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Loved Living in Scottsdale! 5 rating By Anonymous ( Nov 02, 2020) My ex and I lived in Scottsdale for 14 years raising our 2 children from babies to teenagers. Our first home was a condo in the central Scottsdale area which was convenient for runs along the canal and lots of great options at local restaurants! After our second child, we moved ...Read More to McCormick Ranch which gave us a neighborhood with more families with younger kids and a backyard so the kids had a place to play. We loved weekend strolls along the lakes, feeding the ducks and visiting local bakeries afterward. The kids had plenty of parks and open space to play. And the schools are fantastic! Our kids both took a heavy academic load and several AP courses. They've had tutors along the way to help with difficult subjects. We love our Spanish tutor who provided guidance on homework assignments, coaching with difficult concepts and extra practice in speaking Spanish. We thought the Scottsdale School District provided a high-quality education and highly experienced faculty who truly loved teaching. We miss our teachers and friends but work and our family situation required that we move out-of-state. Scottsdale is a great place and hope you take a look if you're thinking about moving there! Read Less
Pinkberry Scottsdale - Darren Chaker 4.5 rating By darrenchaker ( Oct 09, 2018) Bt Darren Chaker - I posted Pinkberry located in Scottsdale on my Twitter feed last week. I cannot say enough good things about the fresh fruit and health conscious type of yogurt Pinkberry has. The company stays on top of quality assurance where you will always get freshly cut f ...Read More ruits and toppings on any yogurt you get. No matter where you are, if you have the opportunity to go to Pinkberry - do it! For those of you who do not frequent Scottsdale, it is a great place, very LA'ish type attitudes roam about, but I must say it is far cleaner than LA! Read Less
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Wait - was I supposed to be impressed? 0.5 rating By Anonymous ( Jul 31, 2018) I moved to Scottsdale from L.A - and then moved right back out. It wasn't just the sweltering heat that made me feel like I had entered the tenth circle of hell, but also people's ghastly personalities. Once, I dared to say "hi" to a neighbor, and she scooped up her gnarly Schnau ...Read More zer and scurried away on the spot. I consider myself a normal looking person, but from her reaction, you would have thought I had some fierce, contagious disease. Another neighbor once "welcomed" me by banging on my door at 7:30 a.m. to warn me that I'd better tell the landscapers to trim the tree (I had one?) that was growing over the wall into his backyard, or he would take matters into his own hands. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the nightlife was abysmal too. The sad little block of clubs in Old Town made me (repeatedly) ask whether that was really it. Certainly there had to be other places? There weren't. Most places were brimming with douchebags. People liked to brag about money (that they didn't actually have) and name-drop about the D-list celebrities whom they supposedly met once at a party. Many businesses there also go full-on cheeseball and advertise themselves as "celebrity choice" establishments. Please, DO tell: what celebrities (real ones, not D-listers or children of actors from the 1980s) actually live there? In L.A., when I told friends I was moving to Scottsdale for work, most of them didn't even know where that was. They just assumed it was near the Bay Area or somewhere else - you know - near a city that mattered. To the pitifully desperate people in Scottsdale who, for some reason, believe you are relevant: You aren't. Stop embarrassing yourselves by trying so hard. The reality is this: People who really have money don’t talk about it. Their class speaks for itself. People who really are exceptional don’t have to say it. You know it when they enter any room. So please, knock it off pretending already. Like the saying goes, “If you have to tell people you are something, then you aren’t.” One thing I do know is this: Scottsdale matters to no one but the silly wannabes who live there. As for me, I moved out. Good riddance. Read Less
AKA Snobsdale; pompous and pretentious 1.5 rating By KevinG ( Apr 08, 2018) I've lived in Scottsdale for over a year and my girlfriend grew up here. It's catered very much to the rich and we are planning to move to a different part of Phoenix. We are down to earth middle class people who don't enjoy the abundance of pompous and pretentious people here ...Read More in Scottsdale. Read Less
Scottsdale is HOTTer than listed 3 rating By Shana ( Mar 12, 2016) I lived in Scottsdale for 5 years and moved due to the heat. I love Area Vibes but it seems the weather is incorrect sometimes, as it's not 93 on average in the Summer but more like 4 months of over 100 degrees. I also think the cost of living is more of a C than a D due to affor ...Read More dable newer housing and lower rentals. The mountains, architecture, landscape and amenities I really enjoyed but the heat can make outdoor activities unbearable. Luckily one can drive to California, Sedona or the Grand Canyon to cool down. The dust can be something that many don't realize before moving and valley fever is a serious lung infection that some people get. Many plants are not longer indigenous so allergies may be a problem as well. Another negative for me was the fake wannabe "Orange County" mentality. Even though Scottsdale has a downtown and is close to Phoenix it doesn't not have an urban vibe or a sense of downtown community that other places have fostered. On a positive side when you do meet authentic people you may bound closely. Liberals or artists may find the art scene and nightlife to be bland. Read Less
I've never lived here but I sure love to visit! 4.5 rating By Jessii ( May 12, 2015) Scottsdale has wonderful shopping, restaurants, sporting events, spas, nail & hair salons and amenities galore! The weather is very nice and although it's really hot in the summer it really is set up to where you go from air conditioner, to mister, to pool and so on. The town is ...Read More beautifully kept up & landscaped! Even construction manages to look pulled together. The hotels & resorts I've stayed in are among the best anywhere. I'd love to try living here and see if I like it as much as I do visiting! I know living a place is a bit different! I wonder what the housing costs & schools are like? Any thoughts? Read Less
My Review of Scottsdale, AZ 4 rating By Anonymous ( Dec 21, 2011) I have been living in Scottsdale for several years now, after moving from the east coast, and I must say I absolutely love it. The move was one of the best things I have ever done. There is so much to see and do in the area, so you are never really left sitting around at home, un ...Read More less this is what you want to do.

