Key findings

  • Beaumont has a Livability Score of 71/100, which is considered excellent
  • Beaumont crime rates are 27% lower than the California average
  • Cost of living in Beaumont is 16% lower than the California average
  • Beaumont real estate prices are 39% lower than the California average
  • Rental prices in Beaumont are 7% lower than the California average

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      Top Rated Schools in Beaumont

      Name Grades Students Proficiency
      Glen View High9 - 1285n/a
      Beaumont Senior High9 - 122,827n/a
      Highland AcademyKG - 8337n/a
      Beaumont Usd PreschoolM - Mn/an/a
      Childhelp School1 - 1289n/a
      Brookside Elementary SchoolKG - 5724n/a
      Palm Elementary SchoolKG - 5715n/a
      Three Rings Ranch Elementary SchoolKG - 5697n/a
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      Do NOT move to the 55+ Communities in Beaumont

      There are several 55+ communities in the Beaumont (& Banning) area. They are NO better than a typical family neighborhood except that they charge over $200 per month in HOA fees!!!! These so-called senior communities are loaded with rude older folks who do NOT follow the rules set by the HOA. They have loud barking dogs who run amuck or stay in their back yard barking at all hours of the day and night. These rude seniors should be ashamed as they constantly allow their screaming bratty grandchildren to pee in the pool and terrorize the neighborhood. So there are no real benefits to living in any of these 55+ communities as they are just as noisy & non-peaceful as the non-55+ neighborhoods!!!! It's NOT worth paying all the extra HOA fees and not be able to enjoy some peace and quiet. The HOAs are all a joke as they do NOT enforce the rules and allow everyone to "do their own noisy thing"!!! If you wish to move to a nice quiet 55+ community...find one elsewhere in a completely different area with an HOA who's not money grubbing and too lazy to enforce the rules. The Four Seasons Beaumont is the worst of all because they don't enforce their rules at all and will not investigate any complaint whatsoever (they only do a minimal enforcement only if a plaintiff has formed a group of several other neighbors to jump in on the complaint) Sadly, their HOA knows damn well how difficult that may be and currently there's an obnoxious senior who allows their parrot to squawk at all hours and another who allows their dog to bark at all hours. Both of these saps have intimidated several seniors and have made threats that they better shut up and not file a complaint on their animal.
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      Medical Care is

      If you plan to move to Beaumont, know this: You better have some high quality health insurance or forget expecting to find a doctor that actually cares if you live or die! If you are on Molina, IEHP or MediCal you will NOT have a good experience in Beaumont. All of the doctors out here are bottom of the barrel and do not give a %#@$&** about their patients! It's sad especially if you depend on medical care and have ongoing health problems. Most low income insurance such as Molina, IEHP or MediCal will miss manage your so called "health care" because you don't make their doctors rich like the high quality insurance companies do! Worse yet, the local pharmacies, laboratories, urgent cares and even the local chiropractors are awful and do not worthy of a decent review! Unless you have a high quality health insurance plan, you will be referred to specialists far out of the area at least a half an hour's drive or more from Beaumont. The local hospital is a joke! It's a real pit and I wouldn't take my dog to their ER!! They treat everyone like &#@%$%# and act like you are just another junkie looking for a fix at their ER.The ignorance & lack of professionalism regarding health care in Beaumont is uncanny! Why does an entire town seem to fail at health care unless of course you have high quality health insurance. The rest of us middle or lower income folks are at risk of getting very seriously ill or worse as the doctors, labs, urgent cares, etc. (that do accept the County health plans) are just gambling with our health!!
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      Immature, Liars Who Attack Online

      Far too many nasty, immature folks in Beaumont are constantly giving extremely negative, fake reviews when they don't get their way. They love to challenge an established policy or they deliberately cheat a hard working merchant or they try to con them in some way or they don't want to pay what they owe or they want to be given special treatment. These sassy, immature folks often have huge temper tantrums & scream at hard working people who are just trying to do their job. They are ridiculous, don't show any respect as they run to YELP to retaliate instead of talking things out with the business in a mature, calm manner. They can't be reasoned with and they can't be pleased no matter how hard a person tries! They love to lie, con, argue and bully hard working people. They enjoy hurting businesses with their slander, gossip & defamation in online reviews and on their community Facebook. These horrible people literally destroy businesses with their vicious lies or exaggerations in online reviews when a particular business isn't "perfect" in their immature opinion. They always expect complete perfection from a business yet they are far from perfection themselves! They love doing multiple fake reviews by getting their friends & family members to add even more damaging, fake reviews which are their way of retaliating and making things look like there is a whole lot of unhappy folks when there really isn't. A lot of these Beaumont toxic people have already ruined about 27 local businesses with their petty deception, lies & attacks. Sadly, a majority of these rude, immature folks have been women who are most likely bored & unhappily married. If you plan to open a business in Beaumont, CA you might think twice as there are just far too many immature, liars in Beaumont who enjoy destroying businesses with their toxic behavior. If you do open a business in Beaumont, I recommend that you pay YELP their $400+ fee each month (AKA protection money) as YELP will then post lots of good reviews for your business & hide all your negative reviews that you will definitely get from these immature, unreasonable people no matter how your business tries to please them!!
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      Beaumont Makes Life Easy

      I am a single mom who's been living in Beaumont, California since my divorce 19 months ago. Being alone now, in terms of a partner, I was looking for a place that would make things easier for me and more convenient. That's why I chose to move here.

      I'm right in the heart of town, just off of Beaumont Ave and 1st street. I really think this is one of the best areas in Beaumont for the kids and I. We are only a few minutes from the Wal-Mart Super Center, which is great when I need to grocery shop, get things for the house, or when one of the little ones is sick and I need a prescription filled. We're also right by Subway, Jack-In-The Box, Denny's, and Del Taco for those nights when I'm too tired to cook.

      Probably our favorite part about living in Beaumont is the parks. The closest one is DeForge Community Park just a few blocks away. It's beautiful and fun, just like the rest of the city.
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      Source: The Beaumont, CA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).