Fairbanks, AK

Population: 32,578

Key findings

  • Fairbanks has a Livability Score of 58/100, which is considered below average
  • Fairbanks crime rates are 61% higher than the Alaska average
  • Cost of living in Fairbanks is equal to the Alaska average
  • Fairbanks real estate prices are 22% lower than the Alaska average
  • Rental prices in Fairbanks are 9% higher than the Alaska average

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      Top Rated Schools in Fairbanks

      Name Grades Students Proficiency
      Watershed Charter SchoolKG - 8197n/a
      Hutchison High School9 - 12408n/a
      West Valley High School9 - 12976n/a
      Golden Heart Academy5 - 1218n/a
      Effie Kokrine Charter School7 - 12171n/a
      Woodriver Elementary SchoolPK - 6436n/a
      Lathrop High School9 - 121,023n/a
      Fairbanks Montessori AssociationPK - KG12n/a
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      Fairbanks Reviews

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      This Is Not For The Faint of Heart
      I have lived in FAirbanks for 6 years. I moved here from Texas,and was not exactly thrilled that my husband found work here. When we first moved here, it was March, and I was miserable. I didn't klnow how to live in the cold, didn't know anyone, the town ;looked like a bomb got dropped on it.
      Then I got to meet the people here, all of them, all types, and they are quite the funky bunch..IN A GREAT WAY! What a cast of characters! Good and bad, they are authentic, and that is a great thing.
      This is a great place to grow your career, even though jobs are not plentiful. The reason being, there is so little competition, and so few skilled workers, that you will likely be hired into a position that you couldn't snag on the Lower 48.
      Insider Tips:
      Winters are dark, long and harsh. Severe depression can happen, especially the first few years. Take a daily vitamin D supplement, start a new hobby, and most of all, go on vacations at this time of year. Flights to Hawaii are extremely reasonable this time of year, so locals all go there for a few weeks to break up the drudgery. I also take trips at Christmas time, and late March-April to Seattle, and this way winters are no big deal. In order to do this, I work w/o break during the summers; this is no problem, because with 22 hours of sunlight, I can still go for walks, bike, forage, bbq in the sunlight! Also,the schools here are VERY used to this, and you will have no problem with missed days.
      Next, this is kind of a sad place to raise a teen. There are no outlets for them. There is only one "mall" with 4 stores, no skating rinks, only 1 museum, no putt putt(there was an indoor black light one that was AMAZING, but it closed), no arcades, 1 movie theater, and a high crime rate to boot. The high crime rate is mostly attributed to domestic violence, suicide, and alcohol, stemming from remote living and isolation, gentrification of Alaskan Natives, and a military base. I have never had any instance of crime happen to me or my family, and I've lived in several neighborhoods, including downtown. That being said, anywhere that kids could hang out will likely have quite a few mentally ill, or intoxicated individuals there trying to stay warm. For a place that requires you to be indoors for 8 months of the year, there is a lack of entertainment for youth, especially if they are not the outdoors type.
      Last, hope you like Thai food, and nothing but Thai food. When we arrived, I was shocked that the most prolific type of food was THAI..in the interior of Alaska..WHATT?? This is by no means a bad thing. Itś
      just unexpected and worth noting. Besides that, forget about eating out, learn to cook, especially moose, and enjoy the time spent perfecting your cooking skills.
      I love it here, it is an oddball place. I love the isolation, and the Aurora, and the dog mushing, and the casual attire even at work, and the transfer sites, and the Yard Moose, it has fantastic grocery stores, a great thrift store, cool bars, a University, and the most beautiful summers imaginable, where it tops off at 75 most days, and not lower than 55 at night.
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      I love Fairbanks!
      I saw the terrible review above and had to say something. I totally disagree about Fairbanks being a terrible place to live. My husband and I moved here in 2008 and we love it! Yes, it's freaking cold in the winter (can get down to -20 to -40 F) for weeks on end, lots of snow and very short winter days. But if you can suffer through that, the summer is glorious with nearly 22 hours of daylight (home of the Midnight Sun!). Lots of outdoor opportunities: hiking, camping, canoeing in the summer; skiing in the winter, lots of cross country ski trails right near town. We are 90 minutes from Denali National Park and have a lot of great tourist attractions in town. There is a university here and museums. Tons of restaurants. For shopping we have Costco, Fred Meyers, Safeway, and Walmart, for starters. The people here are wonderful; they are kind and accepting. I've had an easy time making friends. It is expensive, though, but there are a lot of jobs too. Generally, I feel safe walking almost anywhere in town (I avoid south Cushman street). Yes, occasionally there are some crazy drunks walking around who might catcall you or ask for $5, but the allegations of cops not doing anything because of so much murder and rape... what? I don't know where they are getting that. Don't write off Fairbanks. I love this town!
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      Unsafe - Unmodernized - Boring
      Fairbanks has been the worst town I have lived in so far. Rural villages on the outskirts are full of loving friendly people from that community. Fairbanks is the exact opposite, especially in the summer. Crazy people walk the streets, harrasingn, assaukting and threatening others in the community. The police don’t do anything due to their being a million other cases they have to take care of from legitimate crime (people raping people, murder, etc.) So the officers don’t have time to write a report and actually throw these druggies and drunks in jail. They’re just put in a drunk tank (just a dull white room with the door left OPEN). People who talk up cities like Fairbanks are only people who were born there. Young woman are not safe here. Young ladies are raped on campus every single year (also another huge problem that officers sweep under the rug). Too many intoxicated or angry drivers on the road.
      3 -8
      Visit Fairbanks for an Adventure
      If you are a person with an adventurer spirit, then a visit to Fairbanks, Alaska is definitely a must do. Until several years ago, I was lucky enough to call Fairbanks home. Living in Fairbanks, Alaska gave me several adventures of a lifetime. From aurora viewing to dog mushing and from hiking strenuous trails to viewing magnificient wildlife, there will be an adventure for you.

      If you wish to visit Fairbanks, Alaska there are multiple choices of places to stay. If you would like a cabin, then check out North Pole Cabins to see what they can offer you. If a bed and breakfast is more your pace, then I strongly suggest a stay at Arctic Lights Bed and Breakfast for a personalized experience.

      The best areas in Fairbanks, Alaska for food and drink would be the Venue for the best coffee and The Fudge Pot if you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. There are plenty of choices for food, drink, places to stay, and adventures. Make plans to visit Fairbanks today.
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      Source: The Fairbanks, AK data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).