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Best Places To Live In Virginia 2024

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Virginia: The Old Dominion

The Commonwealth of Virginia has something for every taste and lifestyle. Its proximity to the District of Columbia makes it an ideal location for government employees, politicians and tourists to the Nation’s Capital. Virginia’s central Mideastern location makes it just a day’s drive away from 50 percent of the United States’ population. The state boasts some of the lowest unemployment and best education in the country, so it’s a great place for young professionals, entrepreneurs and families to call home.

Virginia has a varied climate but moderate topography for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, with the Appalachian Mountains, several scenic rivers and vast coastal lands comprising much of the state. From shopping at the Galleria in Tysons Corner, to NASCAR racing in Richmond, to touring antebellum plantations and vineyards, to skiing at Massanutten, to white water rafting on the James River to surfing in Virginia Beach, there is something in Virginia for everyone.

Virginia has 3 of the top 40 colleges in the country with University of Virginia in Charlottesville, the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg and Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, so it’s a fantastic place for students. Residing in proximity to these universities is ideal for stable job growth and home values. And several of these colleges are set in picturesque locales, such as the University of Virginia, which was designed by Thomas Jefferson and placed against a backdrop of Fall’s most colorful display of autumn leaves in the mountainside.

Loudoun County in the Northwestern tip of the state is ranked as one of the best places in Virginia to raise a family. Much of the population from Fairfax County has been pushed further out into suburban Loudoun County towns such as Leesburg, Ashburn and Purcellville in the past few decades. Despite this rapid growth spurt, Loudoun County has managed to retain much of its rural farmland and small town essence while having an excellent education rating, a low crime rate and well-performing employment numbers.

Arlington is one of the best places in the country to live. Despite a higher housing cost than the national average, its household income ranks one of the highest in the country and its home values are steady. If you are looking for a more urban setting with abundant access to amenities such as shopping, restaurants and Washington, DC, Arlington may be the place for you.

If coastal living is your style, Virginia Beach or the Tidewater region may be your speed. Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay, this resort town brings tourism as well as a large military presence. As a result, the employment numbers are good and household income is higher than the national average.

Virginia is for lovers, and everyone loves Virginia. There are more than 8.4 million residents living in Virginia, and this number is rapidly growing. If you are considering relocation to the state and but you are not sure where the best places to live in Virginia are, check out our list. We can help you to narrow and sort your search to find the best place to live to suit your budget, needs and lifestyle.