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Great Small Town 4.5 rating By Anonymous ( Mar 30, 2020) Growing up in Sparta was very different from the childhood of others in big cities, but it was so great. Sparta reminds many of the town of Mayberry from the Andy Griffith Show. It is a small, loving community with a few mom and pop restaurants, many churches, necessary and local ...Read More ly owned businesses, and a laid-back feeling. Nearly everyone in Sparta knows each other and that gives this small town a sense of care and consideration that many places do not have. Sparta is known by many in the area for its kind neighbors, acceptance of newcomers, and willingness to help its own. The schools in Sparta May be small, but the upside to this is the smaller class sizes and the individual attention to students, which benefits them if they choose to take advantage of it. Sparta, with its small size and lack of large, non-locally owned chains for shopping and eating may not be for those used to big cities, but it is a place many have come to love and that many have always cherished. Every town, including Sparta, has its down sides, but Sparta is overall a caring community that makes a great place to grow up, live life, or retire! Read Less
Sparta Ga is the best place to live if you are a white, heterosexual christian 0.5 rating By Anonymous ( Jun 04, 2019) As the title of my review states, Sparta is only good for certain people. Though Sparta's demographics show that only 13% of the populace is white, that 13% controls the money and the businesses in Sparta, and they like it that way!
The town is voluntarily segregated. The whit
...Read More e children go to John Hancock Academy where they receive the best education. The black children go to the public school. The day is even divided. White people come out in the mornings, but are behind closed doors by noon when the black people come out to do their shopping.
If you are an interracial couple, or LGBTQ, it is best not to order food or drink in a restaurant. You run the risk of having your meal spit in before an angry waitress slams it down on the table in front of you. So if you are a white heterosexual, bigoted homophobe, then Sparta is the best place to live! Read Less
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