Key findings

  • Boulder has a Livability Score of 69/100, which is considered average
  • Boulder crime rates are 26% higher than the Colorado average
  • Cost of living in Boulder is 29% higher than the Colorado average
  • Boulder real estate prices are 110% higher than the Colorado average
  • Rental prices in Boulder are 24% higher than the Colorado average

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      Boulder, CO

      Boulder, Colorado is known as a great place for smart people and as a picturesque city with a grand view of the Rocky Mountains. The city is also known for having great places to eat, an outstanding college and great vacation spots. Here is an overview of Boulder if you're considering moving to a new city.

      If you're looking for a cheap place to live, you should know that real estate prices in Boulder are higher than the national average; however, the beauty and charm of the city is well worth it for people with above-average incomes. When it comes to other expenses, such as food and utility bills, grocery costs are on par with the national average while utilities are slightly lower.

      Boulder is one of the best cities in the United States for outdoor recreation. The hiking and biking trails in the Rocky Mountains have to be seen to be appreciated. The region is also known for having a great deal more sunshine and good weather than most places in the nation. For sports fans, skiing and fishing in Boulder rival that of any other place on Earth. There are limitless opportunities to explore the outdoors and enjoy sporting activities in this city.

      Boulder is a reasonably large city of over 100 thousand people, and there are 39 schools for children in grades kindergarten through high school. The quality of the schools rate higher than the national average. If public transportation is important for your lifestyle, Boulder offers a system of buses and shuttles. There are also taxis and limousines if you're not up for driving your own vehicle at times. Boulder is especially well-suited for people who like to commute by bicycle because it offers an extensive network of scenic bike trails.

      As a highly regarded college town, Boulder boasts a lot of smart people who are also health-conscious. There is an extraordinarily high percentage of people who hold advanced degrees, and you will notice that most people are relatively fit compared to other populations around the nation. That doesn't mean that people don't like to eat in this city. Foodies will appreciate the farm-to-table restaurants that Boulder has to offer.

      If you're well-educated and health-conscious, Boulder is probably a perfect fit for you. The city hosts many sporting events such as Ironman competitions, marathons and other types of outdoor competitions. The town is also known for its ski resorts and snowboarding activities. If you also enjoy indoor activities, you can visit the Fiske Planetarium or enjoy a day at Lyons Classic Pinball. The National Center for Atmosphere Research also provides some fascinating activities for museum fans.

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      Boulder Reviews

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      Some places are exceedingly full of unpleasant snobby people!
      Living in my small world for 6 years still paying rent which I can't stand. Lived in a catastrophe of a city. Moving out soon.
      18 -2
      Worst City Ever
      This is by far the worst city that I have ever lived in, and I once lived in Ft. Lauderdale. It's full of entitled, narcissistic, ignorant a**h***s. There is no sense of community, no shopping, no nightlife, and a few hills to look at.
      34 -12
      Less Than Awesome
      I am a student here and love it here for the most part. However, the city of Boulder's government is horrendous. Parking tickets are issued every day on a regular occurrence, and for the dumbest reasons. I don't have a single friend who hasn't gotten one. The city provides no space to park for free anywhere. Seems pretty silly to need to pay in order to just park my car anywhere I go. The inflation on real estate is also unreal. Many of the houses here are pretty trash for the amount you pay to live here. Awesome place to visit. CU Boulder is an awesome school. But I certainly do not recommend living here.
      19 -5
      Love it here but the local government is full of corruption and make s conduct.
      Awesome place to visit or live but you can not trust the local government on any level. Even though its a medium small size town the police kill or murder others and get completely away with it just like any big city. Be careful have fun.
      10 -5
      Boulder, CO - It's More Than Just a Rock
      I manage to get to Boulder, CO about twice a year with work. I have enjoyed every stay I have ever had there. It's hard not to, as the city is absolutely beautiful.

      The city of Boulder, CO is just one of those places that is so entertwined with the natural surroundings. The buildings all reflect the beauty of the mountains in the colors and designs that are predominant. Even the homes in the area just seem to really fit.

      Considering the large size of Boulder, it's pretty easy to get around. The roads are clearly marked and traffic is relatively light. Considering that it's a college town, you don't see many "crazy teenagers" on the roads.

      Boulder, CO seems to be a very health conscious city. There are bicycle lanes along many roads, and they are in constant use. It's nothing to see several bicyclists in all their safety gear riding beside traffic that in turn takes care to keep them safe. I also noticed that many of the restaurants I dined in offered healthy items on their menus.

      Every hotel I have ever stayed in during my stays in Boulder has been clean and comfortable. The various restaurants are very good with a wide selection of cuisine, and the people are wonderfully friendly.
      11 -4
      Source: The Boulder, CO data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).