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Alaska: Untamed wilderness

It takes a certain kind of person to live in Alaska, but anyone who traveled to the state immediately realizes the beauty of this unspoiled wilderness. Many people choose to retire in Alaska because of the freedom and adventure the state offers. The state is known for having some of the friendliest residents of any state in the Union, as well as some of the most amazing attractions such as Denali Park and the Kenai Fjords. When you look at a map of Alaska, you see just how north the state is, as well as how close it is to Russia. Around half of Alaskans work and live in Anchorage, although Juneau, Fairbanks and Kodiak are also sizeable cities.

It may not surprise you to hear that Alaska has long, really cold winters and short, cool summers. The lowest ever recorded temperature in the state was -80 �F. It is probably these harsh winters that have helped cause higher crime rates in Alaska. Many Alaskans have problems with alcohol abuse, and as a result, there are higher levels of domestic abuse and other violent crimes than in other states. Also, it is not cheap to live in Alaska. But although cost of living in Alaska is higher, wages generally are also higher in Alaska. Alaskans have the sixth highest per capita income in the United States.

So thinking of moving up to this gorgeous, wild frontier? Let us help you with information about local businesses and housing, and also check out our question and answer section. It is a little harder to move to Alaska than other states, but thousands of people do every year and are glad they did.

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