Key findings

  • Everett has a Livability Score of 69/100, which is considered average
  • Everett crime rates are 19% higher than the Washington average
  • Cost of living in Everett is 9% higher than the Washington average
  • Everett real estate prices are 10% lower than the Washington average
  • Rental prices in Everett are 4% lower than the Washington average

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      Everett, WA

      Everett is one of the most beautiful of Seattle's suburbs and is the seventh largest city in Washington. It is known for its Pacific Northwest scenery and relatively blue-collar job industry (compared to Seattle). Everett has over 100,000 people and the population is rapidly growing along with the rest of the region. The economy is growing right along with it and that is a good sign for anyone thinking of moving to the area.

      Everett is a wonderful place to raise a family or live on your own. The public schools are an excellent choice for educating children and nearby universities such as Everett Community College and Washington State University Everett are great options for higher education. Aside from education, Everett has plenty of other attractions, including over 40 parks and other outdoor recreation areas. Shoppers can find all they need at Cascade Plaza or Everett Mall.

      Public transportation is available in Everett through the Everett Transit System, and it is highly efficient. For those who do feel the need to have a car, there are plenty of typical streets and highways, although traffic does pick up at certain times of the day. Bikers also have some options in the city, with miles of biking trails available. Odds are you will have no trouble getting around Everett, regardless of which method you choose.

      The cost of living in Everett is around $1,500 a month for rent, although other expenses are about the same as anywhere else. This cost is at least somewhat offset by the minimum wage of Everett, which is $13.50, and that number will continue to increase using a formula tied to inflation in the state. The city has recently been found to be in the top 20 percent of US cities for reported crimes, though the numbers have been dropping significantly since 2010. Despite this, the city has a growing job market, with the largest employers being Boeing, Providence Regional Medical Center Everett and the government. Most people will find no trouble living comfortably in this city and it is clear that Everett is only improving with time.

      Everett has continued to grow in terms of popularity, economy and beauty throughout the years, along with the rest of the Pacific Northwest, and there is no sign that that growth will slow. Anyone interested in moving here will find a community of friendly people and a beautiful scenery that will rival almost any city in the United States. Whether you are an avid outdoors-person, a family looking for a fresh start or a young person looking for a quality education, there is a little something for everyone to find in this developing suburb of Seattle.

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      Everett Reviews

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      Rude, classless people love this city.
      Lived in Everett for 15 years. Seems like all the houses are turning into multi-room rentals filled with drunks and tweakers who are rude and messy. I grew up learning to be tolerant and slow to anger and I can't take living here any longer. SO MANY PEOPLE are instantly angry and have no filter. People are rude, pushy, and drive extremely aggressive. Do you want to live in a city where people drive 10 miles under in the fast lane and ride your tail in the slow lane? Do you want to hear loud mufflers and ambulances all day long? Do you want to see broken bottles and graffiti everywhere? Even graffiti on the trees in the park? I am tired of walking to my car and seeing people letting their dogs poop on sidewalks or private property and not cleaning it up. I am tired of ignorant people walking and talking all sure of themselves but not having a lick of sense to let someone else have a different opinion. I am tired of the racism where trashy people feel empowered to sit in Burger King and Wendy's and spew hate at whatever race they hate...and everyone just ignores them. Yup Ignores them. Because Everett is a city where being trashy and loud and ignorant means you get to do whatever you want to do.

      Everett is also a city with horrendous traffic which is made worse by INTENTIONALLY bad traffic light timing which makes you sit at LOOOOOOOONG red lights every single block. Yes, every single block you will be forced to stop. Everett is also a city where jaywalkers will wait until your light turns green to walk out in front of you, and will threaten you if you have a problem with that. Those same jaywalkers will be found at night trying your car doors to see if you locked them. And they are the same polluting the church meals and community dinners that have been set up to help those who really need and want assistance. How bad is Everett? The Salvation Army STOPPED serving meals because there was so much violence and assault happening. This meant that disabled and elderly people had no place to eat that night. Did the city fix the violence? Heck no, they only concerned with catering to Nimbys and trying to lure Amazon into having a HQ here, which would take the notorious bad bottleneck of traffic gridlock and make it many times worse.

