Cities in Georgia

Population: 10,617,423

The map of Georgia cities offers a user-friendly way to explore all the cities and towns located in the state. To get started, simply click the clusters on the map. These clusters represent groups of cities located close to each other geographically and as the map zooms, the individual cities within the selected cluster will become more visible. As you take a depper dive, the clusters will transform to pins and allow you to click the cities of your choice.

Largest cities in Georgia by population

Georgia Overview

Statistic Value
Population 10,617,423
Population Density 187 ppl. / sq. mi.
Median Age 36
Male To Female Ratio 0.95 : 0
Married (15yrs & older) 53.70%
Families w/ Kids under 18 45.29%
Speak English 86.28%
Speak Spanish 8%

Georgia Demographics

Statistic Value
White 60%
Black 31%
American Indian 0%
Asian 4%
Hawaiian 0%
Other Race Alone 3%
Multi Racial 2%
Hispanic Or Latino 9%

Georgia Education

Statistic Value
Completed eighth Grade 82%
Completed High School 80.96%
Bachelors Degree 37%
Masters Degree 1%
Avg. School Score 42%

Georgia Employment

Statistic Value
Median Household Income $51,037
Income Per Capita $26,678
Median Earnings Male $34,871
Median Earnings Female $25,493
Unemployment Rate 5%

Georgia State Facts

What is the largest city in Georgia?

In terms of population, Atlanta is the largest city in Georgia, boasting a population size of 456,378 residents. Following behind, Columbus is second on the list with 200,303 people, and Augusta claims the thrid-largest city title with 196,784 people.

What are the best cities to live in Georgia?

Decatur ranks as the top-rated city and has an impressive Livability Score of 85 and is considered the best place to live in Georgia. Following closely behind is Lawrenceville, which has a Livability Score of 84 and is considered the 2nd best place to live in Georgia. Avondale Estates, with a Livability Score of 83, is the 3rd best city on the list.

What is the most affordable city in Georgia?

Surrency, GA has a cost of living that is 32.86% less than the Georgia average and 42.86% lower than the National average, making it an economically attractive choice for residents.

What are the safest cities in Georgia (over 10,000 population)?

Johns Creek takes the top spot and is the safest place to live in Georgia with a crime rate that is 430.78% safer than the National average. Milton and Douglas are also very safe cities in Georgia, offering residents secure and low crime living environments

What are the states that border Georgia on the map?

South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and North Carolina are bordering states to Georgia.

What is the capital city of Georgia?

The capital city of Georgia is Atlanta. It has a population of 456,378 people.

What is the size of Georgia?

Georgia has a land area size of 59,425 square miles and is 3.22% water.

What is the state nickname of Georgia?

The state nickname of Georgia is "The Peach State".

What is the population of Georgia?

The population of Georgia is 10,617,423.

What are the demographics in Georgia?

The median age in Georgia is 36.2, 53.7% of people are married, 45.29% of people have kids under the age of 18, 86.28% of people speak English and 7.94% of people speak Spanish

Cities in Georgia: Just Peachy!

Georgia, the Peach State, is a captivating and historically significant region. With its diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and thriving metropolitan areas, Georgia offers a unique blend of tradition and progress. From its stunning natural beauty to its vibrant cities, Georgia beckons visitors with its Southern charm and warm hospitality. Georgia's natural beauty is a treasure to explore, with opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, boating and birdwatching. Cities in Georgia are known for their agriculture, particularly the production of peaches, pecans, peanuts and Vidalia onions, which are emblematic of Georgia's agricultural prowess. Whether delving into Georgia's rich history, savoring its culinary delights, or immersing yourself in its natural wonders, Georgia offers a captivating and authentic Southern experience. The state's warm hospitality, combined with its diverse landscapes and vibrant culture, makes Georgia a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a quintessential Southern experience.

Georgia State Quick Facts

Georgia became the 4th state to join the United States on January 2, 1788 and is now the 8th largest state by population. The capital city of Georgia is Atlanta, which is also the largest city with a population of 497,642. The state nickname of Georgia is "The Peach State" due to its significant peach production. It is also known as the "Empire State of the South". There are a total of 537 cities in Georgia. In addition to Atlanta, some of the major cities in Georgia include Savannah, Augusta, Macon and Columbus. Coca-Cola was invented in Georgia back in 1886. Georgia is the 24th largest state by land area with 59,425 square miles and is the 8th largest state by population with almost 11 million residents. The state bird is the brown thrasher and the state flower is the Cherokee rose. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta. Other famous people born in Georgia include Hulk Hogan, Chris Tucker, Julia Roberts, Little Richard, Laurence Fishburne, Gladys Night, Jeff Daniels, Kim Basinger and Ray Charles.

The Ongoing History of Georgia

Georgia was first inhabited by various indigenous cultures including the Cherokee, Creek, and Choctaw tribes. Spanish explorers started to arrive in Georgia in the early 16th century. Georgia played a crucial role in the American Revolutionary War. It was the site of significant battles, including the Battle of Kettle Creek, the Siege of Savannah and the Battle of King's Mountain. Like many Southern states, Georgia relied heavily on agriculture, particularly the cultivation of cotton. The plantation economy thrived, and slavery became deeply entrenched, shaping the social and economic fabric of the state. Georgia seceded from the Union in 1861 and joined the Confederacy during the Civil War. The state witnessed significant battles, such as the Atlanta Campaign, Sherman's March to the Sea, and the Battle of Chickamauga. After the war, Georgia faced the challenges of Reconstruction, including efforts to rebuild and address racial tensions. Georgia played a prominent role in the Civil Rights Movement of the 20th century. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., an Atlanta native, emerged as a prominent civil rights leader, advocating for desegregation and equal rights for African Americans. Georgia is now a major economic and cultural hub with diverse industries including film, technology and tourism.

Georgia's Beautiful Geography

Georgia has a total land area of 59,425 square miles and is 3.2% water. The majority of Georgia consists of coastal plains, stretching from the Atlantic coastline to the border with Alabama. The northern part of Georgia is home to a portion of the Appalachian Mountains, including the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chattahoochee National Forest. The highest peak in Georgia, Brasstown Bald, stands at an elevation of 4,784 feet. South of the mountains lies the Piedmont region, characterized by rolling hills and fertile soils. The Piedmont is known for its red clay and is a major agricultural area in the state. The geographical diversity of Georgia contributes to its natural beauty and offers a range of recreational opportunities, from hiking and camping in the mountains to enjoying coastal activities and wildlife observation.

Georgia Relocation Guide

Most people young or old can find the things they need to make themselves comfortable in Georgia. Most cities in Georgia offer natural beauty and incredible weather. Looking for a place to start or relocate a business? Georgia is the perfect place. It has a large and growing tech industry. Georgia also has lots of affordable hotels, apartments and office space. The main airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International, is the busiest in the world. Most people who visit want to stay. They want to see Stone Mountain, the Georgia Aquarium or the beaches in Savannah, the Martin Luther King Center, The CNN Center or one of Georgia's top rated restaurants.

If you took a look at a map of Georgia cities, you'd notice that they are all land-locked, but finding housing in Georgia is a breeze. Whether you choose a condo on Tybee Island, a ranch house in Valdosta, or an apartment in Atlanta, it is very affordable. The cost of living in Georgia is below many cities of comparable size. Georgia's government is business friendly. It is the headquarters for UPS, Home Depot, Delta Airlines and an array of high tech companies. Crime in Georgia is on a steady decline, with the Georgia state crime average just about even with the national average. The weather in Georgia is pleasantly warm in all seasons.

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