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Minnesota: The land of ten thousand lakes

They refer to Minnesota as the land of ten thousand lakes because it sounds a lot better than the land of a thousand mosquitoes. However, the slogan is no exaggeration; there are 11,842 lakes that are over 10 acres in size in the state. Located in the midwest of the country bordering Canada and Lake Superior, Minnesota is a hardy land where lumberjacks and sawmills once covered the land and where in places, moose still roam free. The twin cities, Minneapolis-St. Paul, are where most of the state's businesses, restaurants residents are concentrated. Additionally, the twin cities are where most of the events and attractions in the state can be found, including the largest mall in America, the Mall of America.

The twin cities are also a major center for businesses in Minnesota. Countless large businesses are based in Minneapolis, including 3M, Target, United Health Group, General Mills, Land O' Lakes, and Best Buy. Every year in Minnesota, temperatures reach extreme highs and lows. Winters always have several months where temperatures remain below freezing, and summers are very hot and muggy. Minnesota also often has severe weather with lots of rain and thunderstorms, tornados, snow, blizzards, hail, and powerful straight-line winds.

Thinking of moving to Minnesota? Hoping to spend some quality time in the second-largest mall in the world? With our local business reviews, question and answer section, and photos of the state, we can help you plan your next trip or move to Minnesota!

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