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  • Powder Springs has a Livability Score of 78/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Powder Springs crime rates are 13% lower than the Georgia average
  • Cost of living in Powder Springs is 1% higher than the Georgia average

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A Tight-Knit, Supportive Community 3.5 rating By Anonymous ( May 23, 2018) I am living in Powder Springs, Georgia and this place is a wonderful place to call home. This is a suburb of Atlanta, but you would never know it as you spend time here. The population here is very low and we have a very tight-knit, supportive community of neighbors here. Everyon ...Read More e is smiling and they are willing to help you before you even have to ask.

My children attend Kennesaw Charter Science and Math Academy and enjoy themselves. Their teachers always have them doing fun and exciting things. All of the local schools seem to have it together and the local system seems to have a great academic program in place.

The best areas in Powder Springs, Georgia include the downtown area. The area is currently undergoing renovations, but the existing shops are nice and after the renovation there will be more excellent shops and some nice dining areas. Also, if you can’t find what you need here, then you can easily travel to a neighboring town easily to find what you need. Read Less
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Silver Comet Trailhead
Powder Springs Park
Silver Comet Linear Park
Florence Road Trailhead


Powder Springs Historical Museum

Food & Drink

Waffle House
Johnny's BBQ
Macland Wings
Waffle House
Dairy Queen
Drive to Work

2% higher than the US average

Take Public Transit

4% lower than the US average

Walk to Work

1% lower than the US average

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