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      Top Rated Schools in Safford

      Name Grades Students Proficiency
      Ruth Powell Elementary SchoolKG - 656942%
      Lafe Nelson SchoolKG - 656934%
      Triumphant Learning CenterKG - 810332%
      Dorothy Stinson SchoolPK - 667531%
      Safford High School9 - 1289330%
      Safford Middle School7 - 845629%
      Mt Graham High School9 - 1211025%
      Gift - Mt. Graham High School9 - 120n/a
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      Some Injustice in Safford

      Today I tried to join a neighborhood watch program but was stopped by a protection order and something a supposed best friend did to me month's ago.Unless your Mormon or know someone don't expect any justice. We were invited to a funeral by my supposed best friend who's wife was killed. He had work just recently done to his truck but the mechanic didn't quite align the indicator for what gear it was in quite right. Anyway, his wife drove the truck over to the neighborhood laundry to do some clothes. While getting out of the truck it began to roll backwards with her only half way out. She tried to stop the truck from rolling by holding onto it and was subsequently thrown to the ground. The truck continues to roll back and the corner of the door caught her head gashing it open while continuing to drag her. Just to show how much her husband really cared for her he looked down at her while she was bleeding out and stated, " Just couldn't get it in park, could you." I know this to be true as two women that witnessed the accident told me this was what he, cold blooded. Afterwards, about two day's later my wife asked the husband of the deceased if she could have a necklace that my wife had made for her as my wife and her were truly the best of friends for fourteen years and she had promised my wife that if anything happened to her she could have it. Turns out the deceased women's husbands daughter also wanted it. She did eventually give it to my wife but barred her from the funeral without telling us. We attempted to enter the church to attend the funeral but was stopped by the daughters husband who was over 6 foot and close to three hundred pounds. He grabbed my wife's arm so aggressively that she actually had marks on her arm seven day's later which I took pictures of and will show here. I was angry telling bigfoot to let my wife go which we did. We were told to leave which we did after I gave him the one finger salute at which time he threatened me. I called the police and tried to have charges pressed against him for hurting my wife. Instead, the Safford police informed us if we tried to have charges pressed against him they would press charges against us for trespassing at a funeral we had been invited to. It seems the big galoot had lied to the police telling them they had told us to leave several times which was a total lie. I asked the police was this allowed for them to press retaliatory charges against us just for me trying to protect my wife. It seems in Safford's non justice and retaliatory justice is what a victim can expect. I would not recommend moving here, especially if your looking for protection from criminals. The city's prosecuting attorney would not even help us. I was so angry that the deceased's husband refused to talk to me face to face like a man about what happened I texted him calling him a coward and a pu**y and that I was done with him. Big mistake. Next thing I know here comes the police to my house with a protection order stating I had to stay away from him and that I couldn't have any gun's or ammo for one year. If people here tell you Arizona is a true second amendment state it's a lie. For something as small as a text and no charges or court hearing they took my constitutional rights from me, just like that. Angry?, yes I am. Injustice?, I truly believe so.
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      Source: The Safford, AZ data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).