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      Mesa, Arizona, is one of the top suburbs in the Phoenix Metro Area, and the city has expanded rapidly in recent years to top out at over 500,000 residents. Those who live in Mesa enjoy easy access to Phoenix and sites in the surrounding area. The city has enjoyed an expansion from business activities in recent years that has seen Piper Plastics construct a $10 million facility in the area and Apple opening its global command center that provides job opportunities to over 150 of the city's residents. Mesa offers easy access to three airports in the local area that make it a great option for busy executives who rely on travel as part of their business strategy.

      Those who are looking to buy a home in Mesa will be able to find some values on the market when compared with downtown Phoenix. Dobson Ranch, Red Mountain Ranch, Parkwood Ranch, and Sunland Village East are a handful of neighborhoods that typically are mentioned when residents are listing the top places to live in Mesa. The city is a great place to raise a family due to the large number of sports programs available at the youth level, a lot of parks, and a good public school system. Some of the top schools in the region include Hermosa Vista Elementary School and Mesa High School. Mesa's Academy of Advanced Sciences is one of a number of charter schools that is quickly gaining a foothold in the area.

      Getting around the city is not very difficult in spite of the large number of people who call it home. Valley Metro extends its coverage of the Phoenix Metro Area into Mesa to give people a reliable public transportation option. Mesa has a large number of bus stops and routes that can be utilized for daily commuting. In addition to busses and shuttles, there are a large number of private contractors in Mesa who drive for Uber, Lyft, and other ride sharing services.

      Papago Park is an area in the city that residents love to escape to for some needed relaxation and recreation. The park has a developed trail system that is perfect for bikers. The Arizona Museum of Natural History is located in Mesa. Here you can see dinosaur bones from the area's first inhabitants. Usery Mountain is another area that is popular with hikers and campers. The bluff in the city offers great views of the downtown area.

      Mesa is one of Arizona's fastest growing cities, and it is easy to see why thanks to the high quality of life that residents enjoy. There is great shopping, exciting dining, and nightlife options for those looking for these things during a house search.

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      Lived here for a decade
      Not good, in general, unless you want to live a quiet boring suburban life. Every street looks the same unless you are on the west side of mesa. The only apartment I had was in west mesa but my family lived on the eastside. The land is beautiful anywhere besides Mesa, it's just homes and stores haha. The last 5 years I noticed a shift and many natives would just either move towards Tempe or Apache Junction depending on how close you want to be to nightlife (Tempe) or hiking trails (Apache Junction or farther east). Many mormons live here, and conservatives in general. Not a place for diversity. I came from KCMO and I found way more joy moving there then staying anywhere close to Mesa.
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      City of Thieves
      My $1,000.00 bike was stolen three feet from my hotel room door at Windemere Hotel & Convention Center, 5750 E Main, Mesa, AZ 85205 on January 1, 2019. The heavy duty security cord was cut. Our car was backed up so that passersby wouldn't see the bikes. The only cameras at Windemere H & CC are in the lobby. There are no cameras recording any of the exterior grounds where every guest has an exterior door. April, Desk Clerk, told me that cameras were discussed. Nothing came of it. There's talk at the hotel of hiring a Security Guard who patrol the grounds at night. Hopefully, that will start in February. Sadly, I'm a day early & without my bike.I reported the crime to the Police & spoke with an Officer who is filing a report for me. Come to find out, this section of Eastern Mesa has a lot of drug activity & lots of crime. This is my first visit to Mesa & the way I'm feeling right now, it will be my last visit.Ginny
      4 -5
      Beware of Police
      Justice for Daniel Shaver. Look him up. Seriously, don't come to this town. The police shoot innocent people here and get away with it. It was cold blooded murder of an innocent man with no justice.
      11 -7
      city of strays
      Mesa, home of the strays!!! Stray cats and stray people. You have no rights, except to tolerate them. They will hound you for money or smokes at every bus, light rail stop and fast food place in town. And nothing can be done. Thje cats are more entitled than people. If you do anything except pay to have them removed and taken care of it is a FELONY. I moved here to enjoy my retirement in a nicer climate. SELLING and going anywhere. This is beyond crazy. When bums and unwanted animals have more rights than tax paying "hard working" citizens. Save yourself, I would advise not even visiting Mesa. Good luck and do serious research befor you move. ~ Eddie
      9 -10
      Mesa, AZ Typifies Middle Class Suburbia
      I have lived in Mesa, AZ, for extended periods of time for work purposes over portions of 15 years, and so this city in the Est Valley region of Phoenix has become a second home to me. Mesa is an incredibly diverse and large suburb as it has pockets of poverty as well as upscale gated communities. In other words, don't be surprised by anything you see here.

