Key findings

  • Maricopa has a Livability Score of 82/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Maricopa crime rates are 53% lower than the Arizona average
  • Cost of living in Maricopa is 3% lower than the Arizona average
  • Maricopa real estate prices are 12% lower than the Arizona average
  • Rental prices in Maricopa are 37% higher than the Arizona average

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      Maricopa: Not in Maricopa County!
      Maricopa is a growing, vibrant community, trying to find it's way from tiny farming community to suburban village/town - much as the City of Chandler was doing just a few short year ago. This means addressing the sometimes awful smell, the lack of options for commuters to the urban Phoenix area, and the significant lack of healthcare facilities (ie: a hospital). However, one can be truly encouraged in these areas because the local government is both aware and engaged, and they seem to actively seek input from residents - which is unusual! Housing remains affordable and new homes are currently under construction. Oddly, there are no multi-unit structures here - no apartments or condominiums - which will need to be addressed in the near future if the town wants to attract young professionals who don't have the time/desire to deal with the issues/maintenance of owning a house. Many retirees are looking to move on from the chores of home ownership, too, and seek other options which are not available. While Maricopa actually covers a lot larger area than most people realize, most of the businesses - shopping, dining, banking, etc - are congregated along the 347 which makes it convenient to get all your errands done without having to move your car. New businesses are moving to the area all the time - recently Goodwill, Dollar Tree, Ross, and Burger King opened in the Fry's shopping plaza. There is plenty to do here - from top-name concerts at the Ak-Chin Pavilion and slots and bingo at Harrah's to activities targeted to teens at their multi-tainment venue - to classes and athletics and social/self-help groups which take place at Copper Sky and around the community - a wide array of worship choices - a locally produced magazine and newspaper which are distributed free to all residents keeping us up to date on all areas of life in our town and on up-coming events - the police force struggles to keep up with a growing population yet remain true to their calling but they do an outstanding job, I think. Nationally the role of police in our society has moved away from the traditional "Officer Friendly". There are lots of places where it would be unwise to just casually saunter up to an officer on duty but in Maricopa, the cops are still the good guys. I got pulled over the third day I moved here for speeding and the officer was nice enough to take the time to explain to me where and when the limit changed right there after the tracks and let me go with a warning. All in all, if you want to be a part of the evolution of a rural farming community into a modern suburban town and are willing to accept all which that entails, good and bad, and want to live outside the Phoenix metropolitan area so you don't have to "emissions-test" your vehicle, come take a look at Maricopa!
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      Good Cost of Living
      We lived in Maricopa 2012-2014. We bought a huge, nice, house with 4 car garage for only $155K. We lived in the Villages of El Dorado. We moved there from Yuma, AZ, thinking it would be a big step up for us. But in the end, it was not as good of an experience as we expected:Pros:1. Super cheap houses2. Cheap gas3. Copper Sky4. Several other parks5. Schools are new and modern. 6. Fairly close proximity to airport, great restaurants in PHX area7. Cheap flights to most major cities and international destinations, especially in Mexico8. Fairly organized DMV, other government offices. Cons:1. Unreliable service people such as yard care folks, exterminators, handymen. Almost nobody showed up on time or returned as scheduled.2. High cost of utilities. After our first summer electric bill, we made up our minds to move as soon as possible. 3. Stench from cattle feed lots4. Lots of bugs, bees, scorpions. When we moved in to our place, it was infested with scorpions. WE bought a special light and it was like a nightmare when you would see them all glowing in the dark. 5. High School athletic coaches seemed to not care about such things as teaching about sportsmanship or fundamentals. It was a shame because they had some great athletes there. I have never seen a place before where the kids yelling back at coaches, completely ignoring them, and with such poor sportsmanship in general. 6. Schools seemed fair in general, but there seemed to be a lot of little stoner kids or wannabe gangsters who appeared to be more popular than the mainstream kids. 7. Nothing to do in the town itself8. Not many good restaurants or shopping options9. Not many barbershops. 10. Horrible traffic on John Wayne Parkway most of the time, especially with the train. 11. Horrible, crazy traffic when going to Chandler. 12. Poor build quality to most of the houses I saw. 13. Too hot in Summer, too cold in winter, and monsoon storms and dust storms can be severe. 14. No real pedestrian areas.15. No hospital. But after all this, we moved to San Diego, aka "America's Finest City". It is very nice here, but for $400K you can only get an older build 2 BR/2BA townhouse with about 1,280 square feet. We had a rental property here which was about 400 square foot studio that we sold about six months ago for $205K. Gas is $3.09/gallon and was much, much higher than that when we first moved here. Lots of meth heads in the streets, urinating/defecating on the sidewalks, horrible streets that are falling apart, very high electricity rates per kilowatt. High water prices. There are lots of people living here in the large condo complex where we are but we don't know any of them because they are all stuck in the rat race, working like crazy to try to afford living here. The weather is perfect in Summer but kind of cold in the Winter. So after considering everything, we are actually contemplating moving back to Maricopa! In the end, the cost of living there, especially for a nice, newer build house, outweighs a lot of its shortfalls when you have kids and want to have visitors. We remember when the kids would run around inside the house, have dance parties where they would blast the music, have a huge kitchen where both my wife and I could cook at the same time, and for us, it is making us take another hard look at Maricopa. I think the place has good potential, but still has a ways to go overall. But like I pointed out above, even "America's Finest City" has some issues, so you just need to put things into perspective for what you and your family need and want.
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      Maricopa, Arizona: Low Crime Rates and Sunny Weather
      I am a lover of sun. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. I currently live in Maricopa, Arizona on account of my husband's job. I have always loved warm weather and the idea of sunlight. That is why I have so many good things to say about the current area that I am currently residing in. Here in Maricopa, the weather is excellent, the cost of living here is low, and the crime rate here is quite low. Though there are so many great things about this area, there are always drawbacks. Some of the notable drawbacks are the amenities, meaning the number of local areas that are within a reasonable distance. Another drawback is the cost of a nice house for a family here. The housing index is higher here in Maricopa.

      I love walking everywhere. Unfortunately, the school that my kids attend is 5 miles away from our house. Though this is not far, other places that I have visited have closer schools that are within walking distance. I do enjoy the fact that I am able to walk to the local market to buy produce a few times a week. I love walking in this area because not only is it sunny but it also a community here. I know all my neighbors here and wave hello to them everyday. That to me is important.

      One of the downfalls of living in this area is the fact that the cost of housing is high. My husband and I purchased a 4 bedroom house that could have been bought at a cheaper price anywhere else in Arizona. I do however, love this place because unlike Phoenix, we do not need to worry about crime rates due to the fact that they are low.
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      pretty awesome little city
      I actually love it in Maricopa. Theres not much shopping and stuff there but Chandler is only 20 min away. Its a great place to raise a family. Theres lots of families with children in Maricopa and the schools are pretty good. Its growing a lot so, I don't expect it to stay small for very long.
      Even though this website says theres no library there..there is. Theres a super cool theater there with a laser tag area, a bowling alley and an arcade. Theres a new rec center with a huge pool, dog park, water area for the kids, and a water park. Several restaurants have opened up there as well. :)
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      Source: The Maricopa, AZ data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).