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Best Places To Live In Colorado 2024

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Colorado: Something for Everyone

Whether you want the excitement of the big city or the peace and quiet of rural life, whether you want to enjoy the outdoors or peruse a museum, Colorado has something for everyone. The population of Colorado is consistently on the rise with good reason. The state has a great economy, low tax rate, and high quality of life. Regardless of why you are moving there, once you're a Coloradan, you'll be happy to call it home.

Colorado is the 8th largest state by size in the country, and with 5.5 million residents, it has the 21st largest population. The majority of the population lives in the eastern side of the state, with the larger cities located along the I-25 corridor. Denver is the state capital and largest city with over two million people in the metro area, which includes Aurora. Colorado Springs is the second largest city with nearly half a million people. If you are looking for big city life, those are some of the best places to live in Colorado.

While the east of the Continental Divide has metropolitan centers and more industry and business centers, the western side of Colorado is known for the natural parks and ski resorts. Grand Junction is largest city west of the Continental Divide. If you are seeking outdoor living with close proximity to great skiing and snowboarding along with picturesque scenery, the best places in Colorado to live are Aspen, Telluride, and Glenwood Springs.

The cost of living in Colorado varies depending on where you live, but overall, the cost of living is higher than the national average. This is primarily due to housing prices in the metropolitan and resort areas. However, the average utility and gas prices are lower than the national average, while healthcare, transportation, and food prices are average. The median income is significantly higher than national average which offsets the cost of living. The best places to live for affordability in Colorado include Greeley and Fort Collins, both are in the northeast part of the state and only a little over an hour outside of Denver.

Recreation of all types can be found in Colorado. Whether you like basketball, football, baseball, or soccer, professional teams are all represented here, and there are also great college teams. If you'd rather play than watch, Colorado residents are some of the most active in the nation, with camping or hiking at Pike's Peak or one of the many state parks is a popular attraction. Other popular attractions include the Dinosaur National Monument, the Rainbow Arch, and Dotsero Crater. Art museums, history museums, festivals, and the performing arts are also well-represented in Colorado.

The climate and weather of Colorado varies across the state and day to day. Due to the desert areas, grasslands, mountains, and foothills, there isn't one consistent climate. However, the flatter lands tend to have hot, dry summers and dry, cold winters. The more mountainous regions receive more snow and have cooler temperatures on average, but the state as a whole is fairly arid and dry.

With its high quality of living, beautiful scenery, and lively metropolitan areas, Colorado has something for everyone. We can help you find the best places to live in Colorado depending on your needs and wants. Customize your search based on population, budget, amenities, or radius and you can find the best place in Colorado to make your home!