      In many respects, Mesa, AZ typifies middle class suburbia. It's not snooty like its more famous neighbor to the northeast, Scottsdale, and it's not ultra trendy like its immediate neighbor to the east, Tempe. If you're looking for a somewhat quite and normal life, this is the place for you.

      For those looking to relocate to Mesa, the primary area to avoid is the general area of older single family homes near Central Avenue and University Avenue and some of the streets east and west of Central headed toward the Mesa Post Office. Here one will find pockets of crime along with run-down homes. Drive several blocks in any direction, however, and you will find perfectly hospitable neighborhoods that would do anyone proud.

      The best neighborhoods in town are located east of Gilbert Road for multiple family dwellings and south of the Superstition Freeway for single family homes. Shopping is great for everyday needs with multiple locations of Fry's and Basha's food stores throughout the town. Mesa Riverview is a decent mall for smaller chain stores, but if you're looking for somewhere to spend an afternoon, avoid the outdated Fiesta Mall and go to Scottsdale or Tempe.

      Restaurants here are outstanding, from the southwest-inspired Blue Adobe on Country club Drive to Vito's Pizza and Italian Ristorante on Lindsay Road.
      9 -2
      It's getting better
      Mesa has changed a lot in the past twenty years. I will say first off that I do not recommend Mesa to anyone with kids who will be attending public schools, for that matter I would recommend against 80% of Arizona public schools; for everyone else though Mesa is a great option if you are looking for value and a central location. Mesa is basically set up on an East/West grid, with West Mesa being "old" Mesa. While there is a downtown area that some might find appealing, the real benefit to living in West Mesa is its proximity to the West Valley. Tempe, Scottsdale and Phoenix are all just a short drive away via I-10 or the 202 freeways. While North Phoenix, Scottsdale and downtown Tempe are obvious choices for people looking for an active nightlife, Mesa offers a great value and easy access to those locations.

      East Mesa... well I'll leave that alone, except to say go a little farther East and move to Gilbert or Chandler.
      3 0
      Mesa is not the place for anyone, especially those with kids. Mesa is dirty, expensive and not worth the money you spend. Your tax dollars do not go toward education. Due to this fact, we are nationally ranked 48th out of 50 states. Although the weather is nice, there are a lot of homes less and snowbirds who do not care about the state. The homeless sleep everywhere and want handouts from everyone, including childern playing on the playground. Additionally, snowbirds (those who own a house in Arizona but only live in it 6 months out of the year) trash our city, drive to slow and cause accidents. As an Arizona native I would not recommend the Phoenix- metro area to anyone except maybe retirees.
      2 -1
      Visiting Mesa, Where the Beauty Outweighs the Heat
      I was born in Mesa, Arizona, but moved away when I was only three years old. My mom, however, grew up there and all of her family still lives in Mesa or surrounding cities, so I visit Mesa often, up to three or four times a year, and become very sad when it is time to leave that hot, wonderful city.

      I love to see the designs and art on the cement walls along the freeway. Mesa has a great way of beautifying the city. There are geckos, cacti, and indian-type patterns sculpted and painted on the freeway. When I have flown to Mesa, I can't help but notice the beautiful blue pools in nearly every backyard. Mesa definitely has a way with pleasing the eye.

      While the areas surrounding the freeways are beautiful, the traffic on the freeways in Mesa is often horrendous. Rush hour is not just one hour. It usually lasts for three to four hours in both the morning and the evening. During rush hour, traffic is usually at a stand still, and when the cars are able to move, the only creep along. Even when it's not rush hour, freeway drivers are still crazy. It is better to stay away from the freeway when you can. There are also pools everywhere because of the heat. During the summer months, you want to stay inside at all hours of the day, unless you go out in the morning or at night to take a dip in the pool. People get bored staying home, but luckily there are some great malls in Mesa, like Fiesta Mall, that people are able to hang around in, staying cool. Mesa is a great place to visit, but try to avoid the summer heat.
      2 -2
      Mesa, Arizona - The Truth and Nothing but the Truth
      Mesa, Arizona, has been home for me since I finished college in 2002. Less than an hour from Phoenix, Mesa is part of a major metropolitan area. There is crime in Mesa, but no more than in an average city of its size. Mesa is equally close to beautiful places for hiking, kayaking, canoeing, horseback riding, and camping.

      There are always things to do in Mesa, and it is not limited to outdoor adventures. Mesa is rich in history, culture, arts, and hospitality. Enjoy authentic Mexican food at Tortas La Presa restaurant. The Mesa Arts Center is breathtaking and offers the best place in the city for enjoying beautiful artworks.

      Go shopping at the Mesa Riverview located at Dobson Road and Highway 202. However, if you are looking for high end items, there are more choices available in Phoenix. For nightlife, my favorite spot is Hollywood Alley. It's privately owned and known for a certain unique charm.
      2 -3
      Source: The Mesa, AZ data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).