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i The AreaVibes Livability Score evaluates 9 different categories and creates an overall score out of 100. The higher the score, the better the area.

amenities A+

There are lots of amenities close to this location.
Coffee (103) A+
Entertainment (85) A+
Food and Drink (330) A-
Fitness (30) C-
Groceries (71) A+
Parks (290) A+
Shops (367) A+
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commute A+

Of all people who commute, 17.1% take public transportation in Pittsburgh.
Public Transit Stops (565)
Stops & Stations
Workers Taking Public Transit
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cost of living A+

The cost of living in Pittsburgh is 93/100 - which is 7% lower than Pennsylvania.
Cost of Living
Goods & Services, Housing, etc.
Tax Rates
Income & Sales Tax
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crime F

Pittsburgh crime rates are 3,595 per 100k, which is 77% higher than Pennsylvania
Property Crime
3,016 crimes per 100k
Violent Crime
579 crimes per 100k
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employment C-

The median income in Pittsburgh is $42,450 - which is 23% lower than Pennsylvania.
Med. Household Income
Unemployment Rate
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health B-

There are many hospitals, police and fire stations.
Health & Safety (108)
Dentist, Doctor, Hospital, etc.
Air Quality
Median Air Quality
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housing A+

Pittsburgh home prices are $100,800 - which is 40% lower than Pennsylvania
Home Price
Home Appreciation Rate
Home Affordability
2.4x (home price to income ratio)
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schools B

The Pittsburgh graduation rate is 87% - which is 2% higher than Pennsylvania
School Test Scores
High School Grad. Rates
Elementary Schools (176) C-
High Schools (60) C-
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ratings D+

Pittsburgh has an overall rating of 56% from 54 reviews.
User Reviews (11)
From AreaVibes
User Surveys (43)
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Amenities Commute Cost of Living Crime Employment Health & Safety Housing Schools User Ratings
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Living in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Area Facts

  • Pittsburgh has a Livability Score of 82/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Pittsburgh crime rates are 77% higher than the Pennsylvania average
  • Cost of living in Pittsburgh is 7% lower than the Pennsylvania average

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Urban and rural mix small city so I silly semi-friendly but rough-ish manner... 3 rating By Ruby ( Jul 25, 2021) The then is composed small boroughs all within 3-10 miles, most popular areas are Downtown,Lawrenceville, Student area Oakland , Shadyside Mt.Washington,Mt.Lebanon,North Shore and South Side.Outside of the University area there is little culture as it is a Sports focus town,small ...Read More community but serrated bye cultural immigrants ties main Italian,Greek,Polish,Jewish and Serbain as well as a small mix of African American and White residents that are more Modern American ?? with any ties to religions or cultural groups .For 2021 the town it’s extremely segregated by culture,religion,economics and race.The typography does provide water ,mountain and a lot of green views all overPittsburgh.Great access to rivers,lakes,trail parks,hiking.The local airport is small but prices great travel rates and flight to many part of the country,train has an Acela to the East Coast Cities and the light rail around Downtown its free to ride for 5 blocks and takes you for a small fee to other borough ont he mountainside for commutes to work ,games,and concerts. Read Less
USA Rates Pgh. The Worse City for African Americans, AA Women & People of Color! 0.5 rating By Anonymous ( May 22, 2021) The United States of America Rates Pittsburgh as the Worse City for African Americans, even Worse or African American Women and People of Color are third on the list! ...Read More Read Less
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Pittsburgh is an awesome city to live in. 4.5 rating By Anonymous ( Oct 02, 2020) Pittsburgh is a fantastic city to live in. It has extensive cuisine and a variety of different cultures. Personally, I think it is a great city for families because it has many museums and Kennywood and sandcastle some fantastic amusement parks. It is also excellent for people in ...Read More the medical field because of Pitt and tech at CMU. Plus, it also has fabulous parks and excellent schools. Some downsides are that it does not have many malls and is 10 years behind with public transportation, at least in the city. Even though it is a city with rivers, I do not recommend swimming in them because of the water pollution when Pittsburgh was a steel city. Another downside is that Pittsburgh does not have the most awesome nightlife in many counties of its size. Read Less
Very impressed with Pittsburgh so far 4.5 rating By Viewfromabove ( Jun 03, 2016) I just moved to Pittsburgh at the beginning of this year from Florida and have been very impressed with the city during my brief time here so far. I read a few of the negative comments below and just don't see it. There are plenty of places to go for nightlife, it has all of the ...Read More amenities that you would expect from a major city, and I have encountered nothing but friendly, helpful people. Pittsburgh is beautiful and wonderful, and I have no regrets moving here, professionally or culturally. Will I be here forever? Who knows, but my time here so far has been exemplary. Then again, I have never had a bad time at any city I've visited or been to. Try and enjoy the ride instead of bashing so much. You could learn a lot. “The world is full of people who have never, since childhood, met an open doorway with an open mind.”― E.B. WhiteFor those of you who would like an honest review of Pittsburgh, or any other city for that matter, check Trip Advisor. They are much more accurate. The trolls are easy to spot. also want to reply to the traffic comment. 45 minutes to go 10-15 miles? Go sit in the outer beltway of D.C. 45 minutes will get you 10-15 feet. Read Less
Livable but in need of activities for children. 2.5 rating By Dpaige818 ( Dec 30, 2015) I stay in Moon Township, PA. The have great schools in this area, my children's elementary school was #3 on best elementary schools. There is not a lot for families to do in this city. A lot of violence in the heart of the city. I feel if there were more things for the youth to d ...Read More o, it would be a better city. The suburb areas do not have reasonable priced homes. There are lot of older homes, very small, not much room for a family of six like mine. The weather is bad in the winter, not enough salt trucks for small areas. The larger areas with more money get the most attention. Read Less
Terrible, bleak and lifeless city with next to nothing to offer 0.5 rating By violet87 ( Dec 11, 2015) Jacosimo was on the ball when they reviewed Pittsburgh. If I could give Pittsburgh a ZERO, I would. After visiting this city for less than a week, I was ready to leave and never return. I got a cold, distant feeling the moment I drove into the city, and I couldn't shake it off n ...Read More o matter how hard I tried to look on the bright side. In fact, there isn't really a bright side to Pittsburgh. The city is a grungy, blue collar pit (pun intended). Locals were loud and rather uncultured. At the end of the day, Pittsburgh is a bland, working-class city with little to offer for intellectuals and artists.

