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  • North Decatur has a Livability Score of 91/100, which is considered exceptional
  • North Decatur crime rates are 59% lower than the Georgia average
  • Cost of living in North Decatur is 20% higher than the Georgia average

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Sunny North Decatur 4 rating By Anonymous ( May 16, 2018) My life in North Decatur is pretty much what I expected it to be after living here for five years. Usually I would complain about how much I miss home and how I wish that this place or that place was more like it. Here in North Decatur, things simply just work out for me. I mean ...Read More I can say that I've never felt safer living in a place.

To me, living in North Decatur means you get the full southern experience. You can go out to soul food restaurants, enjoy local cuisines, and due to it being so close to Atlanta, you will feel some international vibes as well.

Taking into consideration that North Decatur is a small town in a large metro area, you have to remember that a lot from the outside influences things here. Like I said before, crime is very low here and that is one factor that will make me stay in a place for a very long time. Read Less
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Medlock Park
Mason Mill Park
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AMC North Dekalb 16

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Pho24 Vietnamese Noodle Soup
Athens Pizza
Melton's App & Tap
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6% lower than the US average

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2% higher than the US average

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equal to the US average

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