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Pennsylvania: The true land of opportunity

As a large state, Pennsylvania is a place that provides a lot of different things depending upon where you go. Looking at a map to start with, you will see opportunities in places like Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. State College is another city with a growing population and the vibrant Penn State presence to keep it moving forward. The biggest and most prominent city is obviously Philadelphia, which boasts great restaurants and awesome history, as well. The best attractions are here, including sports teams, concerts, and different festivities throughout the year. Folks will find apartment options to be plentiful in the different areas of Philadelphia right now.

In large cities like Philadelphia, the crime rate is lower than you might expect. Just across the river in Camden, New Jersey, crime rates are incredibly high, but much of Philly is better. Additionally, the rest of the state boasts high safety numbers, as well as a lowered cost of living. The real draw of living in Pennsylvania has to be the great schools there, as well as the awesome opportunities for economic growth. Jobs in all sectors, including the financial world, legal world, and even manufacturing are still readily available.

There are many reasons to visit all different parts of Pennsylvania and folks are moving there more often than ever. Before you do plan your next vacation or relocate permanently, we can help you know what to expect and we can give you an idea of the best things to do in Pennsylvania. We have photos, reviews, and a question and answer forum.

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