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Colorado: Snow capped peaks and preserved national parks

With four national parks in the state making up 37% of the state's total area, it is no wonder that Colorado is a popular travel and relocation destination. With the Rockies going right down the middle of the state, Colorado offers to its visitors and residents incredible scenes with mountain vistas, pristine lakes, rushing rivers, and plains inhabited by bison. Colorado is the highest state in the Union; all of the land in Colorado is over 3,000 feet in elevation. As a result, one of the most popular attractions in Colorado are the numerous ski areas. The Colorado Rockies are covered in snow year round, and so, summers offer at least some slushy skiing at a few of the resorts in Colorado.

Also as a result of the mountains, Colorado is commonly the scene of extreme weather. Severe thunderstorms happen frequently, and along with the storms comes more hail and lightning than in other parts of the nation. The eastern plains produce some of the deadliest tornadoes in the United States. The state's economy, however, is good, and is also very diversified. Denver is a large financial center, and the state also has a high concentration of jobs in scientific research and technology. Other industries in Colorado include tourism, mining and food processing.

So, if you are traveling to Colorado in the near future, or relocating to the state as a result of a job, we can help you find housing, local school information, and even answer questions you might have. Let us help you plan your next adventure in Colorado!

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