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      Not a Place for Non-Retirees, Non-Military or Non-Ag

      Ugh. What can I say that is positive? Well, moved here in July 2016 and it has been a tough place to become accustomed to. If you are not working/involved with the military, agriculture, medical or part of the retirement sector, this place is going to be difficult. It is not a place for those with advanced degrees. Forget it. You will not find a job here. Everything here is for under College educated. Groceries are higher than what I paid in previous locations, utilities (power) are extreme, housing is so-so with NO new construction of decent neighborhoods. Not a lot of parks, pathways or designated areas. Only the Colorado River parkway and that is so-so. A few okay restaurants but not a lot. Not even a bagel place. Many Starbucks and Dunkin donuts but on Sundays, there should be a place for a bagel, coffee and the paper. If you ride your road bike, forget it too. Roads are in terrible condition and there are not enough bike lanes/shoulders to make it feel safe. Due to the large retirement population (many from Canada), driving is slow and sketchy at best. Frustrating place. Cannot wait to get out. I'm getting old living here.
      • 9 -4
      Yuma Az a terrible place to live esp if you are a woman or LGBT

      Terrible experience with Yuma, AZ police and paramedics. We called for an emergency overdose and about 5 police officers showed up. Harassed and intimated me and my partner. They repeatedly referred to us as "friends" despite making it very clear that we were together as a couple- they also lied to the hospital about this and said that I had no family. One police officer cornered my girlfriend and proceed to comment on her looks and tell her how good she'd look with longer hair. Homophobic and misogynistic good old boys run this town. Not a safe place for women and LGBT people. It took them at least 30+ to get me any medical attention, treating me like a common criminal. I later ended up in the ER and the intensive care unit for a few days. The hospital found some "mysterious bacteria" at the ER. I remember before passing out in the ambulance them lifting up my shirt and placing my hand on their crotch before everything going black. So theres no telling what these men did. As someone who has regular check ups this was not something I had PREVIOUS to this experience with the police/paramedics. This was a very traumatizing experience for both me and my partner. I've heard many other women complain of poor medical and ethical treatment from these people.
      • 3 -10
      Yuma, AZ: A Great Place, But Don't Visit In The Summer

      Yuma is a great place to visit. Last year on an extended road trip I visited a friend who lived there. During the two days I was there I was able to tour a good portion of the city, seeing the homes and sights. The city seems well kept and clean. Numerous restaurant choices are available. I was taken to River City Grill one evening and thought it was a remarkable place. Menu selections are very diverse, mostly featuring seafood but also including beef, lamb and Vegetarian food among many other choices. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was clean and welcoming.

      Certainly there are plenty of attractions in Yuma, too. The Mexican border is just minutes away, so going to Mexico to shop is an option for those who bring their passport. Also there is a state park in Yuma featuring the grounds of the old Yuma Territorial Prison, an interesting historical prison open to the public.

      Yuma is a lovely city, but the city's disadvantage is the heat and humidity in the summer months. Yuma temperatures normally reach triple digits; mixed with the humidity this creates a miserable environment for outdoor fanatics. If you do visit the city of Yuma, try to avoid the summer months if you can.
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      Source: The Yuma, AZ data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).