      Providence hospital in Everett is a wreck. Good luck going there if you have an emergency. It is not uncommon to wait OVER five hours just to be seen in the emergency room. Why? Because Everett is a city that is soft on its drug problems which means that the ambulances are constantly arriving with people who O.D.'d and they are taking up most of the rooms a long with those who think that a hospital bed is a free night off the streets at the Holiday Inn.

      Everett is also a beautiful city. It has a stunning waterfront with picturesque homes. I suggest you go and see them before the Boeing traffic appears. From 2:30PM to 6:30PM every single day you are out of luck if you have to travel on I5. But it is a good way to see how long you can sit before your car overheats.

      The people are often rude and ignorant in Everett. The kind of place where people sit on the porch with a beer and hawk and spit and cuss and argue. And then say rude things to anyone passing by who noticed their classless act.

      It also has a very respectable arena with a very popular hockey team.

      I would stay away. Too many people seem to like to hurt people here. Wearing a smile around here is just asking for people to start hassling you because they get off on ruining your day here. Like I said, I spent 15 years here. I don't want you to make the same mistake.
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      Don't expect much...
      I moved here over a year a go. I was told there is less crime up north of Seattle than south. I bought a beautiful condo on West Casino Road just steps from the Boeing Plant. Bad move! This place is so 'ghetto'. People on drugs all over the place, drive by shooting and murders. There have been 2 fatal killings since I've been next door and one down the road. Most of it is drug-related. This is a very poor Hispanic community. I used to live in Kent, wa and found it so much better. I would stay away from the south Everett area.
      3 -5
      Good place to live.
      Good place to live. not much more to say. lots of good eats. lots of trees. plenty of shopping. traffic is rough depending on time of day. our neighbors are good folks and we dont have much complaints.
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      A convenient city
      Everett is conveniently located off of I-5, not too far north---about 30-35 minutes from Seattle without traffic. In terms of food, there are TONS of restaurants of different types. Shopping is super convenient too, and the downtown area has some cool pubs and eateries. There are also multiple microbreweries because that's how we roll here in the Pacific NW.Weather is... well... it's the Pacific NW. So generally beautiful summers (not too hot), mild (but very rainy/wet) winters, etc. Yes, we get lots of rain/drizzle here. The flipside is we have great food, great beer, and are surrounded by beautiful mountains. Cost of living in Everett is surely well over the national average but much MUCH more affordable than Seattle. It is still possible to buy a house here at a not-so-terrible price though prices are going up as we speak.
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      everett is not such a great place, been here 4 yrs now
      I don't really like it. Everett sucks to be quite frank. I have lived in many cities, from Florida, to NYC, to Denver,Colorado, and have never encountered as much rudeness and inconsiderate people. The people I have met that were born an raised here all seem to be mentally unstable, as if there is some weird force field over the city that makes people weird. Stay away from everett. There is no sense of community, or friendliness in everett. There is a great video of a fireman from everett that was on the tv show, the weakest link. Search YouTube for everett firefighter on weakest link. This guy will show you what the typical, arrogant, attitudes most people from everett have. Thank you.
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      My Experience in Everett, Washington
      I visit my mother in Everett Washington twice a year and it is a gorgeous place all year round. The trees are huge and the flowers bloom in all kinds of different colors. The city itself is a little sleepy compared to the big city of Seattle which is not too far away, only about 30 miles to be exact.

      In Everett, some of myy favorite things to do include going to the childrens' museum because it's such a big place and to check out the cinema under the stars which goes on at Silver Lake (on Silver Rd.) every Friday in July and August. With the marina and the laid back lifestyle, nobody ever seems in a hurry in Everett and you will find plenty of fisherman and park goers about, anytime of day, even when you would expect everyone to be at work! It can get rainy during some parts of the year in Everett but I suppose that is what keeps the trees green and the flowers blooming. Overall it's a great place to visit and there is never a time when there's nothing to do, what with all the parks and recreation.
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      Source: The Everett, WA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).