Key findings

  • Goodyear has a Livability Score of 83/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Goodyear crime rates are 13% lower than the Arizona average
  • Cost of living in Goodyear is 5% higher than the Arizona average
  • Goodyear real estate prices are 33% higher than the Arizona average
  • Rental prices in Goodyear are 31% higher than the Arizona average

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      Goodyear is an exciting place to live.

      Family & I moved to Goodyear in 2017 .
      Goodyear is any town usa. About as bland and suburban as it gets. No culture. No Mall. very little identity (aside from baseball & military)
      So why an exciting place? Its growing like crazy. The west valley is emerging and growing up and finding its identity. overall this is a great place to settle down for raise a family. I love it here
      • 2 -1
      10 years ago yes. Today he** no.

      Theres food and regular shopping but zero night life and zero fun things to do. This place is basically homes upon homes. This place has maxed out in the people to jo s ratio. Only bare amenities and home life, thats about it. Everyone is married with family so if you are single forget it! The heat is extreme, 122° the other year, no greenery and nothing survives. The dead bird smell in the summer is horrible and dont fet me started on the scorpions. If you are happy living in a bubble, working, shopping for toilet paper and living in a cookie cutter house that has the worst construction and insulation for where we live and is worth 25% of what it costs then this is the place for you. This place has become a rancid pool of illegals and ghetto hood rats. Everyone carries a gun. Don't bother smiling at anyone or expecting not to get ran over as you walk into a store. There is no human life here. I use to feel like a human, well Goodyear taught me a lesson. The schools for kids are horrible and why I teach my kid at home. Cocaine in the preschool class and at the brand new school they found out a teacher was having sex with a 12 year old student. I'm originally from northern Arizona and I'm going back because at least people look each other in the eyes and don't shut themselves in.
      • 3 -4
      The Good Life in Goodyear

      Having lived in Airizona all my life, I'd like to say I know this state pretty well. I've explored the deserts, panned for gold and listened to the coyotes sing me to sleep ever since I was a young boy. When I finally got a good job, I decided to buy a house. I will admit, Goodyear was not the first place I looked, but after actually spending some time there, I quickly made up my mind.

      To me it's the perfect compromise - removed enough from the big city of Phoenix to be able to relax and take life at my own pace, but easy freeway access to get to the state capital in a reasonable amount of time. There are plenty of public parks, good shopping areas and restaurants in Goodyear as well as nearby golf courses. The nights tend to be rather quiet and peaceful except for the occasional yipping of a coyote.

      Of course though, like all good things, there are some downsides. It's still Arizona, so it can get incredibly hot in the summer time and 120 degrees is not unheard of around these parts. Thankfully the summer heat really only lasts May to September, with the worst parts being in July and August. The monsoon season can bring giant dust storms but they also often bring much-needed rain to the arid landscape. All in all, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Plenty of sunshine and gorgeous winters are the norm, and while the summers can bring intense heat, the worst of it is over within a couple months.
      • 6 -2
      Reason for reporting
      Source: The Goodyear, AZ data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).