Cities in Washington

Population: 7,614,893

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Washington Overview

Statistic Value
Population 7,614,893
Population Density 117 ppl. / sq. mi.
Median Age 38
Male To Female Ratio 1.00 : 0
Married (15yrs & older) 56.08%
Families w/ Kids under 18 43.71%
Speak English 80.99%
Speak Spanish 8%

Washington Demographics

Statistic Value
White 77%
Black 4%
American Indian 1%
Asian 8%
Hawaiian 1%
Other Race Alone 4%
Multi Racial 5%
Hispanic Or Latino 12%

Washington Education

Statistic Value
Completed eighth Grade 87%
Completed High School 86.63%
Bachelors Degree 43%
Masters Degree 1%
Avg. School Score 54%

Washington Employment

Statistic Value
Median Household Income $62,848
Income Per Capita $32,999
Median Earnings Male $41,953
Median Earnings Female $27,576
Unemployment Rate 4%

Washington State Facts

What is the largest city in Washington?

In terms of population, Seattle is the largest city in Washington, boasting a population size of 668,849 residents. Following behind, Spokane is second on the list with 212,078 people, and Tacoma claims the thrid-largest city title with 205,602 people.

What are the best cities to live in Washington?

Monroe North ranks as the top-rated city and has an impressive Livability Score of 91 and is considered the best place to live in Washington. Following closely behind is Millwood, which has a Livability Score of 91 and is considered the 2nd best place to live in Washington. Bothell East, with a Livability Score of 90, is the 3rd best city on the list.

What is the most affordable city in Washington?

Nespelem Community, WA has a cost of living that is 50% less than the Washington average and 28.21% lower than the National average, making it an economically attractive choice for residents.

What are the safest cities in Washington (over 10,000 population)?

Oak Harbor takes the top spot and is the safest place to live in Washington with a crime rate that is 211.82% safer than the National average. Lake Stevens and Sammamish are also very safe cities in Washington, offering residents secure and low crime living environments

What are the states that border Washington on the map?

Idaho, and Oregon are bordering states to Washington.

What is the capital city of Washington?

The capital city of Washington is Olympia. It has a population of 49,608 people.

What is the size of Washington?

Washington has a land area size of 71,298 square miles and is 6.79% water.

What is the state nickname of Washington?

The state nickname of Washington is "The Evergreen State".

What is the population of Washington?

The population of Washington is 7,614,893.

What are the demographics in Washington?

The median age in Washington is 37.6, 56.08% of people are married, 43.71% of people have kids under the age of 18, 80.99% of people speak English and 8.39% of people speak Spanish

Washington: Cascade Peaks to Coastal Retreats"

Washington State is a captivating blend of natural beauty, vibrant urban life and a deep-rooted spirit of innovation. Known for its breathtaking landscapes, including the towering Cascade Range, lush forests and rugged coastline, Washington's geography is as diverse as its offerings. Its largest city, Seattle, stands as a beacon of technological advancement, with a rich cultural scene and a reputation for fostering innovation. The state's history is deeply intertwined with Native American heritage, European exploration and the quest for gold that fueled its growth. Washington's natural wonders, from the iconic Mount Rainier to the serene Puget Sound, draw outdoor enthusiasts, while its world-class museums, theaters and culinary scene attract those seeking cultural enrichment. The state's commitment to sustainability, seen in its renewable energy initiatives and environmental awareness, underscores its dedication to preserving the planet.

Washington Quick Facts

Washington became the 42nd state of the United States on November 11, 1889. There are 281 cities and towns in Washington. The capital city of Washington is Olympia and the largest city is Seattle with 741,251 people. Washington is the 18th largest state in the U.S and the 13th largest state with almost 8 million residents. The state nickname is "The Evergreen State." This nickname was given to Washington by C.T. Conover, due to its many evergreen forests. Mount Rainer is 14,411 feet tall and is the 17th tallest mountain in the U.S. Washington is the 2nd largest wine producing state, with about 5% of the total wine produced in the country. Washington produces more apples than any other state, growing more than 65% of the country's apples. Washington is home to 3 national parks - North Cascades, Mount Rainier and Olympic Park. Mount St. Helens is another notable volcanic peak in Washington, known for its 1980 eruption that dramatically changed the landscape. The Boeing Company, headquartered in Washington, has been a major contributor to space exploration, including building spacecraft components. It is illegal to kill Sasquatch in Washington - assuming they do actually exist! Microsoft founder Bill Gates didn't actually found the company in Washington, it was originally created in New Mexico. He and Paul Allen then relocated the company to Bellevue, Washington in 1979. Famous people born in Washington include Bing Crosby, Jimi Hendrix, Macklemore, Kenny Loggins, Bill Gates, Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Anna Farris, Craig T. Nelson and Dave Chappelle.

