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Best Places To Live In America 2022

Nearby Areas With A High Livability Score

Finding the Best Places to Live

AreaVibes reveals the best places to live across the United States of America for 2019. By assigning a Livability Score out of 100 for each city, AreaVibes ranks more than 35,000 cities and neighborhoods across the United States. The Livability Score is created from a unique algorithm that analyzes dozens of characteristics in various different categories, including: amenities, cost of living, crime rates, education, employment, housing and weather. The higher the score, the better the city (in our opinion).

With so many great cities and neighborhoods to choose from, finding the best places to live in America can be a daunting task. With the customized search filters, let AreaVibes help you find your perfect match. After you enter a state, city, neighborhood, zip or address into the search box, your list of best places to live will be returned in the search results. You can then fully customize your list of best places by selecting search radius, population size, home/rent price as well as what metrics (amenities, crime, cost of living, eduction, employment, housing, weather) are most important to you. Your list of best places to live in America will then be re-organized into a list that match your search preferences.