Port Angeles, WA

Population: 19,420

Key findings

  • Port Angeles has a Livability Score of 62/100, which is considered below average
  • Port Angeles crime rates are 39% higher than the Washington average
  • Cost of living in Port Angeles is 8% lower than the Washington average
  • Port Angeles real estate prices are 30% lower than the Washington average
  • Rental prices in Port Angeles are 24% lower than the Washington average

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      Top Rated Schools in Port Angeles

      Name Grades Students Proficiency
      Stevens Middle School6 - 857066%
      Hamilton ElementaryPK - 634265%
      Franklin ElementaryKG - 639356%
      Dry Creek ElementaryKG - 636552%
      Lincoln High School9 - 129150%
      Port Angeles High School9 - 121,15050%
      Jefferson ElementaryPK - 632950%
      North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center9 - 120n/a
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      This is my opinion and in some cases my experience with Port Angeles Washington.

      Be warned, Port Angeles, Washington is not a place to visit or live!

      The beauty of the Olympic mountains and Puget Sound have been tarnished by the homeless and addicts who have taken over. With the limited number of law enforcement officers, your car is not safe, your home is not safe and your kids are not safe. The parks, rest stops and wooded areas are littered with syringes. The streams that flow through the area are contaminated with human waste. Tent cities cover many wooded areas. Additionally, in some neighborhoods, tent and car camping is allowed around the homeless centers. This causes a myriad of petty and violent crime in those neighborhoods. The continued busing of the homeless and addicted populations from other cities in Washington has caused an explosion of meth and heroine addicted people walking the streets. The streets are used as open sewers and I have encountered feces and urine. The addicts are allowed to go free if they claim an addiction. They have their own proceedings called “drug court” and sentences are rarely handed down. If they do make it to jail they are set free rapidly due to the overcrowding. You will find beggars all over the the streets, retail store parking lots and off ramps asking for a handout and many get aggressive if you don't give.

      You can plan on your property taxes going up every year to provide food and housing for the homeless addicted population. The streets are in need of repair. The schools are in need of repair and upgrades but all the money is going to the population who refuse to work for a living. Think of Portland Oregon and the activities there as of late and you will know what life in Port Angeles is like.

      I became disgusted with the conditions and the administration who is allowing it to happen. I moved back to America. Life in Port Angeles became like living in a third world country. The administration and the voters that put them there should be ashamed. God will be your judge!
      • 0 -5
      It's really complicated.

      Port Angeles is fantastic and disheartening all at the same time.It's true - we have a large and very visible transient population and a drug problem, as well. I'm not sure how it is that Port Angeles has managed to attract such a troubled group of people, but it has and it's absolutely part of the reason it is a difficult place to live, especially with children. For example, we have a big, beautiful park near the city center with the most fantastic playground and skatepark. Unfortunately, local drug users (transient and not) have also adopted this park as a place to use and unfortunately that means there has been at least one case of a child receiving an "accidental poke" by a needle discarded near the playground. This is not the first place this has happened in town and our ER is equipped to deal with this since it isn't entirely uncommon. On the other hand you have a gorgeous location with a cool mix of architectural styles and businesses, as well as access to the Olympic National Forest. You can go hiking in the ONP, kayaking in the sound, fishing in the rivers, and even go check out some local farmland not too far away. It's hard to beat that combo. We have fantastic restaurants that really explore local and regionally-sourced produce and meats. We have a very tight-knit community that comes together to help each other, too.That being said, this town has a lot of gun and drug problems which attracts more bad than good - or so it feels. There aren't a ton of jobs in town that pay above the minimum wage and there's a lot of competition for them. Are there entry-level jobs for people who put in the work to get them? Absolutely! but that doesn't mean there are a lot of them. I think between that, the drugs, and the still somewhat rural aspect to the area in general can breed a lot of the property crime issues we're seeing and some of the violent crimes, too.
      • 4 -3
      Not a good place

      You'll be followed or stared at if you're just walking to a store. If you're walking along the trail that hugs the coast homeless people will accost you for money. It's a hick town, people drive by and holler something at you, or throw a drink on you. There's lot's of homeless. People here have a hard time in minding their own business. They only want to take advantage of you somehow, but they're amateurs at it compared to other places I've lived. It's not recommended if you want to start a new life. A lot of the store associates are rude. I give this place 1/64th of a one star, nah..not even that.
      • 5 -4
      I wish there could be a 0 rating!

      This is the worst place I have ever lived in my life! It is very "click-ish" and if you are an outsider......forget it. You will taken advantage of in every possible way. You will have NO recourse because the locals (including courts) will ALWAYS be on the side of the locals. This place is expensive to live in and housing is horrible. You will pay a lot of money for "vintage" housing - aka everything is old and broken. The homeowner will not be required to put any money into the property and you will be billed for all the improvements they want to make after you move out. BEWARE of Port Angeles!
      • 6 -2
      Reason for reporting
      Source: The Port Angeles, WA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).