Snellville, GA

Population: 19,395

Key findings

  • Snellville has a Livability Score of 71/100, which is considered excellent
  • Snellville crime rates are 27% higher than the Georgia average
  • Cost of living in Snellville is 8% higher than the Georgia average
  • Snellville real estate prices are 2% lower than the Georgia average
  • Rental prices in Snellville are 29% higher than the Georgia average

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      Top Rated Schools in Snellville

      Name Grades Students Proficiency
      Brookwood Elementary SchoolPK - 51,12069%
      Brookwood High School9 - 123,42463%
      Pharr Elementary SchoolPK - 565853%
      Shiloh Elementary SchoolPK - 572052%
      Norton Elementary SchoolPK - 51,14142%
      Britt Elementary SchoolPK - 558541%
      Shiloh Middle School6 - 81,84438%
      Annistown Elementary SchoolPK - 560138%
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      Police CITY! Tyrants AVOID AT ALL COSTS, PLS!!!!

      'Everyone is someone' because the cops pull EVERYONE over for the smallest things, then persecute them to the highest degree. Ever heard of a police state, this is a Police City. They care not for the citizens, only for themselves.
      The schools are NOT good, do not be fooled. The staff only cares for their own. Babies missing recess for days, 1st graders in STUDY HALL! My kids come home with stress likened to that as if they were surgeons, or college students working on a doctorate.
      I went my entire life without a ticket, accident, etc and now everything possibly that could go wrong has at THEIR HANDS. There isn't any due diligence. DO NOT MOVE HERE DO NOT SHOP HERE, it is trash! The KOHLS AND WALMART ARE THE DEVIL. There are better stores of the same chains in other cities with better selections, parking lots, traffic, etc...
      Snellville is a private entity located within Gwinnett County. That means this tiny city can do WHATEVER they please and you are helpless to fight it.
      My children were happier in the Title 1 school they used to go. They used to enjoy school.
      I used to have a car until a police officer totaled it LEGALLY and lied on the report, went in the wrong lane head on and murdered my car/ independence and gave me the citation!!!!! I swear on my soul this is all truth.
      I used to have money until their citations. The COPS will give you a ticket if the numbers on your mailbox are not the right size, trust me. Not code violation, POLICE! If the police cannot help when needed do not come into MY driveway looking for more money from my children's mouths!
      Speeders go 70 mph (in a 35) but since I do not live within 1 mile of the courthouse, they do not ticket for some reason, so go for it, drive 50 in a residential area, it apparently, is condoned. I have seen many many accidents, pets hit, etc....My neighbor and I have contacted the police over a year for nothing and when I asked the Mayor, after 4 emails, she told me she forwarded my email to the same police ignoring my pleas for help.
      Oh, and all of the people on probation ALL work at Briscoe Park. Think about that the next time you think of going there. I do not want my babies near convicts!!!!!!!!!!!
      Traffic is also terrible.
      DO NOT MOVE HERE PLEASE LEARN FROM ME. Imagine a piece of poo with a bow on it, what you are picturing is SMELLVILLE GEORGIA. Where everyone is someone and will feel the wrath!
      • 5 -7
      Reason for reporting
      Source: The Snellville, GA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).