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An Adventure in the Arctic 2 rating By Anonymous ( Jun 17, 2020) I lived in Kotzebue from 2004 to 2008. Most people move there for work as there are a number of jobs, and since it is remote, they all pay quite well. If you love the outdoors, you might love Kotzebue: lots of places to snowmobile in winter, in summer you can canoe, boat, fish, c ...Read More ollect blueberries, camp. Some people still use dogsleds there and there are dogsled races and snow mobile races. The area is about 85% Native Alaskan (Eskimo) and they are polite but don't quickly make friends with outsiders, as they fear you will probably move away in a few years (many that come to work don't stay). Yes, this place is freaking cold in winter (-20 to -50 F) for weeks. Short dark winter days, but gloriously long days in the summer (24 hour daylight). There is a lot of crime, but not usually violent (and mostly due to drinking alcohol; feels a little like the wild west). I felt safe there. Not much to do there, unless you like Bingo and high school basketball. Or you have cable tv / internet. No shopping to speak of, just a few stores and prices are outrageous. Maybe 4 or 5 restaurants in town, but we'd gotten food poisoning from all of them at one time or another (but we still risked it). Housing is super expensive and hard to find, so look into that before you take a job there. But overall, I'd do it again--just for the great Alaskan adventure! Read Less
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June Nelson Playground
Rainbow Park


Northwest Arctic Heritage Center

Food & Drink

Bayside Inn Restaurant
Arctic Tern Restaurant & Espresso
Empress Chinese Restaurant
Maniilaq Health Center Cafeteria
Nullagvik Restaurant
Drive to Work

49% lower than the US average

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5% lower than the US average

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36% higher than the US average

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