The city is right next to Phoenix, so there are sporting events within driving distance, for the avid sports fan, and Arizona State University is right there. However, you don't need to leave the city to find excitement. There are some of the state's best shopping malls, so if you love checking out the latest fashions, this is perfect for you. And for those that are more of the nature buff, you can do anything imaginable within the area. The Grand Canyon is near by, and you can literally explore the area for the rest of your life and never become bored with it.

On top of this, there are great nightclubs with many different styles and feels, so you can always feel right at home, you just might need to hop around for a little bit, in order to find the best overall bar for yourself and your friends.

No matter what you are looking for or what you enjoy, Scottsdale has it all. From nearby sporting teams to some of the best shopping in the state, you are never going to be bored. With so much to offer, you'll never run out of items to explore or experience, so coming to Scottsdale is going to keep you on your toes, as you'll never grow old of the city. I know I sure haven't. Read Less
Scottsdale: Golf. Cacti. Leaky Roofs 4 rating By Anonymous ( May 05, 2010) Located east of Phoenix on the other side of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve and Papago Dunes, Scottsdale is America's best known desert oasis. The city of Scottsdale is home to more AAA five diamond properties than any city in the US, outside of New York, it is a great place to vi ...Read More sit and relax at a lavish resort. Scottsdale is deservedly known for its pools, resorts, spas and golf courses. In addition to this, Scottsdale also has a thriving local southwestern art scene and adequate nightlife.

The other reason to visit Scottsdale is for its architecture and attractions. The site of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West compound, it is a mecca for those interested in this enigmatic man's buildings.

Like Mr. Wright, though, Scottsdale is far from perfect. It has a bit of a fantasy veneer. Once one overcomes the beauty of its resorts, one realizes that it is simply a suburb to a larger city. Scottsdale also suffers from Phoenix's traffic problems. The heat, though, thanks to great infrastructure, is much less of a drawback than one might expect. Read Less

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Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale is a great place to live if you love to head out to the golf course or relax at a spa. With temperatures that average above sixty degrees year-round, it is easy to see why sun worshipers have been flocking to the city in recent years. The West's Most Western Town has seen their population increase steadily, and the city today is home to over 250,000 residents. This makes it one of the largest suburbs in the Phoenix Metro Area. Scottsdale is consistently rated as one of the best cities to live in for quality of life and economic opportunities.

Camelback Mountain is the area's most visible attraction as the towering peak of the mountain is visible from all points of the city. Mountain bikers, hikers, and campers head to the area to take advantage of the amazing outdoor recreation opportunities that it provides. Taliesin West is one of world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright's most epic designs. Today, the home is open to public tours for those who are hoping to catch a glimpse of this one-of-a-kind property. Papago Park is another outdoor attraction that is popular with those who call Scottsdale home. It is a good place to head for a weekend of camping or an afternoon of picnicking.

McCormick Ranch, Pinnacle Peak, Gainey Ranch, and DC Ranch are just a select few of the many wonderful neighborhoods in Scottsdale. In general, home prices in the area are lower than those found elsewhere in the Phoenix Area, although the recent influx of residents have tended to drive prices up for those looking to rent or buy. Still, families will be able to choose from a number of homes that are located in good school districts. The Scottsdale School, Anasazi Elementary School, and Cochise Elementary School are a few of the private, public, and charter schools that have a strong reputation for excellence in education.

HonorHealth is the city's largest employer, and they also do a good job keeping the city's 250,000 plus residents at peak health. Vanguard is a large financial firm and investment company that also employs over 3,000 residents. CVS rounds out the list of largest employers in the area since it takes a small army to operate the corporate offices of this large chain.

The City of Scottsdale offers public transit service that is affordable and easy to access. There are a large number of stops and routes in the city's system that make public transit a viable commuting alternative for city residents. Lyft and Uber are also options for those who are looking to cut down on the time they spend behind the wheel. Scottsdale offers an easy commute in Phoenix for downtown workers.


Paradise Park
Camelback Walk
Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt
McDowell Exhibit Plaza
Paiute Park


Desert Stages Theater
Comedy Spot Comedy Club
The Venue
Scottsdale Center for The Performing Arts
Bowlero Via Linda

Food & Drink

Olive & Ivy
Blue Moose
Peter Piper Pizza
Scottsdale BBQ Company
La Petite Maison
Drive to Work

3% higher than the US average

Take Public Transit

4% lower than the US average

Walk to Work

1% lower than the US average


Scottsdale Liberty Hospital
HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea Medical Center
HonorHealth Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center
HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea Medical Center
Greenbaum Surgical Specialty Hospital


CVS Pharmacy
Colette Brown, PharmD
CVS Pharmacy


Patti Flint MD PC
Arizona Allergy Associates
Pueblo Family Physicians

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