Key findings

  • Columbus has a Livability Score of 60/100, which is considered below average
  • Columbus crime rates are 48% higher than the Georgia average
  • Cost of living in Columbus is 2% higher than the Georgia average
  • Columbus real estate prices are 9% lower than the Georgia average
  • Rental prices in Columbus are 6% lower than the Georgia average

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      Columbus, GA

      Columbus is a proud military community that is home to one of the largest bases in the United States Army. Fort Benning is the area's largest employer, and it is one of the bases that soldiers rely on for training as they prep for combat. Columbus is an area of the country where nature lovers will feel right at home. Within an hour's drive, you can get to some of the best hunting and fishing spots in the Southern United States.

      Columbus is near the Alabama state line, and you can easily get to Atlanta or Montgomery from the city. Traffic is not a problem for Columbus residents. Metra offers those in the area public transit services that are dependable, affordable, and relatively convenient. If you are looking to ditch your car for a better commuting option, you could also consider using Uber or Lyft since there are a large number of drivers who work on evenings and weekends.

      As mentioned, Fort Benning has a large influence over the area. Their Infantry Museum is one of the top attractions in the area. If you want to see the hardware that soldier use in combat in defense of our nation's ideals, this is an amazing place to spend an afternoon. The Peachtree Mall is the city's premier shopping center. The stores in the mall carry all of the clothing styles that are hot with today's teenagers. City Mills Dam is a great place to go for a day out with a friend. You can also raft in the area if you want to get out on the water.

      Columbus has a population of over 190,000. The area has enjoyed steady growth over the last decade. This growth has created some wonderful communities where you can find an affordable home for sale or rent. Bexley, Upper Arlington, Brewery, and Northwest are a few of the neighborhoods that receive consist praise from those who call the neighborhoods home.

      Aflac has a large headquarters that operates out of Columbus. The company provides many employment opportunities for those who live in Columbus and the surrounding area. Total System Services is another employer that provides its employees a good work-life balance. If you are looking for employment in the city, there are always jobs available with the Department of the Army at Fort Benning.

      Mark's City Grill, Plucked Up Chicken and Biscuits, and The Simple Greek are a few of the restaurants in the city that receive high marks from critics and loyal diners. There are a surprisingly high number of delicious restaurants in the area for a city this size. There are also all of the shopping stores that you would expect to find.

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      Family Court Nightmare

      I was the victim of legal abuse in Columbus, GA. I was demoralized, and my life destroyed, in the Columbus, GA family court. I was set up by an unethical attorney, and my child was stolen from me as a result. I was, literally, bullied out of the area. My child is now living there, and he is being mistreated. There seems to be a great deal of hatred in this area of Georgia, especially against upstanding outsiders. I would not recommend living there. I was falsely accused, and false witnesses were hired to testify against me. It is a place where some people do not mind interfering in a person's private life without even knowing them. Gossip and bullying was rampant in the area when I lived there, especially the smaller surrounding towns. Approach with caution, for sure.
      • 4 -2
      Let The DRIVER Beware

      If you drive in Columbus, you are subject to receive:

      1. A citation that does not reflect what happened (Light was yellow, ticket says red)
      2. A quote of the LAW by the officer: the law states that if you enter an intersection under a yellow light, you are in violation of a "red light"
      3. A denial by the officer of having made the statement when questioned by superiors.
      4. A citation that even the officer didn't sign
      5. A citation that, at the top says "Accusations" and at the bottom says "violator's copy" (Guilty already!)
      6. Refusal by Mayor, City Manager, City Attorney, State Representative, Chief of Police, and Recorder's Court to offer assistance other than the Mayor forwarded my concerns to the City Attorney who "recommended I get a lawyer". (good call, the fine is $135.00)

      $135.00!!!! You'd think I'd just pay the fine. And that's what they expect you to do. It's revenue. And had the officer given me a "warning" for a close call, I'd be on my happy way. Had he not quoted a "mystery law" I'd be more apt to pay the fine. But now, his lack of ethics and integrity, and the total disregard by those listed above has made me more determined than ever to speak my peace.

      So when you visit the "Fountain City" you better hope the coffee and donuts were good that day or you may receive one of these "awards", whether it happened or not!

      God Bless (you may need it)
      • 6 -6
      Captivating Columbus, GA

      We recently spent a weekend in the city of Columbus, GA and were pleasantly surprised at what we found. Columbus is located on the banks of the beautiful Chattahoochee River. A very nice riverwalk area enabled us to stroll along its banks.

      Columbus boasts the largest historic district in Georgia. Being history buffs, this was appealing. Part of a day was spent visiting Heritage Park in Columbus where we garnered some interesting facts about the industrial history of the city, including the fact that it was once home for Cola Cola inventor, Dr. John Pemberton.

      We visited the Port Columbus Civil War Naval Center, where we discovered two civil war battleships and plenty of artifacts, including a nice flag display. Columbus is the home of Fort Benning, and visiting here gave my husband the chance to retrace some of his history.

      At the Macon Road Barbeque we ate some of the best barbeque we've ever tasted in my life! My husband enjoyed the chopped pork, while I had their delicious Brunswick stew. If you're looking for a tasty BBQ restaurant in Columbus, make sure you try Macon Road!
      • 2 -5
      Reason for reporting
      Source: The Columbus, GA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).