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Virginia: Small towns, beaches and bright lights

Northern Virginia revolves around the big city hustle of Washington D.C. while southern Virginia is full of small towns, farms, beaches, and historic places. Relocation opportunities to Virginia greatly differ in the southern and northern parts of the state. Look for I-495 on a map of northern Virginia and you'll see the area known as "inside the Beltway," a phrase that describes government "policy wonks." A local search in northern Virginia will turn up a great variety of government jobs - everything from geologists to spies. Rental and condo apartments in northern Virginia range from luxury high rises to affordable garden complexes. Many excellent hotels and restaurants are in northern Virginia because of nearby museums, theaters, events and attractions. Southern Virginia is more rural generally with cities such as Richmond, the seaport Hampton Roads, Colonial Williamsburg, and Virginia Beach on the Atlantic Ocean.

Virginia has great public services, including schools, public transportation, and highways. The thriving economy offers jobs at military bases, 47,000 farms, many technology companies, and a great number of U.S. government agencies. Virginia's public schools are rated among the top ten of all states, and there is an excellent sytem of state colleges and universities. Crime rates in Virginia are relatively low compared to other states. The weather is relatively mild in Virginia, with steamy summers.

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