As I said, Pittsburgh is one of the most bleak, depressing and pessimistic cities I have ever encountered on my travels. It's as if almost everyone in the city had their blood drained out of their bodies and they're walking around like hollow, wax dolls or puppets on strings - they have no spirit, no enthusiasm, no hospitality. Everyone seems utterly depressed and exhausted, as if they hate being in Pittsburgh as much as outsiders do but feel trapped and unable to escape.

Driving in Pittsburgh is a nightmare and so is the traffic. If you can't afford to live downtown, as locals told us, be prepared to spend over 45 minutes to get just 10 or 15 miles down the road. The city's economy crashed years ago and it was basically close to bankrupt, but since things have started to slowly improve, the city is racing to make improvements to its infrastructure that should have been made in slow increments over time for the last 10 or 15 years. However, this means the central bridge into downtown will be closed off for more than half of the year, from fall into winter. Unless you're a true and blue Yinzer, good luck navigating the 85 different detours your GPS won't be able to keep up with on twisty-twining, steep roads. (I have no idea how anyone over the age of 60 or 65 has been able to survive walking down the slippery, icy winter streets in Pittsburgh, since everything is on a steep incline and this seemed to spell disaster to me. One fall, and you're a goner!) And the crappy attitudes on the road were on par with New York City drivers.

Nightlife and attractions are sparse. I drove into downtown, and there weren't too many people walking around on a Saturday night. In fact, other than one tiny square with a few chain restaurants [Chipotle, etc.] and shops, the streets seemed dead. It isn't a vibrant, bustling city and there's some sprawl, which makes navigating the city without a car pretty much impossible. There's a handful of different bars, but many of the city's districts are ridden with crime. Pittsburgh is extremely rough around the edges. While I got lost driving around, I encountered more than a few places that made hole in the wall neighborhoods in Philly look good - boarded up houses, extremely dilapidated buildings, etc. Locals and real estate agents advised us to avoid going anywhere past the waterfront in Homestead [a neighborhood right outside of downtown] to avoid being mugged or getting our car broken into. While the beautiful area in Homestead where we stayed in our hotel had a lot of chain restaurants and department stores, it was a band-aid covering the ugliness and garbage of the surrounding area.

