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Best Places To Live In Pennsylvania 2024

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Pennsylvania: The Keystone State

Founded by William Penn, Pennsylvania is a rich soil state perfect for farming and gardening. It is the birthplace of Jimmy Stewart, the typewriter, the polio vaccination and the Declaration of Independence. Home to many of the best-ranked colleges located in Philadelphia, Bethlehem, Pittsburgh and Lancaster just to name a few.

As with most states, the cost of living and housing prices vary. The best advice is, find the city first and then broaden the search area. The city areas are a little more expensive to rent or own and the smaller towns a little cheaper. Homes are pretty much available at every income level if one is willing to do some research and they are willing to commute.

There are close to seventy counties puzzled together creating the state of Pennsylvania. Each county offers something different than the next. Relocating to the state? Before moving, check on the county and the town ordinances and laws. Each county can be slightly different on dog laws, curfews and other important issues, so it’s just better to check ahead of time.

Pennsylvania has way too many amenities to mention. The rural areas of Lancaster and State College are full of fishing holes and wildlife. A must-do in the state is taking a scenic drive through the country. Perfect for the nature lover who can relate to what it feels like when you look up through the leaves of the trees, see the sun peeking through, and truly feel blessed. The hunting and the outdoors are only a few of the reasons why people choose Pennsylvania as the best place to live.

The state is home to some of the greatest battlefields, the best hospitals, casinos, zoos, and botanical gardens. Pittsburgh is full of art, culture, dance, and plays, making it one of the best cities to live in. Famous actors, singers and models are from Pennsylvania. The increase in movie production has drawn people from around the globe trying to advance in those careers. Career hotspots are scattered throughout the state but Pittsburgh and Philadelphia would rank the highest.

Temperatures might get down to -10 but that won’t stop Pittsburgh Steeler fans from missing a game while braving the cold. The summer temperatures average around 80 degrees, which makes the numerous lakeside beaches a popular spot. The higher elevations usually get enough snow in the winter season to draw crowds of tourist to the ski resorts like Seven Springs in western Pennsylvania or the Pocono’s in eastern Pennsylvania.

There is more than one reason why a person moves to a specific area. We know that major factors like crime rate, schools, and population matter in finding the best places to live in Pennsylvania. Even the surrounding areas are important in making a decision. If you know what you want in a city, allow us to help you find the best cities and neighborhoods to live in Pennslyvania. It may take patience but once you find that perfect fit, it will definitely be the place to call home.