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Arizona: The Copper State

Arizona is a land of opportunity, so to speak, with many people relocating there for lots of different reasons. With that in mind, it might be fair to refer to Arizona as relocation central, though it is much more than just a retirement community. The major cities of Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson, and Flagstaff are growing more so than most cities around the country. There are major hotels and lots of excellent restaurants in these major cities, with Phoenix quite obviously offering the best of these, since it is one of America's largest cities now. Phoenix also has four major sports teams for entertainment, while it also features a host of different apartment and home options.

One thing that you will constantly hear about Arizona is that it has great weather. Though many are concerned about the heat during the year, they must recognize that it is a desert heat or more aptly, a "dry" heat. It's not the type of heat that comes with unbearable humidity, so it is something that most people should be equipped to handle. The job markets out west have not struggled quite as much as the ones on the east coast, and the school systems are typically considered quite strong in the big cities. As far as public transportation is concerned in Arizona, Phoenix has initiated a light rail to service its residents.

People who are planning vacations to Arizona or are looking for information on moving there should take the time to look at our city and neighborhood reviews. We have photos available, as well as a question and answer section.

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