Key findings

  • Prescott has a Livability Score of 77/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Prescott crime rates are 32% lower than the Arizona average
  • Cost of living in Prescott is 14% higher than the Arizona average
  • Prescott real estate prices are 60% higher than the Arizona average
  • Rental prices in Prescott are 9% lower than the Arizona average

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      Great place for families!

      I'm so glad they didn't feel obliged to remove their windows to prevent them from being broken by rioters and having everything stolen and burned down in Prescott! Are you kidding me? You think people should bow down to the corrupt BLM? How do you like the mansions they purchased for themselves with your donations? Antifa is the very definition of FACISM! Violence towards folks who disagree with their bizarre beliefs. Notice how many Antifa are Pedophiles?
      Seriously, I left CA and will NEVER GO BACK! I was born and raised in Newport Beach, but even Newport was getting grossly dirty and dangerous.
      • 2 0
      Perfect for Conservatives

      There is an anonymous writer here that has written all the right reasons to move here and I want everyone with the same mind set to read. If you like the liberal way of life, please stay where you are in California, Washington, Illinois, and every other liberal self imploding state. We are conservative, country loving people who ask the liberals to please stay where you are. Stay in the states that wants what you want. We are living here for a reason. If you like a safe, friendly, country loving place to live, Prescott is beautiful!!!!! I moved my family out of Washington state as fast as I could.
      • 43 -14
      Don’t move here! Don’t come here!

      Prescott sucks! Stay away! Really, you don’t want to live in or even visit Prescott, especially if you’re from California, Oregon, or Washington. You’d hate it here. Just stay away. It’s awful. BLM and ANTEFA tried to hold one of their love-fest marches here in 2020, you know, the ones where they open all the local stores to the marchers (by peacefully removing the windows) and start romantic bonfires so everyone can warm their hands together and sing Kumbaya, and guess what the Prescott bigots did? They lined the Prescott main streets wearing cowboy hats and carrying guns and said, “March peacefully and you’ll be fine, start a bon fires and you’ll be sorry”. Can you imagine that?! Where was the Leftist friendliness? Where was the Liberal love? Where was the Democratic sharing? I was embarrassed.
      Housing is expensive. There aren’t enough restaurants. It gets cold here and it’s filled with old people with attitudes and arsenals. Prescott might as well be in Texas or Idaho.
      You come here, you’ll leave here. Don’t waste your time. Go to LA or Seattle or Chicago or Portland. Really. You’ve been warned. Good luck!
      • 21 -17
      Bad BBQ in Dewey

      No customer service and angry disposition when handling complaints. When I called after buying the same item I always get there every week for 3 months because this time the buns were mushy and the pork was drenched in sauce which made it too spicy to eat. The owner actually told me he would rather lose my business then listen to my complaint. He was rude and pissed off that I would complain about his food. This is not a way to run a business and I will never go there again. Beware! FYI they now only accept cash saying it is for your safety to prevent identity theft. Like there account would be hacked to get your info from cards... They just don't want to pay the fees to accept debit cards.
      • 3 -38
      Everyone's Home Town is Prescott, AZ

      When the vast majority of people in Arizona want to get away from the heat and rat race of the cities, they go to Prescott. It is a vibrant city filled with wonderful and nice people. There is always something fun happening around the city courthouse square, at the many museums, performing art centers or at adhoc venues. It is just a pleasant and exciting place to be! It is billed as "Everyone's Home Town" and it is that and more. There are five colleges in the area, many excellent restaurants, and the locals are welcoming to visitors. The town is filled to the brim with a rich and sometimes sordid history. We are known for our Whiskey Row where much of the history of the area took place. You can stroll into the Palace Saloon just like the famous men, and women, of the old west did 100 years ago. Prescott is not just about western history, it is a big art town too. Many past and current western artists live in the area. Shopping is great here too as there are many boutiques and galleries along with a mall too. For a unique and educational experience come to will not want to leave as it has just about everything to offer!
      • 11 -1
      Reason for reporting
      Source: The Prescott, AZ data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).