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Scottdale Is Growing Stronger 3 rating By Anonymous ( May 23, 2018) At around 20 minutes from Atlanta, Scottdale is a close and has gone through a lot of transformations. It's not quite at the level of gentrification, but it's still transforming neighborhoods in positive ways.

The houses aren't super expensive (I'm a tech and I have job reques
...Read More ts in California, so I know what true housing terror looks like), and the crime isn't anywhere near what it used to be.

In fact, talk to a lot of people who grew up in the days of gangsta rap and repping colors and you might hear some of them sound disappointment. Hopefully for the future of living well, but romanticized old stories are a sign of how better things have become.

Now, you can see beautiful houses, average houses with beautiful yards, and renovated old homes dotting the streets. Living in Scottdale is still a bit of an inner city experience where the concrete jungle is still king, but nature is coming back in smart ways that the citizens can appreciate.

The best areas in Scottdale are along N Avondale Road where a lot of restaurants and pubs call home, along with the Tobie Grant Recreation Center. Read Less
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