Locals also seemed clueless about how to navigate the city's ridiculous rat maze. We were frequently given wrong directions to MAJOR attractions [the Andy Warhol museum, etc.] and it was maddening trying to find our way around. Real estate is cheap and houses are affordable, but with good reason. As aforementioned, much of the city is ridden with crime, downtown is a joke and attractions are limited. I can see why it doesn't cost a lot to live in Pittsburgh. No one in the right mind would ever give more than peanuts to live in a city as broken down and bleak as this one. Read Less
Very disappointing 1 rating By grayskyman ( Oct 15, 2015) There is not much to Pittsburgh that makes it stick out from other cities or even small towns. Overall it is mediocre at best.
The attractions leave much to be desired, because of how scarce and repetitive they are. The community is acceptable, but nothing special. Nightlife is
...Read More awful; spending the night hanging out at someone's house is honestly better than any of the bars in town. The restaurants have very little variety and are almost exclusively greasy, tasteless food that barely differ from fast food chains. The shopping in town is decent for clothes, but sub par for other types of stores.
It's just not a very good place to live and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they are desperate. Read Less
My Life In Pittsburgh, PA 5 rating By Anonymous ( Dec 19, 2014) I have lived in Pittsburgh, PA for most of my life. I left and came back a couple of times to be closer to my family. The city of Pittsburgh is a great place to live because it is full of exciting things to see and do. For housing, Pittsburgh offers quite a variety of places to l ...Read More ive. Prices vary, depending on what areas a person is looking to live in. The school systems are fantastic in Pittsburgh, PA. Shopping is a breeze with malls and other stores very close to where people reside.

Station Square is a great place to visit in Pittsburgh, PA when coming from out of town. There are plenty of great restaurants, shops and dance places in Station Square. The Gateway Clipper is right next to it. These are the boats that residents and visitors can take down the three rivers. Visitors will also want to take a look from Mt. Washington. Mt. Washington is a mountain with awesome views of the city. Lots of people take pictures while they are up on the mountain and take the two inclines down to Station Square for more fun. There are also plenty of great restaurants in and around the city of Pittsburgh, PA.

There are many great sports teams in Pittsburgh, PA. The football champions are the Pittsburgh Steelers. For baseball, there is the Pittsburgh Pirates and for a hockey team, there is the Pittsburgh Penguins. Read Less
Stay away from Pittsburgh if your smart 0.5 rating By tomhoch ( May 20, 2013) We had the unfortunate pleasure of coming to Pittsburgh for 9 months on a contract basis, and it was a encounter like no other. Last week was the end of our contract and we will never accept any type of contracts from that city ever again.
We contracted with 37 individuals from
...Read More 3 other states and we also teamed up with 42 individuals from Pittsburgh on a daily basis.
When I asked all our staff (37 workers) if they wanted to ever return to Pittsburgh 35 of them had nothing polite to say.
Now do not get me wrong the city of Pittsburgh is a truly picturesque city yet in some cases looks are deceiving, and Pittsburgh is very deceiving.
Listed here are some things we observed while we were there,
Trash is all over everywhere in that city, sidewalks, streets as well as business properties and residential homes.
Roads and streets are centuries old and constantly being repaired, and we at times would laugh as the roads were
being repaired improperly.
Commercial properties and residential properties are either boarded up, aged and the ones being repaired one can only question exactly how these repairs passed coding enforcement.
Prior to arriving in Pittsburgh, we kept reading about how crime was low there. Furthest from the truth multiple murders, shootings, robberies, thefts, burglaries, muggings and the list goes on and on a daily basis.
People- I could possibly write a book regarding these people...
• Individuals that are from Pittsburgh are closed-minded, narrow-minded, and ignorant individuals that lack education and they really dislike change.
• If you disagree with a person that is from Pittsburgh, you will certainly see the stupidity come out of that individual or group, and they become unpleasant to deal with.
• You "CAN NOT" disagree with individuals from Pittsburgh or they become enraged.
• You cannot point out anything bad regarding their city due to the fact that if you do
any other individual we came across not from Pittsburgh never had anything favorable to say concerning Pittsburgh.
Constantly the reason why they were there in Pittsburgh was the same exact story every time.
"I Came to Pittsburgh because I heard how terrific of a city Pittsburgh was, and now they were stuck."
The educated professionals we met there and there are quite a few professionals in Pittsburgh not all are bad but most are no better than the uneducated. (blind leading the blind).
The so-called professionals in positions of power controlling and manipulating the business market as well as exploiting the less fortunate. Most of these professionals in Pittsburgh have no clue at exactly what they are doing or how to perform their job appropriately.
Pittsburgh is a city we frequently heard the label as "a city of survival of the fittest" and "the blind leading the blind."
Lack of respect for women in the work environment was an additional problem we saw while we were there and multiple times in a 9 month period that we were there we saw groups of women picketing and protesting in Pittsburgh on equality and other issues. Women earn less salaries sometimes as much as 30% less than their male counterparts in the same job title and description they hold and often giving the women a significant increase of workload compared to the men doing the same responsibilities.
The job that I have I travel throughout the United States and dining at various restaurants many of these restaurant chains that are in many states that I have ate at have exceptional food. Not in Pittsburgh 9 out of 10 chain restaurants that I have frequented in other states that are there in Pittsburgh was horrible. Food in Pittsburgh is bland and the service is horrible not including 5 star restaurants that don't cook a meal like the recipe is supposed to be like. I will also say the whole time we were there we always wondered if we would ever get lucky and get our food hot and within a normal time frame.
9 months numerous restaurants and 100's of times eating in Pittsburgh restaurants and we never got that lucky.
There you have it in a nutshell, sorry to be so cold and seem like I am just attacking Pittsburgh but I will say don't take my word for it go there yourself and stay for more than a week before planning to move there and then you won't want to move there.
Best of luck and wish you all well,
Terry Read Less
The Most Overrated City in America 0.5 rating By jacosimo ( Sep 02, 2011) I've lived in Pittsburgh on and off throughout my entire life. I was born and raised here, however I've lived in both southern California and northern Virginia for most of my adult life. I've spent the last two years however, here in Pittsburgh.

