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Worked here for over two years 0.5 rating By Anonymous ( Apr 09, 2021) I worked in a hotel owned by Dominion Lodging in Troutville. Clicky was an adjective used to describe this town and the people in it in a previous review. This is the same word I would use to describe the owners and long term employees of the hotel. You'd think after two years of ...Read More service I could get at least one shift on day time hours. Or more than one weekend off every 6 weeks with my kids. They work people to death there, don't hear their request for change of schedule, then wonder why they can't keep an employee. I could go on, there is no point though. They aren't great people and don't care about anyone else. Since leaving that company (it's been a year, I've lost over 80 pounds from lack of stress and depression from that job) I avoid the whole town because of them. Read Less
unfriendly mountain area that is full of protected bullies 0.5 rating By roadtripgirl ( Mar 24, 2015) I can't even begin to imagine how Troutville was given a rating of 74. We moved here in 2004. We have disabled children. Just one of them has been stepped on and had his sternum cracked. He just had surgery this week because a bully kicked his leg in and broke it in 3 places ...Read More bending the large titanium rod in it. Neither violent student was removed from school. No suspensions. In fact the first incident my son was asked to move to a different class instead of the bully who they protected. Even the boy scouts are unfriendly as a whole.. no one has even come by to see my son after his assault and surgery, and he has been a boy scout for 7 years.
I live on a very busy farm road, I see the same people everyday. I wave when they go by but yet when I do wave they look at me like I have horns and a tail.
The people are clichish, unfriendly, unwelcoming and rude.
I would not recommend Botetourt County or Roanoke County to anyone.
If you want a wonderful mountain town, try Hendersonville NC, Asheville, NC..
I can't tell you how disappointed we are in this area.
This was to be our retirement home. Now we are avidly seeking the quickest way out. Read Less
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