. Featuring Chinese food made fresh and seasoned to perfection, this is one of the few places to find true fresh Dim Sum. For dessert we visited Tucker's Super Creamed Ice-Cream. To this day I still have not tasted better ice-cream. Overall the city of Alameda was an excellent place to visit and enjoy the relaxing warm sun and cool ocean breeze.
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      Source: The Alameda, CA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).