There is very little to do in Pi
...Read More ttsburgh. The "attractions" are rather mundane, and get old quickly. You can only go to Kennywood park, a Steelers or Pens game, or the top of Mount Washington so many times until you become bored. The locals do these things over and over again and don't seem to mind it. For someone who's not a lifelong Yinzer (Pittsburgher), I guess it's difficult to plug into the magic of it all. The nightlife is abysmal. Bar after Steeler-themed bar full of obnoxious people. Breed the most loud-mouthed New Yorker with the most backward West Virginian, and that should give you a pretty good idea of what your typical Pittsburgher is like.

As for community, it's fine if you've got the right last name and your family heritage can be traced to one city block for the past 100 years. If not, you get the cold shoulder. I stopped telling people that I lived in California about a month after I moved here. It's best to keep that to myself in Pittsburgh, because that apparently translates to me somehow either working in the mainstream entertainment industry to these idiots. I used to be nagged constantly about how many "famous people" I knew. The fact that I didn't know any celebrities after living in California baffled the common yinzer.

The restaurants basically suck here, unless you like french fries and melted cheese on your salad and grease. Better off to stick with the chains. Shopping consists of strip malls.

The crime is horrible with a lot of gang activity. The African American populations here seems to have just discovered Gangsta rap and turf wars. In LA, that was over in the 90's. Like their white counterparts, they too seem to be 20 years behind the times.

Pittsburgh is a pretty crappy place. It's very overrated, and I don't recommend that anyone live here. Oh, and the weather is awful to boot. Read Less
Pittsburgh: The Modern City with the Hometown Feel 4 rating By Anonymous ( Apr 30, 2010) I live an hour from Pittsburgh, PA and I often travel there for work and play. Pittsburgh is a modern city that honors its ethnic traditions, as well as its steel-producing past. Residents of the 'Burgh have a wide variety of activities from which to choose. There are many Pittsb ...Read More urgh attractions and many things to do including musicals at the Benedum Center, others view exhibits at the Carnegie Museums, and many others are satisfied just catching a game. Pittsburgh is a sports-loving city, after all, and its hockey and football teams are true world champions.

