Key findings

  • Fountain has a Livability Score of 74/100, which is considered excellent
  • Fountain crime rates are 27% lower than the Colorado average
  • Cost of living in Fountain is 5% lower than the Colorado average
  • Fountain real estate prices are 27% lower than the Colorado average
  • Rental prices in Fountain are 20% higher than the Colorado average

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      Do Not Move to Fountain, CO

      I hope that whoever is preparing to move to this town reads this; I wish I’d have been warned before moving to this hell hole. Fountain, CO is the most revolting and forgotten town I could’ve ever imagined ending up in. The town sits next to Fort Carson; A military base that’s forever bullying us with their enormously earsplitting & deafening explosions of bombs, machine guns, helicopters, jets & tanks; Persistently causing fires & never taking the blame. Their weapons shake my home’s foundation & startle my nerves to angry twitches. I once experienced a detonation so thunderous, while walking the trails, I couldn’t hear anything but a relentless ringing in my ear for over a week. I’ve persistently protested to the mayor & have called the Fort Carson complaint number so many times; I know I’m nothing but a laughing joke to them all. We’re an overlooked and neglected community; No one will listen to us. Fort Carson is a military village that sits on over 137,000 acres; I’d really like to know why they’re permitted to shake our cities foundations and have their discharges detriment our wellbeing & create fires, when they’ve so much space they don’t need to nuisance our town! It makes zero sense to me how no one will help us! Especially when an entirely separate military base has contaminated our water supply. We’re presently in a $17 million dollar lawsuit due to a military base causing Polyfluoroalkyl substances to pollute our water for their training exercises. We’re beyond bullied by the military and they’re perpetually providing us with their cop out excuse; their ONLY excuse: That’s the Price of Freedom. That excuse isn’t good enough for me. Where’s MY freedom?! Where’s the freedom for every individual currently being bullied by the military, in Fountain, CO!? We’re a mistreated and abused city. We don’t get our mail, either. There’s an incredibly vulgar man that works at our post office; Everybody in this town knows precisely who I’m talking about. No one here gets their mail; neighbors forever shuffling around with each other’s proper mail. & definitely no one here gets a parcel; I’m currently missing 13 packages since October of 2019. I’ve filed all the proper forms; and guess what!?! Now I don’t even get a speck of junk mail; But more maddening is that my voting ballot hasn’t shown up… but my husbands has weeks ago. That’s against the law. No one hears me. We’re invisible phantoms in this town. Fountain Creek. Shall I even begin with that? The “beautiful” creek that runs alongside us: Toxic, Harmful, Polluted, Contaminated Quagmire. The entire banks of Fountain Creek are besieged with garbage & deadly substances such as heroine needles. On hot days the reek of the pollution is so nauseating you gag until you vomit. And people swim in this water! There should be signs saying how polluted this water is! The county workers are required to take hepatitis shots if they touch it! Yet! They don’t warn any people in Fountain about this contagion and to keep out of the water. No signs indicating that e coli & hepatitis have been found in it. We’re nothings in this city. So here I am to Forewarn you: If you’re about to move here or venture here: Turn Around…. Run. As far away from this nightmare as you can. As far away as you can.
      • 2 -3
      Fountain is a Great Military Town

      My family and I have been living in Fountain, Colorado for the last 5 years and have enjoyed our stay here as a military family stationed at Fort Carson. Fountain, CO is a very diverse military town that has become a melting pot of various cultures and ethnic groups that live together in harmony and provide an opportunity for families to come together to form a community. My family has loved the city's growth over the last five years.

      The school system in Fountain is very good and my kids love learning in a multicultural environment. Fountain, CO is known for its Pikes Peak International Raceway that has become a great place for families to enjoy the races in a great atmosphere and is one of the best areas in Fountain. Fountain, CO was named the 1999 America's Millennial City because of the diversity and nice shopping, restaurants, and other amenities that provide all the comforts of a big city but in a smaller well-connected town. I and my family have loved staying in Fountain, Colorado and would recommend it to anyone in the military looking for a great place to be stationed.
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      Reason for reporting
      Source: The Fountain, CO data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).