Prescott Valley, AZ

Population: 41,070 livability score shield

Key findings

  • Prescott Valley has a Livability Score of 76/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Prescott Valley crime rates are 65% lower than the Arizona average
  • Cost of living in Prescott Valley is 3% higher than the Arizona average
  • Prescott Valley real estate prices are equal to the Arizona average
  • Rental prices in Prescott Valley are 5% lower than the Arizona average

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      The older, dumpier sister of Prescott
      Prescott Valley seems to have a very faithful following of people that love it here, but I am not one of those people. The locals seem to really love it here and it’s baffling why. If you’re a retiree or want a small, quiet town to raise your kids in, you’ll probably do well here. It’s overall very safe. But if you’re like me and lived in anything other than a small town, you’re going to get frustrated really quickly. The food is terrible (with the exception of maybe 4 restaurants), everything else is fast food. There is absolutely nothing to do in PV whatsoever. You can hike, bike, horseback ride, but there are very few trees so you’ll be in the sun the whole time. The landscape is pretty bland and rough; lots of dead weeds, dirt, and rocks and that’s it. The mountains are gorgeous though. The wildlife is definitely a plus up here. You’ll see all kinds of unique creatures: javelina, pronghorn, mountain lions, coyotes, snakes, lizards, tarantulas, etc.

      It sounds like it was a quiet town for a long while and then people from other states came flooding in the last few years, changing the area a lot. More people, more tension, more road rage, higher rent, etc. Regardless, it still has a small town feel and mentality. I think the people in general are very nice and very helpful with a great work ethic. My family has been helped out numerous times by good samaritans when we were stuck in various challenges. The people are probably the best part about Prescott Valley, honestly.

      People move here to be close to the Valley and Flagstaff. But on its own, PV doesn’t really have much to offer by way of entertainment, good food, or really anything at all. Just bland, kinda dumpy, full of fast food chains and farm supply stores, unkempt roads filled with noisy, belching trucks and simple folk who love their town and country.

      The area is getting really populated and feels just as crowded on the weekends as Phoenix did. AND we’re actually paying more rent up here in PV than we did in an upscale part of Chandler. So definitely not worth it for us, and we’re very happy to be leaving the PV area later this month. You might love it, but we didn’t.
      0 0
      Retirees Only !!!
      Let me start by saying I moved here the day I turned 18 back in 1998. Prescott Valley should be Chicago's sister city, its windy almost every day. As for entertainment, if you like hiking this is the place to be, if you like anything else there is nothing here for you. Phoenix is about 1.5 hours away for any entertainment. Dining out you have plenty of choices, that's all people do here is eat. Nightlife is another joke, there are some run down bars you can go to. The biggest problem Prescott Valley has is the fact almost every single person retiring from California is coming here, they are ruining this town, its not really their fault, however with the huge demand for housing it has made it good for the construction industry but its driving the rents through the roof and I personally feel it is going to collapse the employed people here as everybody from Cali wants everything for dirt cheap and wages here don't meet the demand, not to mention the illegals that will work for free. I don't rent but I have a lot of friends that do, in the last 6 months 2 friends I know had their rents increased by more than $400 a month. One of them moved to save $150 from the 400 increase and now is in a 1200 sq. ft. house with missing windows and no ac or swamp cooler. He pays $1500 a month. Bottom line, if your not coming here to retire don't come here.
      6 -2
      I Love Arizona
      I love this town Prescott Valley & Prescott, there's something always going on whether be all of the Holidays we celebrate or the fact that we have all 4 seasons in full form. And did ya know Prescott use to be the capital of Arizona twice once in 1864 and again in 1867 until Phoenix became the capital in 1889...well that's something right!! As far as things to do here we have lots of hiking trails and not to mention the beautiful scenery in the Fain park area. Casinos, lots Antique & vintage shops, we have parades, outdoor swap meets, we make a big deal out of Christmas around here as well as the Forth of July...rodeos too and a lot of really nice people. Like all towns we have some crime I think as any community grows this is bound to happen but for the most part I personally feel safe...of course one has to use common sense and be aware of ones surrounding of course and just be as safe as one can in any town or community. I do think the rent here has gone up way to high..the average rent now is $1288 or higher a month for 2 bedroom which is a 33.07% increase from last year when the average rent was $862, and a 11.96% when the average rent was $1134.00 a month. I know people who pay $1500 to $1700 a month for an apartment..I think this is outrageous. We are all just trying get buy here. Well over all I love the small town feel of Prescott Valley & Prescott..I also think they need to slow down on the growth I moved here in 1993 from Ventura, Ca a large city, don't get me wrong I was born & raised & loved it & still due..but it just got so big & busy and bumper bumper had to get out...would hate to see that happen here this little town
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      college, retiree, homes
      The place is cool if you stay to yourself. Most people seem to stay to themselves. there is a huge retiree population here with the VA hospital and another good hospital in town. There is no bus system, the sales tax is pretty high, healthcare is pretty high
      2 -1
      This is a most predjudice city of Arizona. That same black man we spoke about, he was also accused wrongly of stealing at Walmart in Prescott Valley Arizona. He and his friend had paid for the item in electronics. While they stood in checkout to pay for batteries for the item, a manager comes up to them and told them they wasn't supposed to open the item, in which the item was already paid for in the electronics department. No, that predjudice white manager saw color BLACK and embarrassed the black man and his friend. Again, we told him to get a Civil Rights Attorney. That was a bad stop made, if he felt there was thef involved he was supposed to get security. The CCTV is viewed in the back of Walmart and if thef was involved surely Security would have stopped the man and his friend at the Exit Door.
      0 -21
      We are Anonymous. Prescott Valley Arizona don't deserve one star! We heard rumors that a black man reported it to the City Police of Prescott Valley Arizona, that his car had been vandalized by some white men that lived in an apartment next to him. And police did nothing about it. We have encouraged the man to get him a Civil Rights Attorney.
      0 -15
      Old folks home
      This is a place for retired people. Not much here besides a mall that is known as a ghost town. Its slowly growing but it needs to have something for the kids and teens before it can be considered "Livable". I will not raise my kids here as they seem to be very sheltered. The education system is poor. I have heard teens say that the exit exam is super hard when its only at the 10th grade level with 8th grade reading level. Oh and people drive so slow because they seem to not have a clue how to drive.
      But there may be some upside. Its a quiet town with little crime (Besides the rednecks in certain areas.) So I guess thats good. Its fairly cheap to live. But still hard to do when you don't have high paying jobs.

      But this is just my opinion.
      7 -10
      Source: The Prescott Valley, AZ data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).