The History of Washington

Washington's history began with Native American tribes who lived in the region for thousands of years before European contact. Tribes like the Coast Salish, Haida and Nez Perce inhabited the diverse landscapes of the area. The first European explorers to reach the region were Spanish and British navigators in the late 18th century. The early 19th century saw fur traders and missionaries arrive in the region. The Hudson's Bay Company established a trading post at Fort Vancouver, while missionaries like Marcus and Narcissa Whitman sought to convert Native Americans. The Oregon Trail brought pioneers to the region in the mid-19th century. 1853, Washington became a separate territory from Oregon, and Olympia was chosen as its capital. The population grew with the arrival of prospectors during the Gold Rush of the 1850s. The 1850s and 1860s were marked by conflicts between settlers and Native American tribes, including the Yakama War and Puget Sound War. The arrival of the Northern Pacific Railway in the late 19th century contributed to the growth of cities like Spokane, Tacoma, and Seattle. One of the most significant events in Washington's recent history was the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980. The eruption caused extensive devastation and loss of life and reshaped the landscape. In the 20th century, Washington's economy shifted towards technology and aerospace. Boeing's presence became significant, and companies like Microsoft and Amazon established headquarters in the state. The state has been a hub for artistic and cultural movements, including the grunge music scene in the 1990s. Additionally, Washington played a role in the civil rights movement and LGBTQ+ activism. Today, Washington stands as a technological and cultural leader, home to thriving cities, stunning natural landscapes, and a diverse population.

The Geography of Washington

Washington is bordered by only two states - Idaho and Oregon. Running north to south, the Cascade Range divides Washington into distinct eastern and western regions. This volcanic mountain range is home to iconic peaks like Mount Rainier, the highest mountain in the state, and Mount St. Helens, famous for its 1980 eruption. West of the Cascades lies the Puget Sound Lowlands, where major cities like Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia are located. To the west, across the Puget Sound, lies the Olympic Peninsula. This region features temperate rainforests, including those in Olympic National Park, and stunning coastal landscapes along the Pacific Ocean. East of the Cascades, the Columbia Plateau is a vast area of basaltic lava flows and fertile farmland. Beyond the plateau lies the semiarid landscape of eastern Washington. The Palouse Hills, characterized by rolling wheat fields, and the Walla Walla Valley's vineyards contribute to the region's agricultural productivity. Washington boasts a rugged coastline along the Pacific Ocean, dotted with sea stacks, cliffs, and sandy beaches. Washington is home to several major rivers, including the Columbia and the Snake, which define its borders. The San Juan Islands, located in the Puget Sound, are a scenic archipelago known for their natural beauty, whale watching, and water-based activities.

Washington Relocation Guide

Washington State, positioned in the upper left corner of the map, offers an abundance of recreational, educational, cultural and career opportunities. The state's largest city, Seattle, is a harbor town situated on Puget Sound, and is a popular choice for relocation. Its many historic housing districts offer a variety of upscale, executive, and family apartment living in addition to updated single family dwellings, all within walking distance of city parks or beaches. Cities in Washington offer various attractions, ranging from tours of the fine wineries ranged throughout the state, outdoor activities in the Cascade mountains, beach combing along the dramatic Pacific coast shoreline and any number of cultural events taking place in the major cities, including Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and Everett.

The weather in Washington cities varies between the western and eastern half of the state, with the dividing line being the Cascade mountain range. Western Washington enjoys the mild weather of its marine climate, while the eastern portion has a semi-arid climate with hot summer temperatures and winter snow. Many popular ski areas, including Snoqualmie Pass and Crystal Mountain, draw skiers and snowboarders from throughout the region. Washington's economy is powered chiefly by tourism and industry, dominated by such business giants as Microsoft and Boeing. Lumber is a traditional and still thriving concern. The University of Washington, Washington State University and such private schools as Gonzaga University draw scholars from around the world.

Crime in Washington cities comes in above average when compared to the national numbers. This is mainly due to the larger cities like Seattle and Spokane, which increase the state averages. Bellevue is a good option if you are looking for a safe, but large city. The cost of living in cities in Washington do come in above average, mainly due to expensive housing in most of the large cities.

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