I spend a lot of time in the Steel City. I usually hang out at one of the pubs or wine bars that abound in the historic South Side. Sometimes, I indulge in authentic German fun at the Hofbrauhaus in the South Side Works area. If I'm not there, however, I hang out with friends at various Pittsburgh bars and restaurants in other historic neighborhoods like Squirrel Hill, Shady Side, and the Strip District. Although the dating scene is not ideal, Pittsburgh still means having a blast with friends and family. Read Less

Pittsburgh Awards

Pittsburgh, PA

A far cry from grimy steel town of the past, Pittsburgh has undergone a renaissance of economic and cultural evolution to consistently rank among the most livable cities in the country. Affectionately dubbed the ‘The City of Bridges’ for its extensive network of bridges, this mid-sized city is located in Southwestern Pennsylvania where the Allegheny and the Monongahela rivers converge to form the Ohio river. With its public amenities, cultural attractions, and affordable cost of living, Pittsburgh is easily an attractive city to call home.

Despite its urban setting with imposing edifices and busy city streets, Pittsburgh is a cornucopia of beautiful green spaces. Furthermore, the city’s hilly topography yields diverse trails that offer many opportunities for you to connect with nature. Pittsburgh, however, has its cons too. It is one of the cloudiest cities in the nation. Navigating the city can also be a challenge because of its rugged terrain, further compounded by its irregular pattern of development.

Going carless, however, is a viable option because of Pittsburgh’s fairly robust public transportation system. The well-integrated public transit network makes the city easy to negotiate with some planning. Port Authority, the city’s main provider, offers services that link downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods through its fleet of more than 600 buses and light rail cars that service more than 25 stations. Additionally, Pittsburgh has dedicated bike lanes and bike share options if you are looking for an alternate mode of mobility.

In terms of affordability, both the median house price and the average rental price of an apartment in the city are significantly lower than the national average as is the cost of living. Reasonable housing, utilities, and healthcare make Pittsburgh one of the leading affordable cities in the state too. The low cost of living, however, does not translate into a low quality of life. It has one of the lowest crime rates among the top metropolitan cities in the nation. Besides, having positioned itself as a veritable arena of innovation, Pittsburgh houses several top and emerging companies, making it a hot bed of employment opportunities.

The uniqueness of Pittsburgh lies in its diverse neighborhoods; many of them, ethnic enclaves, are home to generations of families and offer the best ethnic food. Pittsburgh is also home to some stunning architecture with its old churches, Victorian mansions, theaters, and historic buildings. From iconic sights and museums to great restaurants and bars, the city has an extraordinary mix of cultural, educational, and recreational attractions to excite a gamut of senses.

Pittsburgh offers a beguiling combination of ‘big city’ perks and ‘small town” atmosphere and friendliness, making it the perfect place to live. This sense of community and fellowship in Pittsburgh makes it easy for anyone to assimilate.

A+ Amenities

Are there many local amenities in Pittsburgh? Yes, there are lots of amenities close to this location.


Unknown Name
Tustin Park
Unknown Name
Kennard Park
Unknown Name
Kennard Playground
Unknown Name
Unknown Name


Actors Civic Theatre
PPG Paints Arena
Pittsburgh Playhouse
District 3
Rooney Field
Unknown Name
The Lava Lounge
Rex Theater

Food & Drink

Fine Wine & Good Spirits
Ruggers Pub
Smokin' Joe's Saloon
Fat Head's
Bruegger's Bagels

A+ Commute

Is public transit available in Pittsburgh? Of all people who commute, 17.1% take public transportation in Pittsburgh.
Drive to Work

20% lower than the US average

Take Public Transit

12% higher than the US average

Walk to Work

8% higher than the US average

A+ Health & Safety

Is Pittsburgh a healthy and safe place to live? Yes, there are many hospitals, police and fire stations.


Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic of UPMC
UPMC Shadyside
Allegheny General Hospital
UPMC Saint Margaret
UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
Western Pennsylvania Hospital
UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital
UPMC Oakland


CVS Pharmacy
Rite Aid
CVS Pharmacy
The Medicine Shoppe
Rite Aid
Rite Aid
Rite Aid
Wilson's Pharmacy


Dean Ornish Program
Prizant Dermatology
CCP – Bass Wolfson Pediatrics, Squirrel Hill Office
North Shore Endoscopy
Sleep Center of Greater Pittsburgh
Shadyside Surgi-Center
Maitri Medicinals
UPMC Shadyside Family Health Center

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