Eden Prairie, MN

Population: 63,206 livability score shield

Key findings

  • Eden Prairie has a Livability Score of 86/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Eden Prairie crime rates are 39% lower than the Minnesota average
  • Cost of living in Eden Prairie is 18% higher than the Minnesota average
  • Eden Prairie real estate prices are 67% higher than the Minnesota average
  • Rental prices in Eden Prairie are 42% higher than the Minnesota average

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      Don't Feel Welcome as a Person of Color
      I've lived in Eden Praire (EP) for the past three years and although I feel safe in general, I don't feel welcome. However, I haven't always felt safe here. In the first week of my move to EP, I was greeted with a "F U" that was egged on my garage door. That was my only property incident (2016) but I've been followed around and made to feel very unwelcomed at the stores here. I've had an item snatched from my hand by an employee, treated as if I was a bother, always (always) followed around in the stores, rarely smiled at, etc. I'm a naturally happy, easy-going, and friendly person. It has gotten to the point where I absolutely HATE shopping here and prefer to do so online. I don't know if this is a general miserable, mean, Minnesota mentality or what but the people here are cruel, inconsiderate, passive-aggressive, and just outright evil. The kids here are clique-ish, disrespectful, and mean. My homeschooled children attend Grace Church and EP high school (part-time) and have told me horror stories of the kids here who are into drugs and bullying. I have absolutely no desire to stay here and have decided to leave.
      5 -1
      Little Townhouse on the (Eden) Prairie
      I'm a city girl, so the years I lived in Eden Prairie, in a townhouse on a sometimes frozen pond, were a big change of pace. It's one of the larger Minneapolis suburbs, at more than 60,000 people. As such, it has most suburban amenities: a popular mall with a large movie theater, nice parks, and tons of shopping and dining options. Many of these are standard chains with strip mall ambiance, but there is quite a selection. For things like great museums, live music and theater, I still found myself driving into Minneapolis. It's a dozen miles away, but look out for rush hour.

      Eden Prairie doesn't have a lot of tourist attractions, although it has a number of chain hotels and is not far from the airport. For someone thinking of staying for more than a visit, Eden Prairie is a clean and safe space, known for good schools. It's undergone a boom of townhome construction, so there is now quite a range of housing options of various prices and sizes.

      It drove me mad to live so close to all those shopping and dining options, but have very limited public transportation access and very few pedestrian friendly areas. There are beautiful walking trails around parks and lakes, but good luck hoofing it to the grocery store. In recent years a great bus line has made a presence, but it is primarily for Minneapolis commuters. The irony there is that many large companies are located right in Eden Prairie. All in all, I wouldn't recommend it to a tourist, but if you're looking for a comfortable suburb to call home and you enjoy changing seasons, it is well worth considering.
      0 -1
      My Days In Eden Prairie, MN
      I just got back from a weekend in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and I must say that it is a very beautiful place. As I touched down at Flying Cloud Airport, I was immediately impressed by the idyllic sight of Eden Prairie's rolling green hills and seventeen beautiful lakes. There is a lot of natural beauty in this town, and I would recommend visiting for that reason alone. Not only that, but Eden Prairie has more than 120 miles of wonderful trails that I enjoyed walking every morning. These trails are also ideal for biking and jogging.

      I'm afraid there wasn't really much of a downtown and thus not much of a nightlife in Eden Prairie, but I can report that the restaurants were excellent. Great Mandarin offers a delicious lunch buffet while The Original Pancake House is perfect for breakfast.

      Eden Prairie is home to a mall called the Eden Prairie Center that holds a Kohl's, Sears, and JC Penney among other popular stores. It was a convenient place to shop.

      All things considered, I loved Eden Prairie and hope to visit again sometime.
      1 -2
      Source: The Eden Prairie, MN data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).