Bisbee, AZ

Population: 5,330 livability score shield

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      Top Rated Schools in Bisbee

      Name Grades Students Proficiency
      Lowell School5 - 8190n/a
      Greenway Primary SchoolPK - 4214n/a
      Bisbee High School9 - 12281n/a
      Ctd - Bisbee High School10 - 12n/an/a
      Bisbee Middle SchoolM - Mn/an/a
      Ppep Tec - Manuel Borjorquez Learning Center-ClosedM - Mn/an/a
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      Bisbee The Worst Little Town in the Southwest
      If you can go somewhere else, anywhere, go there, but don't go to Bisbee. You see good reviews about the town, they are lies. People here are so sadistic that they actually encourage people to come and live here. The review about the weather is right, it is hot, humid and miserable during the summer with monsoons and lots and lots of bugs--cockroaches, or water bugs as they like to call them so it doesn't sound so bad, but it is. There are roaches crawling everywhere. Then there's the biting midges. I still have scars on my arms from last summer and its almost bug season again! You just can't wear shorts, or short sleeves, which makes it miserable because its hot. Then it is really cold in the winter with snow and ice--microbursts which are mini tornadoes that only hit one person's property at a time. I've been through 3 and they will destroy your house, break all your windows and rip apart your trees and everything in your backyard.

      But the weather and the bugs aren't the worst things believe it or not, its the people. If you want a mean, narrow minded, unfriendly small town, this is the place for you! There are people in town (well most people) that are just blood thirsty. Neighbors use the police to get back at each other, causing horrendous, expensive legal problems and can make your life miserable.

      Unless you were born here, you will never ever feel like you fit in. Old hippies? Forget about that, there are old people yes, but they have been here for so long that they've forgotten what its like to be kind, and mentally healthy. They call the place an open air insane asylum and that's right. Most people have dirty secrets that most everyone knows about because they are well so dirty.
      For entertainment, a group of middle aged women have decided to put on burlesque shows, shaking their sagging, droopy appendages around in outfits better suited for their teenage daughters. That's entertainment? It literally makes me cringe. People get really drunk and go to these shows downtown and pretend that they're being entertained. Its sad, really sad. There's nothing to do but drink, and talk to people that you'd rather not see. You can hike when the weather behaves, but that's about it. Everywhere its the same, desert environment. You can't get away from it.

      Take a tip, go somewhere that has some sophistication and real people.
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      Weather: blazing hot summers, no damn shade, freezing cold wintersCost of utilities high. Cost of decent housing high. State tax high. Poverty highOne grocery store, some cute specialty shops. Next towns are 30 mi away, 1.5 hours to Tucson (very nice)Job market hahahaRocky, hilly, difficult access, broken or no sidewalksPeople consider themselves quirky and special b/c they live in Bisbee. Relatively unfriendlyPositives: Clean air. That's it.I have nightmares that I have to go back. Lived here 3 years in absolute hell. Great if you want wrinkled, dry skin and cracked feet.Lots of distemper here. Get your pets vaccinated!!!!
      8 -11
      Source: The Bisbee, AZ data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).